Angelina Jolie & Maddox On A Toy Shopping Spree

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Maddox, 6, were snapped enjoying some toy shopping at a K-B Toys store in Sherman Oaks, CA on Sunday.

An assistant store manager reported that Maddox got a Warrior Playset, a $34.99 Nerf Dart Tag Mag Strike Rapid Fire Blaster System and a stuffed talking parrot. He also took home some Pop Rocks.

At times, Maddox even pushed the cart around the store himself.

Angelina , 32, also bought a $24.99 costume from the High School Musical East High Yearbook Dress-up Collection. Hmm…maybe for Zahara or Shiloh.



  1. says

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  2. ZBella says

    JJs poor kids won’t get to dress up for Halloween or eat a Happy Meal or play with any toys that aren’t “educational”. What a miserable childhood they will have.

    So the Jolie-Pitts have 4 (soon to be 5) children and they are “spoilt” because they buy 5 or 6 toys for them. Pleeeeease.

  3. Fly On The Wall says

    JJ, aren’t you being a bit hypocritical? Sure, the American ghettos are full of blacks and Latinos. Just like the European ghettos are full of Africans, Arabs and Asians. However, unlike many countries in Europe, an educated black or Latino American stands a good chance of breaking out of the ghetto and living wherever he can afford to live, whereas in Europe, no matter how educated he is, a member of a minority group is lucky to find a company that will hire him. Muslims in Europe are much more radicalized than Muslims in America, and one reason is they’ve been marginalized for so long. An American Muslim is an American first and a Muslim second. In Europe, no matter if he’s a third generation European, it’s still the other way around.

  4. Fly On The Wall says

    to Nicki #32: Do you make a special effort to sound as stupid and twisted and vicious as you do on this thread, or does it just come naturally to you?

  5. Deeds says

    I can’t repeat what I read word for word, but it went something like this. AJ said that in the movie beowolf she had to present herself as being naked. In reality she was wearing a body suit, she didn’t have to play the part nude. This is why I think she is a little off the beam. She has done some very wild and crazy things. Now she is repenting and claming the nudness in beowolf made her feel shy. GIVE ME A BREAK!! Now that she is with Brad she is a regular Cinderella. If she could get away with it she would probably tell Brad she was a virgin when they met. She is cuckoo.

  6. traveler says

    Wow. What a heated debate. Ok, here’s my 2 cents:


    1. In God We Trust was put on money in the 1950s, around the same time as Under God was inserted into the Pledge. It was done to help further the “difference” between Americans and “godless” Soviets. It was all political and not religious in the least. The forefathers purposely left references to God out of government because not all the forefathers were christians. Not all of them were even spiritual. It’s absolutely fine that you are and you have every right to envoke God’s name whenever you like. That’s the great thing about being American. You’re free to say and do what you please. I was just filling in some historical facts.

    2. No offense, but I really hate it when Americans bring up WWII and how we saved the French and then expect to have our feet kissed for it. It’s ridiculous. If it hadn’t been for the help of the French, the colonists would never have defeated the British and there wouldn’t even be an America. So, we owed them our help in WWII. Now, everyone’s even.


    1. America, while it has it’s problems, is not as bad as you think it is. There are definitely things that we can learn from other countries, but there are also things other countries can learn from us. No one is perfect and we can all work harder to be better people.

    2. You’re right. Our president is an idiot. All I can say is don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for him either time.

    Everyone else:

    1. I think it’s ok for AJ to buy her kids toys every once in a while. They really don’t seem that spoiled to me. Everyone who’s ever had contact with them has said they’re happy, polite children.

    2. AJ has been seen toy shopping with every one of her kids except Pax (and maybe she did shop with him and I just missed it). I don’t know why people say she favors certain kids. Seems to me like she spends one on one time with all of them.

  7. oriana says

    Deeds, Hush Puppies are a Southern are a type of cornbread that are made of cornmeal, chopped onions, an egg, little water or milk, formed into balls and deep fried. Often served with Fish, especially in some Fish Restaurants. Very tasty! Long John Silvers (a seafood fast food chain) serve them, we don’t have one in San Jose.

    Also, when we have Fish Fries, Fish, coleslaw, French Fries, Beer, a lot of people in the South always make Hush Puppies, in New Orleans a lot of restaurants serve them also. You would love them!!!!!! Nicki and DMITZ will know exactly what I am talking about!

    Hope you are having a good evening!!!!!!!!

  8. JJ says

    Last time I checked Hush Puppies were shoes…now it’s a food of some kind…perhaps a deep fried something or other…a deep fried shoe perhaps…LOL

  9. oriana says

    Deeds and Nicki, I hope those two restaurants have Hush Puppies! Seafood places here don’t, hard to believe a lot of people have never heard of them! They do at Long John Silvers but don’t taste right, and we don’t even have one of them here, closest one is in Watsonville and Monterey!

  10. Nicki says

    dori–it is quite simple, don’t read my posts if they are annoying to you. All you have to do is scroll past my annoying name and on to the next post.
    I hope that wasn’t too mean for you. I wasn’t trying to be mean, just stating a simple solution so you won’t be annoyed by me in the future.

