Heidi Klum & Henry At A Halloween Festival In Beverly Hills

Heidi Klum

Heidi and Henry, 2, were snapped at a Halloween festival at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church during an early celebration on Thursday.



  1. haha says

    I’m just laughing my ass off. As corny as these effeminate white boys on this site are, they still wonder why a chick like Heidi is attracted to real men. Too funny.

  2. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    What’s this with a skeleton costume? Our bones aren’t lattice-work inside our bodies!

  3. oriana says

    I thought it was a skeleton costume too until I paid closer attention, of course I didn’t know who or what Venom was until I read it on here. Now Superman, Batman, Spiderman, those, I know!!!

  4. N says

    They look alike to me!….. In a few more months they will probably be spitting images with the only difference being their hair….. and johan is a little lighter. IMO

  5. oriana says

    Johan and Henry look nothing alike. Poor Henry can’t help how he looks, all children aren’t cute but are still sweet kids.

  6. Émilie says

    I don’t think that Johan looks like Henry, I think Johan is a little cuter than Henry, but they’re both beautiful children.

  7. N says

    I think Henry is a beautiful child….. His brother Johan looks just like him. They are going to grow up into handsome men. I want them to have a girl….
    I hate that this site, along with a few others, courts ignorance and racism…… The crazies seem to flock here……

  8. kimmy says

    #7- what exactly are you trying to say?That you think that blacks look like monkeys? You’re the one that sounds inappropriate here. You’re the one that probably looks like a monkey.

  9. dori says

    Henry looks really cute. Leave the poor kid alone. I saw them on Oprah as well and Seal has a sad childhood and Heidi was so loving to him They are a great couple and very much in love. Something you don’t see in Hollywood these days. It’s not a relationship for show it is a genuine loving couple and a pleasure to witness.

  10. oriana says

    He sure is tall and a large child for his age! The little baby is one of the cutest celeb babies I have ever seen. Would love to see more pictures of him.

  11. Cathi says

    it doesn’t matter what kind of costume henry is wearing. he is just a litttle kid. heidi is not trying to “prove” anything to anybody. she is just a mom who dressed her kid up for halloween…get over it. ps. ( i thought it was a skeleton costume, until i looked at it closer.)

  12. ashleigh says

    yeh henry is not dressed as a gorilla but as venom so you just made a fool of yourself Margaret Prothschild

  13. samatha says

    margaret oblivously dosnt know what she is talking about first of henry is Venom not a gorilla so what if she dressed him in a gorilla coustom what are you trying to say are you a r*a*c*i*s*t

  14. Margaret Prothschild says

    I really love Heidi and her family, but dressing your multiracial child in a gorilla costume is highly inappropriate. What is she trying to prove?!

  15. Meg says

    She and Seal were on Oprah the other day. They seem to be truly in love…and they make cute babies 🙂

  16. Tiffany says

    Henry looks so cute in his costume!! He is at a fun age for Halloween.
    It is nice to see hands on celebrity moms!! Heidi seems like a great mom and is always pictured doing fun activities with her kiddos. It is nice to see that being a mom is her top priority.

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