Tom, Katie & Suri Depart Manhattan

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom, Katie and Suri were snapped leaving their New York hotel on Saturday. Reportedly, they were on their way to London. Earlier that day, Suri accompanied Katie on a photo shoot for her movie Mad Money at Chelsea Piers.



  1. Rose says

    The Cruise’s are stylishly dressed. But Katie’s pants are always a mile too long. Even when she ran NYC Marathon. Can’t she afford a seamstress?

  2. Kelly says

    I always loved Katie but neve actively followed her career. Tom has just grown on him. I think him a bit crazy but aren’t we all?

  3. Clare says

    I hate Brangelina, I know this is not their thread but I do not like them and I can’t stand pictures of that family. I cannot watch Brad’s movies anymore and I have never watched Angelina Jolie’s because I have never liked her. I do not take her to be a saint and I don’t thank her for her charity because it has given her more than she has given it. Lets face it she would never be this famous with all those adoptions and she would even be more hated if that is possible for wrecking a marriage were it not for those kids. So nope I don’t thank her for anything. Brad (god I hate him now) is a pawn in her game just like those kids.

    On the topic here, I think Suri looks a lot like Katie and laughs like Tom, that winsome smile. She is no average child I agree. She is going to be a heatnbreaker. Beauty can make or break you so I don’t find it such a postive.

    Love the way she is always stylishly dressed though

  4. bethadilla says

    Katie and Tom you have a beautiful family. I am just tired of of people talking bad you. I don’t know you, but have seen enough to you are normal loving parents. This world would be blessed if you guys had another litte Cruise running around.

  5. Lesley says

    Call me negative if you want, but I don’t and never will like Tom Cruise. And I can’t even watch reruns of Dawsons Creek anymore because it’s too depressing. That said, I don’t believe everything I hear about them and I don’t get all the Suri-conspiracy stuff. She seems like a regular cute little kid to me, no better or worse than anyone else’s baby,and she has features from both parents imo.

  6. bambamswife says

    Hi guys, As I always say none of us really know what actually goes on in these people’s lives. Gossip tabs earn money on this stuff, and people believe it? WOW! Don’t you think logically that celebs have to give a lot of money away for income tax purposes? Sure they do. Most of them don’t talk about it like one couple I am sad to say that I can’t stand_ Brad Pitt and the person he is with. I like Tom Cruise and I think Suri looks like Tom and Katie. I think he is a good actor. There is only one thing that I don’t like about people blogging here is when they criticize small little babies. Sure it is a site for opinions, but poor little children? Come on people, a lot of you have to learn to be people. been reading a lot of refreshing comments anymore, and that is so nice.

  7. oriana says

    dori, I see Tom’s facial expressions on Suri sometimes and I do think she favors him a lot. I think as she gets older we will see it more and more, the resemblance.

  8. Gina says

    Dori are you joking? I have seen side by side expressions of Suri and she is so like Katie. She is very beautiful granted and will be beautiful the rest of her life. She is charming too. Her lips and squint is so Tom Cruise.

    You are right on one thing however, I respect Tom for not telling us how much money he is giving whenever he has a movie coming out. I understand wanting people to give but yapping on and on about your donations when you do not even give as much as Britney or Jessica Simpson is simply shameful.

    Oriana there is so much written about Tom Cruise and scientology that I too doubt Morton is going to say anything new. He succeeded with Diana because he worked with her on her book and being a royal, her private life had been kept a secret so there was something new to read. Even then, he betrayed her trust by writing lies about her and this he has admitted. I like reading biographies but I can never stand malicious dishonest people. At least Tom has always been forthright, open and honest and that is what I love about him,

  9. dori says

    Suri is a very cute little girl and they are a happy family but honestly she doesn’t resemble either one of them at all. Not one feature on her face looks like either one of them.

  10. dori says

    I’m sure the Cruises give plenty to charity they just don’t publicize it like the Jolie/ Pitts do. Being an anonymous donor means a lot more then trying to get comgratulations for doing what EVERYONE in hollywood does WITHOUT announcing it.

  11. Shadow Girl says

    Tom’s first PROJECT-er wifey, Mimi Rogers introduced him to it. Funny, he’d studied to be a Catholic priest when he dropped out of high school.

    He sets such a bad example-it’s ok to drop out of high school, he wears braces still at his age, he goes through wives like toilet paper to scratch his fat @ss, he makes such nasty sucky movies. I mean, he’s a midget too, and I bet wears heels all he can. Tom’s the poster child for bipolar disorder and some lithium would work wonders.

    He belongs on the celeb wall of shame.

  12. oriana says

    Malayka, everyone has skeletons in their closet. Everyone!

    There may not be anything new written, just an interesting book about Tom and it will be quite interesting I am sure.

    I wonder if he will give any insight about Tom being introduced to Scientology in the beginning?

