Celine Dion & Family In London

Celine Dion

Celine Dion was snapped on a shopping excursion on Sloane Street on Sunday in London with her husband Rene Angelil and their son Rene Charles, 6.



  1. COLE says

    I love love celine too she’s great i have all her cd’s and want to see her in concert and if i had front seats i would be there in a split second i want to meet her in person thats one of my future goals and a wish that i hope coming true!!!

  2. JJ says

    Orion – I do not read every single comment that you leave on this blog – in fact – I do not read every posting that is posted on this blog either – just the ones that I feel strongly about!!

    I certainly don’t care to educate myself about what it is that you do in your spare time…you seem pretty shocked and offended that I wasn’t aware your lifestyle…You are not a famous celebrity so why should be interested in you in the first place?

    This blog is not about YOU – you know!!

  3. oriana says

    JJ, you FOOL!!!!! If you have read anything about me at all then you would know my two sons are grown. One is in Pennsylvania and the other one lives here in San Jose. I wish a Pedophile would try to “walk away” with any child in front of him for he would beat the Hell out of them in a heartbeat!

    Don’t worry about me, I am semi-retired and I have free time. That is why I work with Special O and volunteer at the Animal shelter. Plus my husband, sister and nephew also work with me.

    And don’t be concerned about me eating cake, I eat plenty, and Pie too!!!!!!!

  4. JJ says

    Oriana: Go and eat a 50-layer fruit cake…I wonder… if you do in fact have kids – what are you doing spending all your time on the internet? Shouldn’t you be monitoring your children making sure that a pedophile doesn’t walk away with them?

  5. paula says

    i love celine dion…she has a beautiful viceo and very good lyeics…. that looks like a very cute kid…


  6. JJ says

    N…you just never know who is posing as whom…I mean, I can easily take on someone else’s identity and pretend I’m them …but I rather be myself because I have more fun being me…for some reason people on this blog tend to get their knickers in a knot when I leave a comment…now, who else can do such a marvelous job at that???

  7. oriana says

    “N”, I do think definately someone is stealing your name. On the Bluebell site, it didn’t sound like you to me. I know you don’t like me, and that is what this is all about ,people don’t have the same opinions, likes or dislikes, but the style of the “Bulldog” just didn’t ring a bell with me.

    That is why I said, playtime is over!

  8. The original "N" says

    #21 dont laugh at that ignorant “POSER”.

    Although #17 post was funny!…… I laughed when I saw it too…… BUT I HATE THAT IT STOLE MY ID!

  9. The original "N" says

    Oriana….. You finally caught on…… WOW. Now you can inform your flunkies. SORRY, your cyber buddies.

  10. Tia :) says

    Oriana-I did see her near my home town in Hamilton, Canada about 10 years ago. She is AMAZING live. I do hope you get the chance to see her one day!

  11. oriana says

    I am beginning to think maybe someone is posing as “N”, I don’t think she can be as stupid as she has been posting lately!

  12. oriana says

    Tia, that is so nice!!!! I could play a flute years, and I do mean, YEARS ago!!!!! I love Celine, always have. My husband wanted to see her show when we went to Vegas but was all sold out, I loved her singing with IL DIVO! Now I would love to see them one day!

  13. Tia :) says

    Oriana-I would love to see it too! She waited for a long time to have him.
    She says she hits she chest when she sings because she gets so into the music…it’s her way of feeling it. If you notice Christina Aguliera has a habit of tapping the mic when she sings. I used to sing back in my high school days…i was a vocal teacher too…i had this annoying habit of tapping my foot…HAHA!

  14. oriana says

    I bet her whole family dotes on him! And he is very cute to me! I’d love to see her have another child soon.

  15. Sara says

    Lilac: She said she was going to do that when he show in Vegas ends. I believe it ends in the middle of December.

  16. Lilac says

    Didn’t she say she was going to have another kid with some frozen eggs or something? Just wondering on how long she plans on waiting…

  17. onatear says

    He looks like such a sweet boy. I bet he is a very nice kid. I wish he had a sibling!!! (Only because his mom could be overly doting with him. Just saying..could be…)

  18. oriana says

    He is a very cute kid!!! He is really getting big too. I love to hear her sing, she has the most beautiful voice to me, much nicer than Barbra and I can’t stand her. Celine puts on a fantastic show, I don’t like to see her hitting her chest though and she has that habit when she sings.

  19. Mama says

    Personally, I do not like long hair on boys (I have 2) but, I have to admit – he looks 1,000 times more like a boy than Cindy Crawfords long-haired little boy.

  20. Sharrie says

    I did not like some previous pix i saw of RC, but he is cute…looks alot like Celine, and yes, the long hair does rather suit him. I am not usually a fan of long hair on boys (Ryder Robinson!) but RC looks cute.

  21. Elsa says

    OMG…now, I’m not all about cutting every boys hair, but not being a huge Celine fan, I honnestly did not know if she had a boy or girl and when I looked at this I thought it was a girl, not a boy… so this is a good case for it.

    Not a big Celine fan. Beautiful voice yes, but she has to be the most full of herself celeb I’ve ever seen.

  22. starstruk says

    Here comes a hair comment!!! DON’T CUT IT!!! It actually looks good on him…and he LOOKS like a BOY!!! LOVE IT!

  23. Tia :) says

    Love, love love LOVE Celine! Now THIS is a woman with the most beautiful voice! Cant wait till her new cd!

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