Jennifer Garner & Violet Out For Muffins

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck 

A joyful Jennifer and Violet, 1, were snapped popping by a muffin shop in NYC after a quick walk in the NYC neighborhood on October 24th.



  1. Marina says

    Violet is adorable, she is always smiling, that’s a real pleasure to see pictures of her.
    I think that Shiloh is not as cute as Violet. She is also a beautifull baby but I’ve never seen her smiling….
    She has always the same face, it’s boring.
    I love Violet, she makes me happy

  2. lily says

    #26 Nicki thank yoy , exactly job. Shiloh is my best celebrity baby, only her picture can sales more than 4 millor dollars and help other poor children.

  3. Analise says

    1. Suri is older than is claimed.
    2. She does not always look happy. How could she be?
    3. Shiloh is fine.
    Finally, the pics of the Garner-Affleck family are always nice.
    But, Jen is still a dim bulb.

  4. oriana says

    I can see Violet getting some limits set for her and some discipline from Jennifer. She is cherished but I think she will be a well grounded child, unlike Suri or Zahara will ever be. Brad can’t say No to Zahara and wags her on his hip as much as Angie does, and Suri will be treated like a Queen all of her life.

  5. bglambaby says

    I think the major difference everyone is forgetting is that Shiloh is not an only child. Of course Violet and Suri always look happy because they have 100% of the attention from both parents at ALL times. Shiloh is very cute and I think she is as normal as any other 1 1/2 year old out there. Just because you don’t see her smiling and laughing doesn’t mean that she doesn’t do it. The papraazzi shows you what they want you to see and not one thing more. If they want to portray her as moody and vacant, that is what they will do. I think if these parents didn’t have to be worried 24/7 about someone snapping a picture of them or their child and then judging it, the kids might just be a little more well rounded and happy.

  6. Sara says

    Wow it just amazes me how many people there are here who seem to think they have inside information into the Jolie-Pitt’s lives. I’m not sure how you can determine that a child is spoiled from a few pictures. But I hope none of you are ever judged as harshly as you’re judging others.

  7. oriana says

    Have to agree with #32, they are a lovely family, but these two aren’t pretty or cute to me at all. I love Jennifer, I think she is a good person and a great mother but never thought she was pretty, and Violet is adorable but cute, maybe in her actions but not a pretty child.

    Nicki, I have seen a lot of pictures of Zahara and she looks like a spoiled brat to me! Sorry, I know you love this family but I think they have really let her have her way ever since she was brought to the U.S. She has been attached at the hip most of her life. I particularly noticed when they were in India, even coming thru the airport, Zahara was carried and Shiloh was not, and she was a baby and younger.

    I do think that Shiloh’s personality is more quiet and passive, Zahara used to wake her up every morning by screaming in her face, so I guess she is used to taking a back seat to the rest of the kids and probably doesn’t mind it.

    Even now we still see more of Zahara than we ever have of Shiloh. I wonder what people will say when she gets to be Zahara’s age now, she will be older and they can’t use the excuse, she is just a baby. I have noticed a lot of people that are fans of them think it is the reason why she isn’t seen in public so much.

    Had a Halloween party last night, 40 Special O athletes were there, one of the girls had a costume from Hong Kong of Snow White identical to the one Snow White wears at Disneyland, just beautiful!

    WE had some homemade pumpkin cheesecake, very good!!! Getting that time soon for baking! I am pulling out my Southern recipes!

    Hope the “boy” is resting well! Rain here today. Hope you have a peaceful week!

    I did see the pictures of Angie and Maddox shopping, she looks healthy and he is getting so big, nice pictures!

  8. LadyOne says

    Ok, Violet looks very happy as she does in all her photos, and Jen is definately a wonderful hands on celeb mom..BUT these two are not cute at all, I just don’t see it, I think they are both unattractive. Sorry, just my opinion.

  9. Nicki says

    Hey oriana~ Whats up? Everything pretty good here. Hubby is off for the week so it will make everything much easier. Things are good here. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Shiloh is more of a baby, but remember she is the youngest of 4 youngsters. The kids probably help her out a lot and do things for her, as I’ve seen in my family. The kids know what the younger wants right away and they get it for her. My nephew just makes a sound and his sisters know right away what he wants. They don’t make him “try” and say what it is.