  11. oriana says

    My clients want to see the Bee movie so I am off, and then to a little deli that makes homemade Ravioli soup, love it!!!

    Have a nice weekend everyone!!!!!!!

  12. dori says

    I didn’t mention the blacks and hispanics because I was saying these people as wel as blacks and hispanics.

    Yes Nicki and who cares about your personal life ??why don’t you and Oriana email each other and stop your personal conversations in here? It’s annoying.

  13. Nicki says

    oriana~How awful. Yes the fog is frightening around Fresno, I couldn’t even see the end of my driveway some mornings. You are correct about Monterey and the creepiness of the fog. It is still a beautiful place to visit, (I couldn’t afford to live there,lol).
    Talk to you soon, got to feed and walk the pups.

  14. Nicki says

    dena~:lol:I don’t think anyone has critizied her choice of hairstlye for ‘just a trip’ to a toystore. Shouldn’t she just wear a simple ponytail, or just loose or even just the sides pulled up? Why the bun?:lol:

  15. oriana says

    Oh Nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,

    Big 100 car pile up this morning outside of Fresno on 99, six big rig trucks turned over, Clovis exit shut down, 2 dead, chickens all over the freeway, Fog came in really bad!!!!!!!!!! Just read about it! I hate that Fog down there! But the scariest place, and I know some of you besides Nicki and I have been to Monterey, around 5:00pm, the Fog comes in, it is dark and creepy, even in the town driving around, it is spooky. Some of the houses are old, like Victorian style and up high, very creepy!!!!!!

  16. oriana says

    Deeds, hubby has it written down and called his friend up there about it as soon as I told him, he is looking forward to going. I hope they have Carry out menus so I can read about it, and Salty’s also!

    Jenna, it wouldn’t hurt you to read some of the posts, you might learn some interesting things, even some recipes for the holidays.

  17. dena says

    My god, I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to not be able to throw on a t-shirt and go to a nearby toy store with my kid. Imagine people taking uninvited pictures of you everywhere you go and then making all kinds of snipey judgments about every detail of the pictures, things that are none of their damn business. Geez, everything from her purse, maddox’s t-shirt, her body size, the toys in the basket (the manager was paid off to reveal the details of their purchases, sleazy), where they shop, what they should be buying, what they should do for entertainment. Hmm, nobody has mentioned her sunglasses yet. What do you think? – too big, too small, wrong color, wrong company, shouldn’t wear them indoors, come on, doesn’t anyone have a judgment about her sunglasses yet? Step up to the plate. She really needs your input I’m sure. I am so glad that succeeding in my chosen field and winning awards doesn’t bring me the kind of attention that succeeding in acting does! I think to live under the hell of the kind of inhumane scrutiny that celebrity brings must be unbelievable.

  18. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I hate it when I come onto a thread and the first 30% of the posts are on topic and the next are about some random subject or places or food. It makes it difficult to read through all the posts. Perhaps the Webmistress could think about making a miscellanous blog for the “regulars” to discuss anything not Babyrazzi-related?

    Anyway, I don’t see all the fuss with Angelina buying her son toys if she has the money. She already gives a 1/3 of her salaries to charity so why shouldn’t she spend the rest on her kids? Whats wrong with treating your kids from,time to time if you can afford it? And they don’t exactly seem like the type of kids who get *everything* anyway, its not like she went in and spent thousands on toy. Plus, it could be toys for Pax’s birthday, surely you don’t all grudge Angelina buying birthday presents for her son?

  19. Nicki says

    oriana~no hubby doesn’t do much baking.
    I would love to be able to decorate wedding cakes. They are so beautiful. Wow 50 layer, that must have taken quite awhile. I bet it was beautiful.
    The only decent fruitcake I have ever had was a few years ago I saw on the Food channel. Monks in some monastery make it. I forgot the name, but it was incredible. It was a bit pricey, but worth it.

    Deeds-my hubby went to the one in Alki Beach. I guess there are two locations for Salty’s in Seattle.

  20. Deeds says

    Oriania, you forgot I recommended Max in the Market restaurant. It’s a 5 Star restaurant. It’s a #1 place for seafood. Salty’s is on Redondo beach in Des Moines.

  21. JJ says

    #95 – I work with children – lots and lots of children…so as you can see I’ve had my fill of them…don’t need to have my own…maybe one day…but one thing is for sure…I won’t be dressing them in bunny outfits and taking them to McDonalds or buying them combative aggressive toys or Barbies…!!

  22. Zbella says

    What a nice picture. I enjoy seeing them. Perhaps I do spoil my children a little, compared to how I was raised. I tend to think moderation is best. I don’t go too far to either extreme.

    JJ is a fool. She is oh so mysterious! Ooooh, I wonder where she lives. What a riddle! One thing is certain, she does not have children – thank God.

  23. oriana says

    Nicki, I didn’t realize you didn’t eat meat! You are healthy!!!! I do love peas but Hate that Green Pea Soup, it does look awful and my husband loves it! That is a fun place to stop at and look around in the gift shop.

    I will tell him about Salty’s, he is planning a trip up there in a few weeks for the weekend, he has never been before, so now he has two places to check out, yours and Sandra’s!!!! He does love salmon, I do too if it is fresh.

