Halle Berry Celebrates Her Voluptuous Expectant Form!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is clearly celebrating her voluptuous new form! She looked amazing at the Rome Film Festival on October 26th!

“I feel sexier than I’ve ever felt in my whole life,” Halle told friends while in Rome this past weekend to promote her new film, Things We Lost in the Fire.

What prompted Halle’s joyful exclamation?

“We were walking past a crowd of fans,” says a Halle source, “when someone screamed out, ‘Love the boobs, Halle!’ ”

At least one friend cringed at the crude comment. But Halle threw her head back and laughed.

“Thank you!” she shouted back, with a smile and a wave.

“How rude can people be?” said one Halle sidekick.

“Are you kidding?” Halle responded. “I’m already up two cup sizes! Women all over Hollywood pay good money for that!”


  1. Lizzie says

    Deenah–I’m sure everything will be just great with that baby–It’s not like Halle doesn’t have the money to afford some of the best doctors in the world if she had to resort to that. One thing is for sure, that baby is gonna be completely gorgeous!

  2. dori says

    I just love Halle and she looks phenomenal. Good for her. She’s always had a great body now it’s just enhanced!
    And… she happens to be very smart.

  3. The original "N" says

    I love her dress…..

    Also #12 …… “DRAWER” not “DRAW”….. Education is free in the US…. get some!

  4. Tiffany says

    She looks amazing. It is nice to see her “showing off” her pregnancy with taste and elegance.
    I have to agree that she looks better then she has her whole entire career. I have always thought she was a very attractive lady and her pregnancy has done nothing but add to her beauty.

  5. CW says

    I love the fact that she has a sense of humor! Humor seems to be lacking in the world these days, there is a degree to which one should stop, but I loved my boobs during all three of my pregnancies, and was very sad to see them go!

  6. daisy says

    Wow is right! That is the most gorgeous dress and she makes being pregnant look so elegant. And I don’t even like her.

    I love this stage in pregnancy, like you swallowed a liittle basket ball.

  7. Sandra says

    I am guessing she loves her new Prego boobs. Holy crap she used to be part of the itty bitty titty committee and now BAM their huge and showing in every pic! Oh well I won’t complain they are hot!

  8. yummy says

    She looks better than she ever has in her whole life. Pregnancy definitely agrees with her. Very beautiful.

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