Trista Sutter Anxious To Get Back Into Her Size 26 Hudson Jeans

Trista Sutter

Three months after the birth of her son, former Bachelor star Trista Sutter, 35, shared with Us magazine that she’s on a mission to lose the last of the 30 pounds she gained during pregnancy.

“I’m definitely not pleased when I look in the mirror,” admits the 5-foot-2 star, who now wears a size 4 and weighs 116 pounds, but aspires to surpass her prebaby physique and get down to 106 pounds. “When I fit into my size 26 Hudson jeans, then I’ll be happy.”

Trista shared her post-baby body issues with Us magazine and explained how husband Ryan, 33, is helping her get down to her goal weight.

How are you feeling about your body?
“My friend said that when I came home from the hospital, I’d be back in my old jeans. Fifteen pounds did fall off immediately, but the fact that it’s been three months and I’m still not in them is a bummer.”

What bothers you the most?
“My belly. It has a layer of fat, which, of course, your body has to put on, but it’s blubbery and I hate it. I want to be able to go bathing suit shopping for a vacation and not feel totally disgusted…I just don’t feel good in a lot of my clothes.”

Does Ryan help?
If I eat something that I shouldn’t, Ryan shakes his finger at me and says, ‘Uh, uh, uh!’ He’s been awesome, 100 percent supportive. He watches Max when I go to the gym and is constantly saying that I look great. But when you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t feel like you want to be intimate. I want to feel, and look, sexy again for him. Even though he is being nice and saying he’s still attracted to me, I want to feel like he’s telling me the truth and not just saying it because he’s a good husband.”

I don’t know about that whole Ryan shaking his finger thing! That seems mean! She is by no means overweight!



  1. carleigh says

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to have your pre-baby body back again…we’ve all been there if we’ve ever had kids. But the point is that this woman complains about EVERYTHING! She is obnoxious and comes across as very ungracious, insincere and totally fake, that’s what grates on me. I could care less how much she weighs, how hard it is for her to lose the last 10 lbs., her husband shaking his finger in her face, whatever…she should be waxing loving sentiments for this little boy she so desperately wanted instead of coming across as a shallow, fake little wanna-be. I’m so irritated I think I’m going to break out the DOUBLE STUFFED oreo’s tonight!

  2. Tiffany says

    #66 – I understand her wanting to take care of her body. However, she seems to have made a big issue about the actual number of her weight and being able to fit in her tiny jeans just weeks after her child is born. If she had said something like, “I cant wait to be able to get my body toned up again and be able to turn some of the softer spots into muscle” I think she would have been recieved with more open arms. She had to draw attention to a number and actual weight loss (and she is really skinny as it is) instead of just toning and firming. The present day preteen and teens (and older women) feel they have to be thin to be accepted. It is a sick and frightening trend that is set in these kids heads and the feeling of not being accepted unless you are stick thin is a worry of alot of girls and even some teenage boys. It is a scary scary situation out there and to have this magazine with this title sitting at every checkstand in the grocery store for every young girl to see as they stand there just helps to brand that “I have to be skinny” thought deeper into their brains. It is just scary and I think that we focus too much on weight instead of just focusing on being healthy.
    I just think that the title to this article was worded wrong and the focus of the article should have been about being healthy and not about how skinny she wants to get.

  3. Amber says

    Why are you all complaining. There is nothing wrong with wanting your old body back after pregnancy. I had my son about a week after her and I can’t wait to have my body back. Sure I am so happy my baby is healthy but I hate looking in the mirror and seeing the flab. Like another poster said, it just looks different. My stomach hanging and saggy. Don’t hate on her because she wants to take care of her body.

  4. Cathi says

    i never want to see this stupid woman again. i have been struggling with my weight for the past year. i seriously need to loose weight and she is crying about being a size 4? she is insensitive to the plight of real people with legit weight issues.

    i hope she gains 50 pounds.

  5. cait says

    Hmm… she tried for 2 or 3 years before she got pregnant? maybe she was too UNDERweight to get pregnant… that does have a lot to do with your fertility! My mom is the same height and weight as trista, and there is no reason for her to have to lose 10 more lbs! it took me a good 4 months after my son’s birth to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and even still, they never fit the same because your body size shifts b/c of pregnancy.