    Oh no one in their right mind would ever compare you to N!

    I have to confess, I subscribe to People and US magazine. And my hubby buys me the STAR from time to time! I love looking at the pictures!

    Nov. 18th!!!! Oh that is wonderful! Lots of celebrating in Nov., your anniv, DMITZ and Sandra BD, and a lot to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!

    Does your husband do any baking? Mine used to work in his parent’s bakery (they have owned for 40 years) and makes Wedding cakes. He made a 50 layer one one in Hawaii! Just beautiful, he can make the roses, all the decorative designs, swirls, just gorgeous!

    The Polynesian wedding cakes are like fruit cakes, made with brown sugar and they put raisins and nuts, they don’t do the choc, white or carrot cakes like we go for! And it is not the same as our typical fruit cakes either. I was surprised when I first tasted one!

    Have a good weekend everyone!!!!!!!!

  24. JJ says

    Dori said: “My children attended school with Koreans, Japanese Russians Pakistani’s and Eastern Europeans”…where are the African Americans and the Latin Americans mentioned in your statement, Dori? I don’t see you make reference to them…why? I’ll tell you why because they don’t live in the affluent neighbourhoods – that is why…because you wouldn’t send you children to schools that have Latinos and Blacks, because you are a feigned elitist who does not rub shoulders with the working class people…you think that you are superior but you live in a plastic bubble sheltered and isolated from the ‘real’ people of the US the people that came to America to start a better life…you don’t care about the minorities you are a snob!!!!

  25. dori says

    Dori – most American cities have ghettos where a large portion of the visible minorites live…that is where the culture is in African American ghettos and Latino – American ghettos…why do these people have to be assembled in neighbourhoods or communities based on their skin colour or their ethnicity? Why do most Latin Americans work as gardeners or house cleaners in California? Why is there such a high crime rate in East L.A.? Next time you try to act smart take a few seconds to think about where you are seeing the multiculturalism and the diversity in major American cities. Chances are it is mostly in the slums and ghettos.
    Just so you get the facts straight
    My children attended school with Koreans, Japanese Russians Pakistani’s and Eastern Europeans . And we live in an affluent upper class area. on the North Shore of a major city
    So the next time you try to act smart do some research before you make stupid statements such as this one!

  26. dori says

    Wow Nicki that was quite a lecture….Is people magazine tabloid news? What Lies am I telling? What an accusation! I don’t read Star or Enquirer if thats what you’re referring to so no I don’t think my information is from tabloids because I don’t read that stuff.
    Maybe you don’t realize it but you sound like you’re balling me out and I don’t feel it is necessary just because I don’t love this couple like you do.
    I was trying to make peace and that was quite a response.
    I’m sorry you don’t appreciate the excitement but I’m not a milktoast kind of person. I’m an Aries….. firey hot..ruled by Mars..the warrior !
    o.. I am a really good cook maybe that ‘s why he doesn’t cook at all. I don’t know but it sure would be fun to have a break.

  27. Nicki says

    oriana~ you mentioned having peas the other day. Can you believe that since I was 7 or 8 years old (Dad and brothers love them) I threw up on my Sunday Dinner plate after Mom telling eat them. She said “then mix them with your mashed potatoes, just eat them.” Well I did and then they just came up instantally on my Sunday dinner plate. I have not had a pea since them.
    I remember driving from So. Cal to Monterey and seeing this sign for miles and miles advertising ‘so and so’ FAMOUS pEA sOUP. I thought for 100 miles who would travel this far, unless going by that way, would go for Pea soup. (Personally it looks like sometimes baby caca) and to me I hate, the only veggie I HATE, is peas.
    Oh and by the way I am mostly a vegetarian, but do eat seafood. Please don’t compare me to “N”. We are not the same.

    Anyways~~in Seattle~~if your hubby loves Salmon, cedar planked, tell him to go to Salty’s!!!

  28. Nicki says

    Dang, my smiley faces and all aren’t showing up anymore.
    Any computer people out there can tell me why and what to do. I used to be able to make the animated ones until recently. Thanks if anyone can help!

  29. Nicki says

    79. dori — Well I think we all come here for relaxation and fun. I really don’t spend much time on the other celebs threads. I don’t care if you are nice on thiers, and “just try to stir up sh!t” on Angie and Brads. But to throw out lies and tabloid crap as fact is why I respond. There are many websites to do that, this is a baby website, and I am only responding to your “tabloid made-up crap”, please don’t take it personal. I know now because you have never seen an actually interview with Brad or Angie, you would believe the tabs.

    You don’t have to like them as a couple, that is your choice….mine is different, and I am not here to change your thoughts……just to maybe point out outright lies the tabs make up about them.
    Maybe you should actually see a “real” interview with either one of them.
    And I don’t care if you hate them for the rest of your life, but if anything, please stop reading the tabloids. They are poision.

    And dori~your hubby, as long as he says “how great dinner is” that says it all. I tried topretend to know how to cook (2X a week and that lasted 3 weeks) and I was told “Thank you, but I’ll do all the cooking. No complaints here, but I do wish I could whip up a special meal now and again.

