Tori Spelling & Family Dress Up For Halloween Festivities

Tori Spelling

Tori, husband Dean and son Liam, 7 months, were snapped Wednesday in Beverly Hills on their way to a friend’s party.

Liam is a very cute little monkey!



  1. gweny says

    I love tori, but does anyone else thing dean her hubby is kinda too much of a good boy for her. I love liam too.

  2. dori says

    Sweet family but I agree she is not very good looking. But neither were her parents … with that combo she didn’t have a chance. No one in that family has any pretty features. My opinion is… if wasn’t for Aaron Spelling being her father she would ever have gotten on TV . She’s not a believeable actress and her face…. well it’s speaks for itself..

  3. casper says

    i know i know she needs to be the second person in the world to have a face transplant. with a donor or a dog it won’t make a diffrence they will both be prettier than her face now.

  4. the grinch says

    Does any one know haw the cat in the hat got out of my book? Dean has a good idea about wearing the patch on his eye, so that he would’nt have to look at tori. I would not doubt that he has a set. Dean probably wears them when things come out at night. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!! so screw you that don’t under i mean when they have relations. she alread has a costume that she wears all year long.

  5. megs says

    Yikes, Tori makes a good witch face 😕 She is a good actress after all…

    Her son & hubby on the hand are adorable! They seem like a great family.

  6. Tiffany says

    LOVE this family!!
    Tori seems like a great mother and wife.
    Hope they come back with another season of their Inn Love show! It was such a funny show and showed the lighter side of this celebrity couple.

  7. annie says

    I agree that it’s not the most flattering picture of Tori, she has looked better. Her baby is adorable, though. Too bad she married such a lowlife.

  8. me says

    I am sorry, but I really don’t find her pretty at all – or smart, from the things I’ve seen of her. That doesn’t take away from the fact that she might be a very good mother, which for that baby’s sake, I hope she is. I personally don’t find Liam to be a handsome child, but he might grow into it – or maybe I just haven’t seen any good shots.
    As for the family itself – I just don’t really agree with how they went about things, but anyway – just hope the kid is happy and healthy.

  9. Elsa says

    Disneygirl…couldn’t agree w/ you more.
    And is that cheap witch hat the current rage in Hollywood???

    On the other hand… I wish this family and all others the best in dealing with the fires on the West Coast. Quite horrible.

  10. tempany says

    That is also an unfortunately bad shot of Tori – I have seen her looking much better facially! Liam is lovely-looking.

  11. oriana says

    Now I have to say this is a cute picture! Poor Tori, she has a fun personality and I think she is a nice person but she is not pretty at all! The baby is very cute, I like this picture!

  12. njangel says

    I bought that same basket from ACMoore the other day for a gift basket. It was only $4 and totally perfect for the holiday. Their son is adorable and her husband doesn’t look too bad either….her on the other hand :-/

  13. lils says

    YES, i agree with Holly! The first thing I noticed when i looked at that pic was how butt ugly Tori is.

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