An Expectant Natalia Vodianova & Children In Russian Vogue

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova

Model Natalia Vodianova, 25, was photographed for the Russian Vogue November issue with her children while pregnant with her third child. What beautiful pics! Her son Lucas is 5 and her daughter Neva is 1. On September 13th she welcomed a son named Victor.

Natalia’s husband is The Honourable Justin Portman, who is a professional artist. Justin Portman is the son of a Viscount and scion of one of Britain’s wealthiest real estate families which owns huge swathes of London.

Natalia has said, “I have done it. I have everything I want. I have made enough money to secure my family and that is all I care about.”

Many thanks to sweet rus!


  1. says

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  2. mariela says

    she’s so sweet and her childs are so cute, but honestly I’ve never believed in the story of her extra poor childhood, because if you’re look at her child pics she looks like a normal child, she went to holyday, she had cute clothes and photos, I don’t have the impression of that difficult they claims, maybe is just a commercial lie…I don’t mean she was rich, but normal, in Russian it is normal to be not so rich, her family look normal.

    I don’t think she’s an extra super beauty i you look at proportions, but she’s unique, she has something special, I like her more in a natural way.

    And I also do not think that her story is a good example, it is sad to say, but if Natalia was really so poor and if she wasn’t so pretty and good for modeling, she’d never get the chance for an extra good life, even if she was super intelligent or talented for something. What should I learn about this story? If you are a pretty girl you can do what you want, beauty is the only thing this world appreciates, this is what, intelligent and talented person spend their life to study and at 30 or more they can not have a family or indipendent life (I live in Italy).

    Anyway she seems to be a good person and it’s so sweet that is she so mom, this is a great thing, there are models who are so childish and vicious.

  3. SallyAnneBE says

    dear Elesa
    Why do people marry? looks, yes but also personality and their ability to get on with one another and I think you’ll find that she appears to be a very nice, genuine girl in her interviews. He wasn’t forced to marry her, im sure, baby or no baby.
    Also, believe it or not genuinely thin people do exist. No, not everyone who is thin has to starve themselves.

  4. Christian Daniell says

    We LOVE Lucas

  5. Elesa says

    I am happy for her. However, I am curious as to why he decided to marry her (other than for her looks, that is.) Also, she got pregnant when she was 18. Didn’t that look bad to his prestigious family?

    And what is with her uber-skinny body? she said once, and I quote, “two weeks after giving birth I was back on the catwalk”. HOW???? Did she diet the entire pregnancy????

    In her bio, it states that she would sometimes go for weeks without food. If that is so, her metabolism is shot and it should (by rule of science) be more difficult for her to lose weight in comparison to other people.

  6. kbunkmom says

    Pics in this particular article are not very flattering – I’ve seem some of her modeling pictures and red carpet pics and she looks gorgeous in most of them.

    The kids look happy and loved. And she sounds truly grateful for all she has. Good for her.

  7. donna says

    yo eminencegrise,

    does it hurt you that she is (pretending or not) loving and living together with that man?
    great than stop the nonsense and get over it,

    she looks happy, if she is not, than she is stupid that she is still in that marriage

  8. eminencegrise says

    her husband was a serial ‘modeliser’ when he met her, a fact i’m sure, being no fool, she was well aware of.

    being a typical English ponce who uses a title – an utter load of nonsense considering he’s really a nobody – he was too much of an idiot to use contraception.

    a few months after staring to go out with her he suggested using something to stop her falling pregnant.

    oh, let’s see, russian and fruit-seller. do you think she took her pill religiously? then she said, in the press, something to effect of ‘we’d have never married had it not been for lucas not needing to legitimate.’

    yeah, right! a regular graduate of the Heather Mills-McCartney Charm School.

    does the word ‘duh’ mean anything to you?

    she’s far cleverer than he’ll ever be, so well done to her!

    good on you, natalia!

    your priorities are in the right place.

  9. megs says

    I love her naturallness, don’t find her to be the most attractive model out there but love how pretty she looks with all those kids surrounding her…Yes, I also count 3 kids already and a little belly…and agree, can’t imagine throwing a kid up in the air while pg either, I would have collapsed and the kid would not have had a safe landing. Kidding, I would never even try it though, I am way too clumsy!

    Wish I could read the article but don’t know any Russian…am sure she has 3 kids already and started when she was 19. I too would love to have it all by 25, alas, I was lucky to get my Masters when I was 27…

  10. Dianne says

    Her nose is flat and pudgy. Yes, she does look like a teenage boy. I just don’t see how she became a model.

  11. sexy says

    she is a famous model for those who are wondering who she is… :p i actually admire her beauty, you know the type that you just can’t seem to take your eyes off.. she has a beautiful family…

  12. 2teens3beans says

    I count FOUR kids… look at the 4th picture down. Near the bottom of the 4th picture there are 4 kids on the bed with her.

  13. days says

    Nice pics but she’s just not pretty to me. Looks boyish in the closeup. I don’t see how she’s a model. Must be the height.

  14. Zbella says

    Please explain who the little 2 year old boy is! Gorgeous family. Beautiful mother. I can’t believe she can throw her son/daughter in the air while pregnant – I certainly could not!

  15. Starkiddie says

    Being Russian myself, I can’t help but be very proud of Natalia – what a gorgeous family!!!

  16. Jailynn says

    Cute family but I count 3 in the pictures already????
    Good for her to have enough money for the future by 25!!!

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