    Just pleae dori_don’t think I am picking on you and trying to be mean. I am just stating my opinion from what mostly seems like tabloid facts. If you have read an actual interview from either of them you would know. But Peace, please. I don’t want to be mean to you:lol:
    I don’t.

  30. Nicki says

    oriana~I am a lucky gal My hubbys brother actually ran two resturants (don’t tell hubby this, but kicks butt in ALL cooking.) My hubby is great, but we share, I do dishes and lug in the groceries most of the week, but he does shop the weekends. Mine is a great cook, in the 24 years (24 Nov. 18th) he has ALWAYS cooked, and does the dishes at least twice a week. He has, my favorites, specialites, but everything is great.

    Oh by the way, as I mentioned a “million” years ago, my hubby went to Seattle for 3 days. His favorite bestest (cedar plank salmon) seafood was at Salty’s. It was a bit pricey, just under $30.00 but was the best he has ever had.
    Just to mention to your hubby, if he has to go back to Seattle again, and he enjoys salmon. It isn’t on the main drag, but not too far off of it. You can look it up online for menu and directions.

    Just for general interest, dinner tonight was salmon, leftover lobster ravoli(2 a piece), corn and wheat rolls. No dessert yet, but soon. (I know how some hate this..thats why I love mentioning it:lol:)

  31. JJ says

    Sorry to burst all your bubbles but you all totally WRONG!!!
    LOL…how entertaining all this is…grandma Dori and Oriana the “pseudo” feminist and your idiotic small talk about all the crap you shovel down your faces…KFC…Subway…I am not an American never have been…you know the world does not consist of only the USA and Europe there are other countries too. The country I am from you people know nothing about…even though it’s a land mass much larger than the USA…ignorant people…you think that you are all at the centre of the Universe…and that everybody wants to be an American…LOL…!!! How utterly entertaining. This one is for the books!!

  32. oriana says

    dori, your hubby can probably fix spaghetti, mine makes the worst I have ever had! Just terrible, and I do love spaghetti! But he tries and is a huge help to me in every area so can’t complain!

  33. dori says

    You lucky girls my husband pretends not to know how to cook at all. Yet somehow when we dated umpteen years ago he was able to feed himself quite well. HMMMMM…

  34. dori says

    O I think this person has many handles and likes to fight she did make it appear to all of us she was from Europe and then on another thread denied she ever claimed it. Just a game I guess but very familiar JJ has been here before under other names I am sure of it. Crazy huh?

  35. dori says

    Nicki I do come here for fun and mostly I have nice things to say about the celebs and their babies . You must have noticed that on the other threads. I sometimes make comments to stir things up but with the case of this couple I think they are highly overrated as do gooders. I’m sure they are good parents and I’m sure they are good people I just really don’t agree that they are all that special They just get a lot more attention than some of the other celebs. Tom and Katie do as well and there will always be a lot of controversy on the threads with these two couples. But I am not trying to make enemies here. I have a sarcastic humor and I realize sometimes people don’t get that.
    So lets make up ok?

  36. oriana says

    Nicki, you are a lucky gal!!!! I bet your hubby is a good cook! Mine only fixes stir fry and soup all the time, I don’t particularly care for stir fry that much! And have never had asparagus! I know that is hard to believe! Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!! We are having Subway tonight! Ha!

  37. oriana says

    dori, Thank you for the info. I don’t understand why all the game playing out of JJ? Maybe a teenager or mentally retarded to some degree? Oh well, it takes all kinds!

    And I can see why she would love Halloween as her favorite Holiday, most “spooks” and “witches” do like it! And I am not talking about Wiccans either so hope she doesn’t try to go there!!!!!!

  38. Nicki says

    72. dori –I am sorry if you think that is being mean. I didn’t mean it to, I was just wondering after you said this———–
    Nicki … I don’t agree with you and thats fine. I have my opinion and you have yours. And no I am not obscessed with this family and do not read articles about them. I have a life of my own and they aren’t really of interest to me. I care more about world news and local news than I do about Brangelina.
    They are not my hero’s and if you compare them to other celebs you’ll see there are others more generous then they are—————
    You are always here ragging on them. (don’t mean that to mean, just asking)


    I just wondered why you work yourself into a tizzy when you claim that–you have a life and they aren’t of intrest to you. You care more for world news and local news.
    So you just come here for fun? Just to stir things up?
    I hope you don’t take this a being mean. I’m not meaning it to be. Just asking a question.
    And if thats the case, why would you care what I think or say?

  39. dori says

    Dori – I never said I was living in Europe although I am European by ancestry…that was someone else’s judgmental assumption…I LOVE Halloween – it is my favourite celebration – even more than X-mas. What is not to like about costumes and make-up and oodles of candy…and of course my addiction to horror movies – I’ve watched 3 this past week alone.

  40. dori says

    Not the first time you have singled me out and made derrogatory comments at me but don’t worry I can handle it.
    I do still enjoy your links.. but these kinds of comments when I haven’t really addressed you are mean.

  41. dori says

    40. dori | November 1st, 2007 at 8:27 am–
    f you cared about that, you wouldn’t be here b**ching about Brad and Angie and thier family, everytime a pic is posted.
    Not being mean? Look again.

