Ginger Spice & Bluebell

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell, 35, was snapped arriving at LAX on October 28th with daughter Bluebell, 1. I love how Geri dresses Bluebell….so frilly and girly!


  1. kim--original kim says

    She is a very cute little girl, despite looking less than thrilled with all the paps! I’m sure that dress cost a pretty penny…not realistic for the day-to-day, either, with my almost-14-mo-old baby girl!

  2. Tia :) says

    Oriana- She loved it! It wasnt too cold here last night, we lucked out! She was a little scared to go near houses that had spiders and stuff hanging from them, but other than that, she was pretty good…Daddy carried her, so she was fine 🙂

  3. oriana says

    Nicki, did you get many kids last night? I have tons of candy left, only about 12 people came, and they were all high school students!!!! Nicki, you are down there in Tornado country so please be prepared, (flashlights, shelter to go too). I wish I had some good ole Gumbo, it is expensive to make!!!!!!

    Tia, 20 min. is pretty good when it is so cold, but at least she got to experience it!!! Did the costumes scare her any that she saw? I saw where Russel Crowe’s son got frightened, and Russel was always bragging about tough he was! Little kids don’t understand, and some of the masks are really scarey and look Real!!!!

    Sandra, did you go out last night? Did you have a lot of people? I wish I had more come here, I love it!!!!!!!

  4. Tia :) says

    Oriana- Took my daughter out for the first time tonight! It was adorable!! We took lots of pictures! She quit after 20 mins. haha!

    And i must confess…i had 3 little mars bars! 😉

    Nicki- I fully agree with you. I think people need to back off the poor baby.

  5. Um... says

    Looks like I’m the only one to think this, but I don’t think this baby is cute at all. Her face looks like a little ugly old man, but the dresses are cute.

  6. Nicki says

    daisy, Tia~ I guess it is different rules for anyone but Shiloh and family. Kind of sad. But Bluebelle is cute, these pics…..not so great. But the standard Shiloh has to live up to is impossible. I’m glad glad she has a loving family to shield her from it all.

  7. oriana says

    Ladies, HAPPY HALLOWEEN Everybody!!!!!

    Thank you Tia, don’t eat too much candy!!!! Mars Bars!!!!!

  8. Nicki says

    oriana~glad your safe!! I remember way too many earthquakes since 1983, Glad your safe and sound.(even if you are shakin” a bit). Take Care!!!

  9. sharrie says

    I think Bluebell looks alot like Shiloh but has Zahara’s scowl. I like that Geri dresses her in frills and lace…they move into jeans too soon anyway.

  10. oriana says

    I do admit that Bluebell doesn’t look too thrilled, maybe it is because usually Shiloh has her mouth open wider that hers but probably because not so many people are calling her name for pictures like they are Shiloh all the time.

    daisy, my Dear, hope you don’t have a Bulldog! Ha! And a Redheaded one at that!!!!!! You all have a good evening!!!!!!

  11. oriana says

    Ladies, we just had a 5.6 quake here about an hour ago, cell phones are off but lights still on, no injuries, across town from me!

    I hear they felt it in Stockton, got lots of calls in from Sacramento, my Aunt was able to get thru from Oregon, I am glad no one hurt!!!!!

  12. Tia :) says

    Daisy, Oriana is so picked on because N has no life. I too wonder where Shiloh is! She is my favourite celeb. baby!

  13. Tia :) says

    For god sakes N give it a rest already…i really dont care what you have to say…its over already..i know you have a crush on Oriana, but i think it’s time to let go.

    Nicki!-I will have to agree with you! Very good point! I do think it’s just because it’s Shiloh they have to nit pick. I on the other hand think both babies are adorable!

  14. daisy says


    I was thinking the same thing about Shiloh. I think BlueBell has that same deer-caught-in-the-headlights look that Shiloh has. And I think they are both just so adorable. And yes, dopey looking. And yes again, I think this kid wearing the girly clothes sort of changes how we see her. Where is Shiloh, btw? She and Suri and my two favorites. Two little rays of sunshine.

    Now, what’s the deal with oriana. Why is she so picked on?

  15. Nicki says

    oriana, sorry about your stalker. I do admire they way you handle them Went to Mimis for breakfast this am. Very delish. Thought about you.
    I have a question for anyone and everyone who says these pics of Bluebelle are adorable, or she looks cute. She looks as scared as Shiloh does. So Why is Shiloh looking “slow, stupid, etc” and Bluebelle looks beautiful? Is it because she is wearing pink and bows??
    I do think Bluebelle is cute, I don’t think any one of these pics are especially flattering of her.
    So why all the praise for these pics?

  16. Sandra says

    Hi Oriana!! How are you doing?? I am freezing cold up here!! Looks like you have had an admirer today! Stay warm!!

  17. oriana says

    Play time is over.

    I think this is a very cute picture and again all of her clothes are so adorable to me that she dresses her in, always enjoy seeing her picture. I read once that she has famous Godparents but forgot who they are!

  18. oriana says

    I guess for Deeds and Sandra it will be Clam Chowder and homemade Soup weather! I love both. Especially corn chowder!!!!!

  19. oriana says

    Hi Tia, I have two sons, both grown. Wish I had some girls in the family, I love the Red coat on Suri and these cute little shoes. She has the cutest little chubby legs, I love seeing that on a baby!

    Mars bars! Yum! I don’t understand why they quit selling them in the States! They were very popular. Definately baking weather, and Chili weather too!!!!!

  20. Tia :) says

    It’s cold here too!! I just finished making banana muffins! haha! Did you have any daughters? i remember you mentioning a son…I cant remember. I had a mars bar with my lunch today…thought of you! haha!

  21. oriana says

    Very cold here today my Dear! Cooking some Pumpkin Bread, I like lots of walnuts too! I bet your daughter is precious!!! I love these little pink shoes!

  22. Tia :) says

    Hi Oriana! Yes, my Alyssa is beautiful! im a Proud mommy! 😉 haha! I love those kinds of shoes too…my daughter has a bunch of pairs!

    How are you doing this week?

  23. Tiffany says

    I dont think her head is all that big.
    She is really a cute little girl. She looks to be rather serious though. However, I would not be all smiles if everytime I was taken out of the car and there were a ton of photographers yelling my moms name and trying to take my picture. Quite a chaotic life for such a little person.

  24. BritishMumma says

    wow hasnt she grown since we last saw her, I didnt think she was a particularly good looking baby but she is defo growing into her features now, she looks alot like her mum now

  25. Sandra says

    She is so flippin adorable!! She looks a lot like her Mommy! Still don’t care for her name, but she is cute!!

  26. oriana says

    Hi Tia, she is adorable and I know little Alyssa is too!!!!! I love these shoes and how she is dressed!!!

  27. Tia :) says

    Awwww she’s a cutie. I lovveee the way she dresses her! Thats the way I dress my daughter too 🙂

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