Gretchen Mol & Husband Welcome A Son

Gretchen Mol

(In the above pic Gretchen was photographed with Bridget Moynahan when they were both expecting))

Gretchen Mol and her husband, director Tod Williams, welcomed a son, Ptolemy John Williams, on September 10th, acoording to Gretchen’s rep.

Gretchen, 34, who starred in 2005’s The Notorious Betty Page, most recently appeared in the Russell Crowe western 3:10 to Yuma and the comedy The Ten.

At The Ten’s premiere in July, she said she and Tod, 38, who directed The Door in the Floor, had recently moved back to New York. “I wanted to have a New York baby,” she said.




  1. Karin says

    and I think it doesnt matter what You think about their baby names.. They love it.. They choose it.. So, accept it and dont wonder “why”… :-))

  2. Karin says

    I use to work for Kip long time ago and I am happy to hear he have a family.. Big Congratulations!!! Sorry for English, I live in Czech Republic..

  3. says

    Okay sure its a name with “history”. it´s got roots, way deep roots. But WHY would you want to name your child something that means “aggressive” or “warlike”.

    Gender: Masculine
    Usage: History
    Pronounced: TAHL-e-mee [key]

    From the Greek name ?????????? (Ptolemaios), derived from Greek ????????? (polemeios) meaning “aggressive” or “warlike”. Ptolemy was the name of several Greco-Egyptian rulers of Egypt, all descendents of Ptolemy I, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. This was also the name of a Greek astronomer.

  4. Ginny says

    Honestly, never heard the name Ptolemy? Like “a person” said, Cleopatra’s family… Ancient Egyptian… I thought everyone knew that! Wow, this is rather sad that our society is so disconnected from classical history. So no, 2teens3beans, it’s not made up.

  5. Tiffany says

    Not a very smooth or easily flowing name. I dont know why stars feel like they have to name their children so far out and weird names. That poor poor child when he first learns to write his name. No sounding that name out!!

  6. tempany says

    Someone I used to know always said they would name their first son Ptolemy! This is the only other time i’ve ever heard of it! The ‘P’ is silent – it’s just pronounced Tolemy. x

  7. 2teens3beans says

    Ptolemy? I never heard that one before, must be ptotally made up. I wonder how it would be pronounced? I hope Ptolemy doesn’t get his little ptootie beat up on the playground.

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