  42. Nicki says

    #66. dori~ 1st question—-
    Nicki why are you so mean to me? Did I say something derrogatory to you? Or about you?
    last comment—-
    So little miss perfect cool off and get off my back ok?

    I’m not mean to you, sorry if you feel that way. As you said yourself, “I get myself worked up into a tizzy,” so maybe during your tizzy you are imagining me being mean to you.
    I’m not on your back dori. You can say anything you want-“just to stir things up,” as I can say anything I want to not to stir things up.

  43. Nicki says

    oriana~Yes I had a nice day, thanks. My hubby took this week off to help me out-great guy. For dinner we had lobster ravioli, aspragras and garlic bread. Chocolate cake for dessert. Oh and I don’t cook, my hubby has always done all the cooking. My mother-in-law is a great cook and taught both her boys to cook.
    Hope your day is going well.

  44. oriana says

    Deeds my Dear, I think parents being in control and being able to say No and set guidlines is a serious problem. Not only with celebs but with the majority of parents today.

    Kids do as they please, stay up as late as they want too at night watching TV, wearing inappropriate clothing, sassing their parents, even hitting them and telling them to shut up in public, 3 and 4 year old kids. It is a shame, I have witnessed it in grocery stores, doctors offices, etc.

    Then they wonder why as teenagers they turn to drugs, steal their parents cars for joyriding with their friends and drop out of school. Or end up pregnant or in jail.

    I am not saying Angie’s kids will do this but many celeb kids have.

    I actually think her children may turn out okay and be productive in society.

  45. Deeds says

    Oriana~ you’re right people these days do have a problem telling their children no. So by letting Maddox wear that shirt does that mean AJ has trouble saying NO to her kids? I hope not with all the media pounding at their door the parents need to set down guidelines. At the very least not to make the childrens lives a circus. Maybe it’s already to late.

  46. dori says

    Nicki why are you so mean to me? Did I say something derrogatory to you? Or about you?
    I don’t like this copuple and I like to get a little excitement going on a thread … whats wrong with that? Does everyone have to say oh they sweet oh they’re cute and 10 statements later the thread is dead. Be glad for the excitement it keeps you comming back for more doesn’t it?
    Like I said gotta laugh at myself for getting so upset with these guys.
    So little miss perfect cool off and get off my back ok?

  47. dori says

    JJ you re a complete idiot. I happen to be a grandmother It’s clear you know nothing about the US or you’re completely full of s**t and like to start fights. I’m not going to address your pea brain statements anymore. You’re not worth the time or trouble.

  48. oriana says

    When I said, get off that crap, I was speaking to JJ. And NO, I don’t watch soap operas, my life is one, and must confess, I do love Judge Mathis! He is my favorite and the only one I watch.

  49. oriana says

    Nicki, hope you had a good day, didn’t work too hard!! What did you fix for dinner tonight? I am having crab cakes, peas, mashed potatoes and mac/ cheese! I am sick of so much pumpkin pie already!

    dori, the French are as snobbish now as they were 30 years ago! They always have been! I love the Greeks, the Vietnamese are very nice people also, and the Polynesians are so wonderful, people from New Zealand are loving, kind and so down to earth. I like that from any culture. What I can’t stand are people like Madonna with her fakey English accent!

    Deeds, I have noticed that most of the teenagers wear those kind of shirts and I guess the younger kids are wanting to copy that style also, I think it is up to the parents to say No and decide what is appropriate or not. Unfortunately in today’s society the parents can’t do that and that is why we see ten year old girls at the Malls looking like 16 year olds, very sad to me!

    My mother worked in a motel for years as a Maid before she went to work in an Antique store and she wasn’t Latino or Black so get off that crap!

    Can’t talk any more, have to play with Ozzy and order a bucket of KENTUCKY Fried Chicken for some of my clients!!!!! Unlike JJ, I am not a vegetarian, but I do agree, it would much healthier to be one!

  50. JJ says

    Spare me the melodrama Oriana…you must be watching too many soap operas during the day…or trash talk tv!!

    Dori – you sound like a teenager – shouldn’t you be studying for an spelling test or something?

    BTW – You are wrong – I am not French – if I were I would be writing everything in French because French do not tolerate English speaking people nor to they choose to express themselves in English…it’s only French language for the Francophones. I work with French people so I know how offended they become when you don’t speak French to them.

    Dori – most American cities have ghettos where a large portion of the visible minorites live…that is where the culture is in African American ghettos and Latino – American ghettos…why do these people have to be assembled in neighbourhoods or communities based on their skin colour or their ethnicity? Why do most Latin Americans work as gardeners or house cleaners in California? Why is there such a high crime rate in East L.A.? Next time you try to act smart take a few seconds to think about where you are seeing the multiculturalism and the diversity in major American cities. Chances are it is mostly in the slums and ghettos.

    Look what happened in New Orleans – all the poor black people were left to die and suffer while the rich people drove out of the state….and your president did NOTHING!! NOTHING!!!

  51. Nicki says

    40. dori | November 1st, 2007 at 8:27 am–
    f you cared about that, you wouldn’t be here b**ching about Brad and Angie and thier family, everytime a pic is posted.

