Jacinda Barrett Opens Up About Her Daughter & Losing The Baby Weight

Jacinda Barrett

(In the above photo Jacinda was snapped at the Couture Cares event)

Australian actress Jacinda Barrett, who gave birth to daughter Satine in August, admits there’s no magic pill for losing stubborn baby weight.

Her solution? Exercise and more exercise.

“I had a big girl, she was 10 pounds, so that must have something to do with it,” Jacinda said Tuesday at the Couture Cares benefiting the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center sponsored by Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. “Most of the weight went out with her, but I am exercising – and I exercised the whole way through.”

On top of her time at the gym, Jacinda, 35, says, motherhood itself is plenty active to keep the pounds falling off.

“I’ve just been really looking after the baby and it sort of comes off the way that it comes off, because it’s all related to her, to my child,” Jacinda, 35, said.

As for her favorite part about being a mom, she said: “It’s amazing. Just seeing her everyday, you know. … She’s just started smiling, and it’s just the simplest thing, a smile.”



  1. Peanut's Mom says

    funny, does anyone remember her from the real world on mtv? good to see she has grown up so well…..

  2. Mellynn says

    Finally, someone who has the right idea about how someone should look after having a baby. Now THIS is a role model!! Put her on the cover of US!!!

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