Linda Evangelista & Son

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista, 42, was snapped out with son Augustin James, 1.

Although Linda’s reps continue to deny it, Page Six is still insisting that Francois-Henri Pinault is the father of the supermodel’s one-year-old son, Augustin. Francois-Henri is also the confirmed father of fiancee Salma Hayek’s daughter, Valentina. Page Six spoke to Salma’s friends, and the word is that she is still planning to wed the mega-billionaire, despite any possible affair with Linda. For her part, Linda remains mum on the whole issue.


  1. Zbella says

    She chose not to share who the father is. That’s her decision to make and if he doesn’t come forward to claim his responsibility, then I guess we will never know. I hope she didn’t use Francois-Henri as a sperm ‘donor’ because he is not an attractive guy!

  2. JJ says

    #5 – I don’t think that Linda needs money…she has had a booming career since the mid- 1980s and might even be a millionaire herself…I remember her saying once to the media that she doesn’t get out of bed in the morning for under 25 grand (something like that)…so as a ‘supermodel’ she is in no need of cashola…if I could be granted a wish – it would be to come back as Linda Evangelista in another life…!

  3. Andrea says

    Well, if Linda won’t deny it, then I’m inclined to think Salma’s fiancee is the father. Too bad. She should try to get some kind of support from him. Afterall, he is a billionaire.

  4. megs says

    So the father is not in the picture at all? I would think someone could find out who pays child support, if any is supported, to the child to end speculation. I agree, hat’s off to Linda, she is the picture of health & strength.

  5. JJ says

    I love this woman! So strong and powerful! She clearly does not care about the man in question – she is an independant woman who does not need a man by her side. She may have even used him for his ‘seed’…and there is nothing wrong with that!

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