    44. Tia 🙂 | November 1st, 2007
    Thank-you Tia~ She has always made interviews fun and interesting. (Part of the job) She always helf=d my intrest, and obviously the people who hate her, :LOL:

    45. Deeds –It is totally the style, the skull and crossbones, I have 3rd graders asking for that. And only in Black!!

  52. oriana says

    I can’t help but wonder if JJ had been living in the era when the Allies marched into Paris and helped liberate the French if she would have been so quick to bash Americans then?

  53. dori says

    Oh and JJ the next time you come to America try to visit one of our big cities like New York and Chicago and Los Angeles where culture is seeping out of every downtown area. I myself live in one of these big cities and although my children were “spoiled with toys” we also enjoyed The Nutcracker Suite evry Christmas and Concerts and Museums and all theat great culture you seem to think only exists in Europe.

  54. dori says

    You know guys I gotta laugh at myself ….it’s only on the Brad and Angie threads that I get myself worked up into a tizzy… usually I am very nice
    So excuse me for my anger.

  55. dori says

    JJ I have seen his movies.. so go find some traffic to go play in ok Your arrogance is laughable… I am assumong you are FRENCH oui??

  56. oriana says

    JJ, Yes, I do get offended and will be the first one to say so!

    Just because we have Freedom of Speech does that mean we have to say things that make an ass of ourselves or deliberately slur and offend other people and countries? So oh Hell Yes, when you and others like you pop off derogatory remarks I don’t like I will speak up and say so! That is my Right!!!!

  57. JJ says

    #48 – Good! So when I say something you should be the last person to be offended with my opinions and ideas – because after all – they are MY opinions and I am entitled to them – ‘freedom of speech’ & “freedom of choice” is what your founding fathers built the American nation on – n’est pas?

  58. oriana says

    JJ, did have to laugh though at your KFC comment, I do admit that was funny! I assume you haven’t tried squirrel or rabbit then!!!!!!

  59. oriana says

    Tia, Come on down darling! If you ever want your “Green Card” I’ll sponsor you!!!!! The only request will be a lifetime of Mars bars! No attorney fees!!!!

    JJ, what is wrong with you? I am glad that you enjoy the Arts when you come to visit, as far as a 6 hour hike, I think you could do that anywhere but glad you enjoy yourself when you come. As far as the Pledge of Alleg, I am for it and was disappointed they have taken it out of the school systems here, however, when my husband, who is from Samoa, became a citizen, everyone from every nation, stood up and recited the Pledge facing the Flag, I cried then and was so proud! So don’t knock it to me, you are wasting your time!!!!!

  60. Granny says

    As an army brat, my dad didn’t have enough rank to take all of our possessions on each move. So everytime we moved, we left or gave away the toys. We always got new at our new home.

    Since these people travel a lot, I imagine it is easier to leave or donate the old and replace at the new home also. Toys are a mess to pack.

    Plus, with the age range of these kids, they outgrow toys pretty quickly. Multiply that by four and you can occassionally be buying a significant amount. And they can afford it.

  61. JJ says

    Tia – I have also been to the US and I also enjoyed myself there however, I tend to dance to the beat of a different drum so I prefer to do things that most people with children don’t do regularly, such as visiting art galleries, going for a 6 hour hike and dining at fine restaurants.

    FYI – I also didn’t say that parents should not buy toys for their kids. I said that buying a shopping cart full of toys was overindulgent and unnecessary…but celebrities who have the disposable income do so and that in turn feeds gluttony in their children who then become spoiled by a life of excessiveness.

  62. Deeds says

    I know clothing is an issue with this family. Forget the toys! Why is Maddox, a six year, old wearing a skull on his shirt? I know that’s the style but not for young children! In my opinion that’s way more important than what toys they are buying.

  63. Tia :) says

    Dori- I myself have never, ever seen where Angie sounds stupid when she talks. She seems like a very smart person to me….buuuut i guess people see different things 🙂

  64. Tia :) says

    Ok..I have watched all the Documentrys on Michael Moore…I must say, i HOPE the american health care system isnt as bad as he makes it, but we really cannot be so quick to judge, JJ because we dont LIVE in America!. I have been to the US many of times, and everytime i go, i love it!

  65. JJ says

    Dori – I’m assuming by your comment that you haven’t watch Moore’s documentaries nor read his books…ignorance is bliss!

  66. dori says

    And when Angie speaks I can’t listen because although she is very beautiful and ACTS like she is intelligent when she opens her mouth you can see she is not very smart. She pretends to be …. but she’s not.

  67. dori says

    Nicki … I don’t agree with you and thats fine. I have my opinion and you have yours. And no I am not obscessed with this family and do not read articles about them. I have a life of my own and they aren’t really of interest to me. I care more about world news and local news than I do about Brangelina.
    They are not my hero’s and if you compare them to other celebs you’ll see there are others more generous then they are

  68. dori says

    JJ And you believe that a movie made by Michael Moore is our realiity…..who’s stupid now?? It’s a movie not a documentary and not everything in it is factual.

  69. JJ says

    Michael Moore (producer of Farenheit 9/11 and Sicko) has painted a very “lovely” picture to the rest of the world about what life is like in the Good Ole U.S. of A.