  6. Karina the Great says


  7. Stephanie says

    I’m with all you ladies. Weighing 116 at 5 feet 2 inches is by no means overweight. Give me a break! I’m 5′ 0″ and still have baby weight that I’m trying to lose from having my son 20 months ago. I love these magazines, but at what point are they going to stop featuring stories like this! Society expects too much from women after they have babies.

  8. Zbella says

    #57 LOVING your post!!!

    BTW, I’m 5’3 (so just an inch taller than miss beady eyes, and I was told I was underweight pre-preg. I was told I had to be AT LEAST 115. And who cares what she weighs and who cares if she has a flabby tummy? Not me!

  9. carleigh says

    #53…I believe what every woman here is trying to say is that most of us on here have had child/children, so most of us know what a struggle it is to get back to our normal body size and then some never do. For this woman to come out in a magazine and whine about everything that has gone on in her life…by all appearances she is trying to garner sympathy….for which I have none. She was on the cover talking about her fertility struggles, she had her wedding televised on US television, she had her baby shower “sponsored” by a bunch of businesses…anything she has ever done has been in the name of publicity. I’m sorry but I’ve heard and seen enough of her scrawny beety eyed ass to last me a lifetime. So she is struggling to get rid of the last 10 lbs…well boo friggin hoo…stop whining to the magazines and go solicit for a free gym membership or go hawk for one of the weight loss companies!!!! I just don’t get how it’s bad enough for some of us who struggle to just pay our bills, raise our kids with everything that they need, those of us who have REAL issues…and you got this celebriwhore out there whining about her poor little sized 26 jeans don’t fit her..cry me a river…got no sympathy..moving on. Damn now all this typing made me hungry time to have some more oreo’s and enjoy MY life!

  10. Peanut's Mom says

    Seriously. I’m still trying to shed baby weight six months later, and I assure you I am not a size 4….but that’s beside the point
    I can’t believe her diet vow made the cover of a magazine. Seriously, way to teach girls to have a healthy body image when we are putting women on the covers of magazines who say you are not sexy until you have a size 26 waist. Does anyone realize how SMALL that is? that just can’t be healthy.

  11. get over it says

    yes just me this is true, she had her baby 3 months ago. What i was trying to say is not all women take one year-never to get rid of the baby weight. A lot of women who cared about their weight and followed a healthy diet and exercise program pre baby wish to do the same after they have children. It is good to be healthy and that is what she is trying to do.

  12. says

    #43 Zbella, I’m pretty sure they mean 26″ waist in the jeans. I agree that after all they have been through she should be happy to have a healthy baby and her belly fat should be secondary.

  13. get over it says

    Ok guys, please remember she has a very small frame! Don’t be nasty and unfair to her. A healthy weight for a woman of her height ranges from 101-136 pounds, any less and you are under weight and more and you are overweight. Due to her frame she could be very healthy at 101 pounds if she wanted. If she were a larger framed woman she could be very healthy at 136. So stop hating on her because she feels bad about herself.

  14. Pika says

    Pullllllleeeze, Trista. Couldn’t you have picked a different outfit to be photographed in other than those MASSIVE size 4 sweatpants?

  15. Sam says

    Who goes on a national magazine to say that they are fat at 116 pounds only three months after having a baby?!? What a terrible message to send. Good thing she didn’t have a little girl who would be absorbing this message.

  16. Give me a freakin break! says

    What a puke! #46 Crayola hit the nail on the head! She wants a free tummy tuck. Remember all the free EPT tests she got?? WHY IS THIS COUPLE IN A CELEBRITY MAGAZINE??? They ARE NOT celebrities. I am mortified that #1 the words came out of her mouth and #2 US Magazine printed them (and on the cover to boot!)! Luckily she had a boy as not to give him a bad womanly body image, but with her and the idiotic dad – he will expect nothing short of anorexia from his girlfriends, I’m sure.

  17. dori says

    I agree this is petty nonsense…. be grateful you have a healthy baby and quit complaining.
    But this couple is all about getting themselves on tv and magazines. Enough of promoting them already They aren’t celebrities and don’t need to open their stupid mouths . They shouldn’t be given the time of day anymore.