    I’m not sure about Zahara being as spoiled as you believe. The only thing we have to go on is Angie saying in an interview (no videos like with Suri) that Zee was a smartass. She said to Angie “I need a cookie.” Angie said “You need a cookie? You don’t need a cookie.” Then Zahara said “Daddys going to cry.” Angie asked “Why is Daddy going to cry?” Zahara then said,something like “He wants me to have a cookie.”
    I’m sure she is a bit much going through the terrible twos. Like most kids at times. But I don’t see the spoiled rotten thing going on. I guess when I see a video then I will agree with you on that.

    Here are some VERY cute pics of Violet and Jen Sunday in the park!!!

  10. oriana says

    There is a big difference in these celeb children. Suri is more outgoing and has a strong personality, she has adapted easily to the photogs and traveling. She seems to be quite advanced for her age. Shiloh is more like a baby instead of a toddler, she doesn’t exhibit an outgoing personality, more like a passive, quiet one.

    I don’t think it has anything to do so much with the parents but the disposition of the child. Suri is a spoiled brat, we have seen that by her tantrums, and Zahara is a spoiled brat, we have seen that by her pictures and the comments Angie herself has made about her, but until just recently we didn’t see any pictures of her as much smiling either. And I think she is every bit as much loved as Suri if not even more so by Brad and Angie.

    I used to think Shiloh was under developed as a child regarding her motor skills but now I think she is a happy child and is just fine, No, she has not been carried as much or taken as much in the community as Shiloh and Suri have been, but she is probably just as happy as they are.

  11. oriana says

    She actually looks like she is laughing in this picture! I know this was taken in Cannes, and this is the only picture I have ever seen of her smiling like this, have there been any more like these since then, I would love to see them!

  12. days says


    Suri is the same age as Shiloh and just as mobbed by photographers, or even more I’d say and she does not have the vacant look Shiloh does. Suri is very aware of her surroundings, alert, and interactive (waves at the papparazzi).
    I have never seen a picture of Shiloh smiling. I don’t put her down as a child but rather blame Angelina who has always had nannies take care of her. She even called her a “blob” when she was born.

  13. Sara says

    “Shiloh, as adorable as she is, always looks like she’s in a daze, staring off into nothing”

    Of course that poor child is in a daze, that family is mobbed by photographers more than any other famous family. Jennifer Garner is not anywhere near as famous as Brad and Angelina, so I’m sure it’s easier for Violet to be more relaxed considering she’s got about 50 less cameras shoved in her face.

  14. hasna says

    j aime bien cette tof elle est super jenny est une formidable mère et c est vrai shiloh n a pas de tof comme celle ci

  15. myrna says

    this family is sooooooo…adorable…..Violet is always smiling!!! Always!! …love to see pics of them!!!

  16. Aishwarya Rai says

    Violet always look happy and alive!!!
    unlike Shiloh and Suri they always look sad though they are also cute babies

  17. kim--original kim says

    It always makes me happy to see a Mom and her baby together and all lovey. So nice to see.

  18. Tia :) says

    For god sakes…are you there with Shiloh, seeing that she is getting love?? Im pretty sure Brad and Angie are “Connecting” with their child.

    Violet is a cutie…love this picture!

  19. days says

    Correction, Webmistress:
    Violet is 22 months, so she’s almost 2 yrs old… not 1.

    She has a lot of playfulness and spunk… something I don’t see in Shiloh’s pictures. That’s what happens when you have nannies take care of your kids; they don’t get the connection to people and stimulation they need. Shiloh, as adorable as she is, always looks like she’s in a daze, staring off into nothing. She needs love.

  20. Cathi says

    I agree…they are so cute and look happy all the time. Jennifer is such a good mom, and I absolutely loved her in 13 going on 30.

  21. Tiffany says

    Violet is so cute and Jen is such a wonderful mom. What a wonderful role model to moms everywhere!

  22. Jailynn says

    I so love to see these two!!! They’re ALWAYS so happy on different outings! Jennifer is a wonderful famous mommy!

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