    Oriana: I’m a vegetarian so I don’t eat Kentucky nor do I like anything deep fried..LOL – so Kentucky is not on the menu!

    Dori said: *****”We are an advanced country which is made up of people from all over the world. Why do you suppose that is? They come here because this is the land of opportunity. Now don’t you feel stupid?*****”

    I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN I READ THIS ONE (ABOVE)…hmmm…really? maybe during the 1950s..but definitely not now!!

    As a true “feminist” i like to speak my mind and believe in “freedom of speech”…something you seem to have forgotten all about Oriana – if you are a patriotic American you would know all about your “pledge to the USA” !!

    And WAR is stupid!!! Just like you…Oriana!

    Oh yeah and “Dubbya” is even dumberer *sic*

  70. Nicki says

    dori-I did read your comment, and NO we hardly ever see them in toy stores. Mostly Book store and art stores and museums. They don’t buy new toys where ever they are……..maybe coloring books, books and art supplies………..But if you have read an actual REAL interview from Angie you would know the kids don’t have all the toys they have in every place they live. Some places rocks and sticks and sand are what they have and they make do quite nicely with just that. Yes I know you dislike this family of 6, but facts are facts.

    JJ is a person to be ignored. Someone who tries to incite chaos. Anyone who hates babies is someone who needs much help. JJ will always try to cause s*!t.

  71. oriana says

    I wasn’t around 200 years ago, I wish I had been, I would have liked living in that era, would have probably not been well liked for I would have pushed for more Women’s Rights for sure and would have set every slave free.

    I am for the land of opportunity and welcomed every immigrant from every country, that is what has made this country great.

    I do wonder how some people have an issue with the word God used when our forefathers did put on the money “In GOD we trust”? They had the right idea to me.

    They didn’t say, In Man or Woman, or Dog or Cat, or Elvis or Queen or King, so this is still a free nation, so people like JJ, if they have an issue or gripe against Americans, stand in line, a long line, it won’t change anything, and no one is perfect. We still can vote and have our Freedom.

    I for one Thank the men and women in our military today fighting to help continue the liberty we have.

    And again JJ, come back to America, but please, stay out of Kentucky and Tennessee, it would not be a pretty sight for such as you with your mouthing off!

  72. dori says

    Nicki I wish you’d actually read my comments before you address me. I wasn’t criticizing her I said they buy toys in every town they go to and probably give them away to the needy when they leave town. They travel a lot and probably don’t drag toys around with them.
    They have been photographed at FAO Schwartz in Chicago and New York Yes they do go to toy stores and so what Who the f**k cares?
    Tel me that each and eveyone one of you doesn’t shop in a toy store They have kids …they buy toys so what????
    I said it before and I’ll say it one hundred times more. I dislike this couple and am not impressed with them or their chritable work. There are many others in Hollywood who are much more generous then them.
    And JJ I am an American with European roots and I don’t appreciate your us agaimst them mentality. We are an advanced country which is made up of people from all over the world Why do you suppose that is? They come here because this is the land of opportunity. Now don’t you feel stupid?

  73. lily says

    They are the best parents as they take the children. These children are very lucky to have parents like them. Angelina and Brad’s are generous in helping needy and poor children, They are good example for Hollywood stars.

  74. N says

    This kid is gonna grow up to be involved in all sorts, from druglords to doing prostitutes!

    Rock on Maddox!!!

  75. Kelly says

    Still pimping them. I see a huge sign wherever she goes. ‘PLEASE DON’T FORGET THEY COULD NEVER HAVE HAD THIS WERE IT NOT FOR ME’

    I have no respect for her at all. I respect those who help but do not seek glorification for their kind acts like Bono. It is one thing to raise awaereness and quite another to want the world to bow down and lick your feet for a paltry milliom. Shame on you Angelina, I had respect for you but now

  76. oriana says

    JJ, maybe you should come back to American more often instead of staying away, you might learn something, however, there are parts of Kentucky I would advise you to steer clear of with your attitude!!!!!

    And as for me bringing the name of God into anything, I will just have to take that chance of offending some people!


  77. Tia :) says

    jj- im actually not Canadian.

    I believe these children will be exposed to music and art…A toy here or there will not hurt them!

  78. JJ says

    #22 – The American Academy of Pediatrics? who are they? I really don’t concern myself with pseudo-authorities who claim that one way is right and the other is wrong…everything is a big fat experiment to them…!!

    #23 – yes – I have been to Boston, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire…had a lovely time on vacation…avoided the whole shopping experience however and went straight for the museums and art galleries and other cultural institutions.

    You know you should be careful bringing “God” into discussion – you might offend some Americans that do not believe in God…America is composed of people from all origins and walks of life…and those who do not have a religious denomination should be respected as well.