  18. kimmy says

    Ok- if my hubby shook his finger at me and said uh uh uh it would just make me mad, and want to go eat more. That’s something I have to make my own mind up to do without being babysat or treated like a kid.

  19. crayola says

    what is she crying a river for. i guess she wants some Dr. from Dr. 90210 to come rescue her and offer her a free tummy tuck. i bet that is why she is crying about weighing 116 lbs. hopeing some doctor will call and offer to cut that blubber off. sad and pathetic. she needs to crawl back into her hole and stay there. she’s a nobody anyways. bye trista bye.

  20. sam says

    So disgusting — first it was how much she wanted to be pregnant! How hard it was to become pregnant. Now she has a healthy baby and all she cares about is being in her old jeans. I can only hope she’ll reflect on this and re-prioritize. And who are the foolish ‘friends’ who told her she be back in her pre-pregnancy jeans after returning home from the hospital. Have any of these folks had a baby before?

  21. Sarah says

    116 is heavy?! If anything, I think it’s good she GAINED some weight because she was so stick skinny! I weigh 116 and I’ve never even been pregnant and I don’t consider myself fat at all…

  22. Zbella says

    Why does it say size 26 jeans? I’m confused! I went from 0/2 pre-preg to 3 after my daughter, 4/5 after my son and now 6 after my baby. I would like to loose the flabby stomach, but I don’t consider myself fat. If anything, I was too thin before.

  23. Meg says

    omg i’m 5’4 and the least I weighed was 128lbs and I thought I was too thin. This girl is insane. Trista- enjoy your baby and thank God he’s healthy.

  24. Kelsey says

    I will say that as a woman who has personally struggled with body image and being “good enough” for our society, this article was extremely difficult to read. There are days when I still think I should just stop eating so that I can be “perfect” and a size 0 again, and then I read something like this that just reaffirms my thoughts. I feel like this world is becoming a scarier place to raise a daughter and I pray to God that our society changes its definition of “beautiful.”

  25. says

    she is really milking her 15 minutes of fame…hey if she wants forfoet all the lovely stuff in live to squeeze into her jeans…the more left for me to indulge…but then I am quite a lot taller so I dont know how 5’2 folks look with that wieght…

  26. phnxgirl says

    Guys, pregnancy pounds are different then just, I don’t know, fat pounds. It isn’t like she has that weight distibuted over her body, it is probably all just sitting in her stomach and she is not used to it. So someone who is her height and weight and hasn’t just had a baby probably looks great because they don’t have that pregnancy after body. And no they don’t need to lose weight. I understand what she is saying.

  27. Sassy says

    I love this couple, but I am very disappointed with Trista, she really needs to relax about her weight, her weight will come off slowly.

  28. GW says

    I dont understand why she is even complaining?? I’m 5’3″ and I weight 117…I mean I think I look good most of the time…does that mean that I should loose weight and look 106lbs too??!?!

    Geez…Trista needs to stop being so hard on herself. I could understand if she was a top A-List celeb that she’d feel the need to really lose the weight (although its not even necessary) but Trista come on stop worrying about your weight!!

  29. JJ says

    Cry me a river Trista!!!
    What a superficial and shallow woman she is…I knew there was a reason why I couldn’t stand her…I watched the Bachelor or Bachlorette show when Trista was a contestant and she made me so sick with her overly fake personality…she doesn’t deserve to be a mother if all she worries about is her current 116 lbs…what is this world coming to???

  30. Susy says

    I think that some people are being a little too hard on the girl obviously pregnancy will make anyone gain weight she is exaggerating a little too much but only she knows what number of pounds will make her feel better i had my second baby back to back and gain 25 pounds now thats something to worry about but my biggest worry is my health because i want to live a long healthy life to able to meet my grand kids now my smaller worry is my body because it’s something that I’m not use to but it’s only been two months and I’m not trying to loose the weight in 8 weeks. I’m a human being

  31. eminencegrise says

    FFS, who is this bubble-headed bam?

    Obviously she lost most of her weight from her brain.

    Don’t want to see her around? Don’t buy magazines or books with her in them. Turn off TV stations with her on them.

    She’s a pathetic waste of space.

  32. Adele says

    Also, there is no way my OH would tell me what to eat!! He loves my curves!!

    Her DH sounds like a right t**t!!!!

