CNN'S Kiran Chetry & Husband Expecting Their Second Child

Kiran Chetry

CNN’s American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry and her husband, CW weather forecaster Chris Knowles, are expecting their second child together.

“We joke around that it’s a miracle that we had time to actually make a baby,” said Kiran, 33, who’s on air weekday mornings while her husband works weekend nights. “We have almost the exact opposite schedule!”

Lately, Kiran’s own schedule has been unpredictable, covering the fires in California for the cable news channel. “My doctor gave me the O.K.,” she says of working in the unfavorable air quality, “but obviously didn’t want me on the fire lines.”

Kiran also joins another expectant mom at CNN – evening anchor Campbell Brown.

Campbell Brown 

So, is there something in the water cooler over at CNN? “We were laughing about that,” says Kiran. “It’s the stroller derby!”

Kiran and Chris, 41, also have a daughter Maya Rose who is 20 months old.

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