Christina Aguilera Continues To Prepare For Baby

Christina Aguilera 

Christina Aguilera

An expectant Christina Aguilera, 26, was snapped Wednesday as she enjoyed perusing baby boutique Bel Bambini. Like Halle Berry, who has admitted to already buying a crib and stroller in preparation for her new arrival, Christina is clearly intent upon being certain that she’s got everything her newborn could need.

Christina sported a cute teddy bear pendant over her comfy grey cardigan. She also sported skyscraper ankle boots rather than comfy flats…ouch!

Christina, who is believed to be almost six months pregnant, had visited Bel Bambini earlier this month to set up a gift registry for her baby shower which she reportedly held last weekend in Malibu.

Reportedly, Christina was given blue and boy-themed presents from close friends and family. One source apparently revealed that Christina would like to name the baby after her husband Jordan Bratman.



  1. Donna says

    Neither one converted.

    Although they were married under the Jewish chuppah and Jordan was, indeed, wearing a shawl, there was also a Catholic priest to bless the marriage and Christina walked down the aisle with rosary beads.

    As long as the baby turns out healthy, who cares what religion it will be?

  2. Jen says

    Her husband DEFINITELY did not convert and they had a Jewish wedding (ie. they were married under a chuppah, he was wrapped in a prayer shawl – tallit, he wore a yarmulke, and they were married by a Rabbi), so it is pretty obvious he didn’t convert …she might have, but he didn’t.

  3. COLE says

    I believe its wounderful pregency always is but she’s pretty small for 6 months is there sometink wrong with her eatting habbits?

  4. dori says

    By jewish tradition it works like this… unless the mother is jewish by birth or converted to judaism and christened(in a Mikvah) the baby that comes from her body is NOT jewish even if her husband is jewish. There are the facts for you. I highly doubt her jewish husband converted.

  5. Deenah says

    But christina is christian so Jordan must have converted to christianity because she sings christian songs on her new album The baby is probably going to be christian

  6. dori says

    She looks great. Pregnancy does suit her. The make up doesn’t surprise me she’s alwaya worn a lot of make up. And she does look like she ‘s carrying a boy. She’s all belly.

  7. Mellynn says

    One of the tabloids is reporting she’s having twins. I don’t think so, by looking at her. She looks good. I wonder if she wears so much makeup because she has pregnancy-induced acne?

  8. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I don’t think so….I’m do in January just like her and she’s bigger than me….but than again she was bigger than me to begin with. Not saying she’s big, of course..she looks great.

  9. Zbella says

    She is a beautiful girl – just wish she would wash off all that make up and let her natural beauty show.

  10. Jen says

    I don’t think she will be naming her child after her husband. He is Jewish and their custom is to name it after someone who has past away not someone who is living.

  11. kt says

    she seems like a really nice, normal, sweet girl. she is very pretty too. i love that she is married to a normal guy who she loves and has no crazy drama. she’s refreshing and may be a good inspiration for her young female fans…

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