  33. Tia :) says

    mann…my size 7 must be disgusting then…damn…hahaha! Give me break! I’v never liked this woman!!

  34. Daisy Boo says

    We must all be overweight, lol, no big deal…Let’s get our fat asses to the gym girls!! haha

  35. Mellynn says

    This US magazine cover is nothing more than a pitch by publicity-whore Trista to see which of the weight-loss companies *might* pay for her vanity, er, weight loss. Makes me want to send her a dozen Krispy Kremes, he he he.

  36. Jacquie says

    If my DH uh uh uh’ed me and waved a finger he’d LOSE that finger I tell ya.

    A fine example of why anorexia/bulemia run so rampid in todays society.

  37. rcking72 says

    She’s s total idiot and has always thought herself to be a celebrity. Here’s just one more example of how stupid she is.

  38. Tiffany says

    I can not believe how shallow this woman is. She should be ashamed of herself for making such a big issue out of being stick thin. They must be hard pressed for cash so she decided to do this article so they could have some more cash.
    What a waste. This is one issue I will avoid buying!!!

  39. Jayden says

    OMG, You wonder why young women have self esteem issues with weight. It’s women like this that make me sick. She should be ashamed to even say this. If your not size 00, your fat….Give me a break!!! If she is this self centered, she has major self esteem issues.

  40. minkysmom says

    she is so dumb, and her husband is too. it’s not like she went from 2 to 8, that is a jump, she shouldn’t care how fat she gets, it’s not like she is a celebrity or anything.

  41. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I’m also a size 4, when I’m not pregnant, that is. I’m 5’9, so obviously I would have to weigh more than 116 to be healthy. I lost the extra weight really fast after pregnancy through working out and breastfeeding. However, let me tell you that that wasn’t the focus….I was too busy enjoying my babies!!! I’m due in January and anticipate a similar routine, going home from the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans, etc. However, supposedly it gets harder to lose the more kids you have.

  42. carleigh says

    She’s very shallow and it shows in her comments. Her husband should still find her attractive no matter what “size” she is…and a size 4???OMG…I wish I could get a left ass cheek into a size 4, but I’ve had two kids and am hovering between and 8/10 so I guess that means I’m too fat to live….I’m going to have some oreos now, this b*tch is whacked OUT…whatever!

  43. Regina says

    I am 5’2 and i am also around 115 to 116 pounds and a size 4 so i guess i am disgusting and fat according to her standards

  44. Daisy Boo says

    She is stupid, 116 pounds is nothing, I weigh more than that and I certainly ain’t fat, she needs to get over herself

  45. jannet says

    oh WAH for her. she had a beautiful healthy baby boy, but dang it all, she’s “fat” now. oh PULEASE!! she should be proud of her tummy – it helped carry a baby!

    and “fat”? get real … i get being healthy, but you are what you are and you shouldn’t focus on that. focus on your baby and enjoy every minute. they get big and grow up way too fast. trust me!!

  46. LMAO says

    Damn that baby for making her a fat disgusting pig! Perhaps she should of thought of that before getting pregnant!

    Give me a break!

  47. starstruk says

    That’s pathetic. Why not just enjoy your baby and enjoy life with your new baby!!! Forget about your weight, it will come off in time..geez! It’s ONLY been 3 months!

  48. Olive says

    Yeah, 116 pounds and a size 4 is TINY! Come ON!!!!!

    Used to be that a size 7 was considered good. Now we aren’t even supposed to exist…size 0 is the new Holy Grail!

  49. WHATEVER! says

    I think this is a very inappropriate cover story for a magazine. For anyone to be upset at weighing 116 pounds has some major issues and I think it just helps push the “skinny” syndrome upon the youth today. I am sure could have been a better “headline” story US could have used then how some skinny lady is upset with the fact that she does not look like a crack wh*@e since having her baby only 3 months ago!
    Get real!

  50. Amanda says

    This entire atricle makes me sick! 116lbs is disgusting?? What a sick world we live in!! Me 13 year old weighs that much and she is 5’4″ and way way too thin! We wonder why girls have such a complex no days!!

  51. Just me says

    Slow news week on ther Us Weekly front. I’m sorry, but I’m so sick of seeing her. She’s 5-2, 116 and just had a baby three months ago and that’s a bummer? What’s she complaining about?

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