  79. Nicki says

    Gosh JJ, N, dori, and who ever else……………They went to
    K-B Toy store, a fairly cheap toy store. And most of the pics we have seen they are at art stores, museums, or book stores. Wow how awful!! Why not a trip to a toy store once in a while? Plus as another poster (sorry forgot who) just wrote a birthday is coming up soon, Pax, so who knows if those aren’t presents for him.
    Every parent goes to the to store, and we haven’t seen them there more than the art store.
    Yes Shiloh got a trip to FAO, Good for her, she looked happy as heck picking out her toy. None of these kids look spoiled to me. I think thier parents provide a good balance.
    And yes the children do wear hand-me- downs. There are many pics. Of course they still look new, they are pricy clothes, but used well. (have we seen Suri wear anything more than once?)
    And Zahara’s purse was “given” to Angie as a gift. They didn’t buy that.

  80. oriana says

    JJ, just curious, have you ever been to America? If not, don’t bother! If you live here, if you don’t like it, then leave.

    Focus on your country and what is important to you, we will somehow, with the grace of God, stumble along and make it thru, like we have for the past 200 years.

  81. Sara says

    “children should be exposed to the pleasures of art and music and dance and nature and books and not toxic plastic parts…that promote aggression and hyperactivity!!!”

    The American Academy of Pediatrics has actually launched a campaign to encourage parents to give their children more time to play. They said they’ve found that parents are actually going overboard now with the dance and music and educational classes – and that today’s children don’t have enough unstructured play time. So I have to disagree with your statement that it’s bad for these kids to have toys. Plus if you’re concerned about the Jolie-Pitt children not spending enough time on music, and art, etc – perhaps you should review the archives of this and other celeb sites and you’ll see many pictures of the Jolie-Pitt family leaving art stores, and children’s museums. I’m sure the kids do things other than just play with toys – but good grief there’s nothing wrong with chlidren having a little play time.

    It’s great to expose your kids to books and music and art, but there is such a thing as over-parenting. Every minute of a child’s life doesn’t have to be an enriching experience for them to turn out to be productive members of society.

  82. JJ says

    A typical American response – “if I have the money – why not?”…Life is not about shopping and spending oodles of money on toys…Children need stimulation outside of inanimate objects and pieces of plastic painted with lead-based paint and made in China…look at what kind of toy he is getting ‘rapid fire blaster system’ what the F*** is that? I would never, ever buy that for my child…children should be exposed to the pleasures of art and music and dance and nature and books and not toxic plastic parts…that promote aggression and hyperactivity!!!

  83. oriana says

    I wish every child could have an Outing like this with their mother!

    I wrote earlier and it didn’t go thru, but if she gives as much money as she does to helping others, so what if she buys what she wants for her children? I would too, and have in the past!

  84. Tia :) says

    jj- Why not? they have the money…if i had half the money these people have my daughter would have anything and everything too

  85. JJ says

    #9 – This isn’t the first time AJ and Maddox have gone toy shopping. It would be great if they bought toys for orphanages and knowing AJ she probably does donate toys to orphanages and children in need. But on the off chance that these toys in the shopping cart are intended for Maddox…I have to say that is quite over-indulgent and when children get whatever they want , whenever they want it, they do become spoiled !!
    So please do your research before you start ranting about where AJ shops and what she buys…because chances are you are mistaken since you do not live in their house you do not know what they are spending their money on.

  86. Sara says

    Isn’t Pax’s birthday in early November. I wonder if they’re shopping for his birthday. If so I think it’s really cute that Maddox wanted to come along and help pick out presents for his brother.

  87. Jesse says

    Dori,of course they wear hand me downs (you can see it at justjareds site)and I think it’s great,the disigner bag from Zahara was a gift from the designer 😉
    Maddox is really cute and IMO he’s not spoiled.

  88. Andrea says

    Someone also wrote a while back that Angelina only buys cheap clothes, etc. because of the poverty she wtinesses overseas.
    No, no, no. She actually goes celebrity brand name on her stuff, all the way down to the purse. Let’s get your facts straight before sticking up for her …your way.

  89. dori says

    Destiny get a grip Zahara owns a $1700 designer bag just like her mom and they usually DO shop at FAO Scwartz
    ( Chicago and New York) and NO they don’t wear hand me downs. Where did you get your infiormation? They wear designer duds just like all the celebrity kids.

  90. dori says

    They go to toy stores evey time they are in a new town. I don’t suppose they travel with all the toys. My feeling is that every time they move to a new state they get new toys. I wouldn’t doub;’t it if they donate the toys when they move on to their next new home. Their life is crazy I don’t envy them at all. Life is one big vacation and that can get old fast.

  91. destiny says

    jj can you say hater seriously maddox is not spolied at all he shopping in kb store not fao schwartz his clothes are not named brand and all the clothes are hand me down to his brother and sisters you never seen her kids in blueberry armani from the posts i read from you you have prombles calling a newborn u*gl*y looking pigs and i think maddox is the less spoiled celebrity kid out there

  92. 2teens3beans says

    I wonder if there is a special occasion? Maybe they are going to a birthday party. If not, I think it’s great that she’s getting toys for her kids… they don’t seem spoiled to me. Kids need toys, after all

  93. ann Tx says

    Angelina is best mon in the world. She is the best actress ,and we like her movies. We hope she can make more movies as she is only per son in Hollywood who gives 1/3 of all her movie proceeds. She is so young and so kind, she is a role model, We hope they are married

  94. daisy says

    I hope she’s a good Mother – like knows how to support her kids in healthy ways and not just buy their love thru toys.

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