Brooke Shield's Daughter Jealous Of Hannah Montana

Brooke Shields

I thought this story was too adorable and funny!

Like most little girls, Brooke Shields’s 4-year-old daughter, Rowan, “is obsessed with Hannah Montana,” her mom told People magazine.

The difference is, the Rowan and her mother actually got to meet Miley Cyrus, who plays the Disney Channel heroine – because Brooke guest-starred on an episode in which she plays Hannah Montana’s deceased mom, who comes back from the dead to comfort Miley/Hannah.

Rowan, “was so excited she got to go to a taping of it,” said Brooke, 42.

But at the taping Brooke’s line of dialogue was, “It’s okay, baby girl” – which just happens to be the private term of endearment that Brooke uses for Rowan.

To make matters worse, Rowan witnessed her mom give a hug to Miley, prompting Rowan to stand up in the studio audience and shout, “Nooooo … That’s my mama for real life!”

During a break in the filming, Brooke was able to bring Rowan down to meet Miley in person to hug it out.

“Miley was so-o-o sweet,” said Brooke, who added that Miley, 14, told Rowan, “It was so nice for you to let me borrow your mom for today.”

Responded Rowan firmly, just so there was no mistake about it: “It’s okay, but she’s my mama for real life.”

I thought Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus were two different people! Oops!



  1. Sarah says

    oh my gosh Rowan is so cute to have jumped up in a crowd of adults and speak her mind.. it’s true she was beindg a spoiled kid

  2. SHAYLA says

    aww thats cute and 4 all ya people hu thinlnits a spoiled r somtin bad AABOUT IT U R JUST HAATUS HA HALA LOL

  3. Hannah says

    that was soooo cute and adorible Rowan is so cute she’s like “noooo that my mama for real life”so cute she looks like my baby causin

  4. maya says

    I think that MIley was just borowing Regan’s mom for a day i think that she is sweet to show that no one can steal her mom that what i would say!!!!

  5. says

    hey miley i was a big fan of yours but now your my second favorite.i started to like selena gomez as mikayla in your show.mikayla rocks on earth!

  6. Sandra Nevarez says

    LOL you look different when you where little and now that you are a pop star hope i meet u go to my email and it is in

  7. tiphanie says

    omg……that was so cute i cant believe that she got so geolous……awwwwwwwwwwwww…i wish that i got to meet hannah montana i wouldnt be geolous i would be happy to meet a celebrity…….lol

  8. says

    Miley Cyrus is very sweet, i can see what se will, but is it sad to dont have her mom in the film hannah montana, her father is there and is will be wery nice to have her mom there, but is it to late, i can see how much she love’s her mom and dad, and i have to repect that

  9. jenna says

    Um, webmistress, Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana ARE two different people. Miley Cyrus is an actress. Hannah Montana is a character–not real.

  10. ruby says

    her behavior is normal child development. consider that many kindergarteners think their teacher lives at school or become very surprised when they learn that those teachers have lives/families/children of their own away from school. my 7 year old still refers to alyssa milano from “charmed” as phoebe–she knows the woman is an actress–not a witch. they’re kids.

  11. kbunkmom says

    CUTE story! And I think it shows how well Miley was brought up – what a cute thing to do, to thank Rowan for sharing her mom. And for Rowan to be that protective, she must be really loved and spend more time with Mom than with a nanny.

  12. N says

    Spoiled? OMG people, she’s only 4!! I’m sure you know that children perceive the world differently than adults. Can’t you ever remember a time when tv was confusing with reality? I’m almost 30 but I can still remember that far back. Give her a break.

  13. Grip on Reality says

    Come on people, the child is FOUR. FOUR. Most of the celebrities on these pages are much older and they seem to have trouble differentiating real from reality and you expect a FOUR year old to do so? Give me just the tiniest bit fo a break. She is FOUR. Did they mention that? She’s FOUR.

  14. Sara says

    Wow, that’s incredibly harsh to say a child is spoiled just because she’s having trouble figuring out the difference between real and make-believe. She’s only four years olds, it’s not as if she’s ten and can’t tell the difference.

    What’s spoiled about a child being confused?

  15. oriana says

    Wouldn’t she know by now that her mom is an actress? I am sure she has seen movies before and Brooke dressed up in film roles clothes. I would also think that Brooke would have explained it to her about acting? I have to agree, she appears spoiled to me. Sorry!

  16. 2teens3beans says

    That is such a cute story!! And also shows that Rowan has some spunk, like her mom! Many 4 yr. olds wouldn’t have the gumption to stand up in a crowded room full of adults and speak their mind.

  17. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Awww..that’s cute that Rowan is into Hannah Montana. My girls are still too young for that. I guess it was a little risky taking a four-year-old to see a taping done in front of a live studio audience.

  18. Elsa says

    LOL… she’s 4. She’s not spoiled. She’s confused. They don’t get reality vs. fiction at that stage of the game.

  19. Tiffany says

    #3 – I dont think this sounds like a child who is spoiled….it sounds like a child who was not sure what was happening on stage and wanted the extra reassurance that her mom was going to be her mom when it was all said and done. At age 4, things are very “litteral” to children so as she heard the dialogue going on she was not thinking “oh, look how nice they are doing acting and my mom is doing such a good job” she is hearing her mom call some other child her special intimate phrase and she probably worried just a little and needed the extra reassurance that her mom was still there for her.
    I think it is very sweet and shows just how good of a relationship Brooke and her girls have.

  20. kimmy says

    That is such a pretty little girl. Her facial shape and features are Brooke, with her daddy’s coloring.

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