  13. Malayka says

    carleigh, thank you for being the voice of reason. Every one including those on this site have had their share of strange things done, why anyone would target someone like Katie who is harmless is beyond me. She looks beautiful and Tom is dshing! I love these two and I was not even a fan of either. Over time I have wondered what wrong they did to anyone. Yes Tom promotes scientology but you cannot burn him for all its ills when there are so many postives about him. He is not promiscious, loves his fans, is polite to every one including rude paps and is clearly an excellent father, there are so many wrecks and dorks in hollywood that Tom Cruise is a saint for all his problems. Morton will not write anything new and is going to waste your money. Tabloids have written whatever he has to write otherwise Tom wouls sue his butt off.

    I am sure Lions for lambs will be a success as am going to see it myself though am not an avid cinema goer. I wish this family the best.

  14. oriana says

    Andrea, these picture are tooooo cute!!!!! And Tommy boy is looking mighty sharp too! How anyone can say Suri doesn’t look like Tom is beyond me!

    Carleigh, yes my Dear you are right! They are a family and a very happy one. I just wish so much that Tom wasn’t involved with Scientology! She isn’t the only child that is spoiled, and she is gorgeous. Who knows,maybe in the future,and anything is possible, things may change, I hope so!!!!

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween with your kids! Are you finished with your school yet? My nephew got accepted to U.C. Santa Cruz starting in Jan.!!! We are happy for him, I hope he can get up on time and go to class!!!!!!

  15. carleigh says

    Oh Oriana I know that celeb’s are interesting…their lives, what they do, how and who they really are…I follow this stuff too! LOL…but I’m just saying to all the negativity out there..there are some valid and positive aspects to TC, Katie and their beautiful baby Suri…the one’s (and I used to soooo be one of the majority here)…who carry negativity and point out every single tiny little flaw just have nothing better to do than to try and spread around and perpetuate their own inner misery…I realize not everyone’s comments are going to be gushy, mushy and positive, but damn all this negativity..take one look at that adorable little girl and say the same thing again! How would others like it if the same hurtful, awful, nasty things were being said about their own parents? Celebs or not….everyone has feelings. JMHO

  16. oriana says

    Carleigh, yes, they are a family and a happy family at that, but Tom is just so interesting a personality and I am sure Andrew Morton had to do lots of research for his book. I am just too curious to not read it, curious and nosey!

  17. carleigh says

    Oh and we all know just how accurate Andrew Morton’s books are notorious for being now don’t we??? Leave them alone already, who cares how they dress, who cares whether or not TC gives to charity or not…they are a FAMILY, spending time with each other…doesn’t that count for far more than all the gossip?? I would think that these two having been together for what almost 3 years gosh, they are by all appearances a very happy little family…and isn’t that the only thing the public really has to judge from is “appearances”. Leave them alone! I’m quite sure Britney is going to be doing something stupid in the next 5 minutes or so….moving along to more interesting train wrecks….all aboard the Britney Parade, train wreck leaving shortly!

  18. oriana says

    Tom doesn’t look Fat to me, he looks like he has lost weight. And where has there ever been any positive proof he is Gay? I would love to see it! I am not arguing that he isn’t, or bi-sexual at least, prob half of Hollywood is, but where is the actual proof?

  19. Shadow Girl says

    Mm hmm, whatever, pro Crude weirdos. I can’t wait until Suri grows up and writes a tell all… unless her “daddy” shoots it down and confronts her with half a zillion yes men, aka lawyers. That might happen to Kidman if she does decide to write a book. I know she likes to write too. More power to her!

    The gay fat midget waddles off to Europe or somewhere else, to browse out the local male stripper joints… he’s SO gay.

  20. Blair says

    Not the best picture of Suri, but everyone knows that she is adorable! Always so well dressed too! She’s such the little fashionista, Katie always has her dressed like a doll!

  21. Melissa says

    Katie is a great mom…unlike BSpears…I look forward to pics of Suri..She’s growing before our eyes and becoming more charming han ever.

  22. lily says

    Everybody knows Tom Cruise spent so much money for a wedding, for a house and for an airplane, as well as parties for celebrities. I never heard of him donating anything to charities or helping the poor. This is my opinion, and everyone can have their own opinion

  23. says

    so now only those with positive comments KNOW the cruise family

    Its a gossip site get over yourself and write your comment and leave..anyone can write whatever they wish…in whatever gibberish they want…

  24. Daisy Boo says

    Suri sure is a doll, absolutely beautiful little girl…but then again what do you expect from two gorgeous parents?!

  25. 2teens3beans says

    As much as I dislike Tom, I have to admit he is a sharp dresser. Katie looks absolutely lovely and Suri is a doll in her red coat. Red is definitely her color.

  26. Zbella says

    No doubt any of us would look as stylish with millions to spend! Well, she has it! Anyway, it didn’t help Britney any. 🙂 Katie does look radiant. Suri is adorable. Tom – I agree, big dork!

  27. annie says

    I have a question. Why does Tom Cruise feel the need to have Suri photographed all the time? As I recall, we never saw pictures of Isabella and Conor. What does he have to prove? Just wondering …

  28. luckylee13 says

    i don’t seem to remember katie being so “stylish” before she became involved with tom cruise. i’d like to see how she’d look without all his money to spend. their whole image seems a little too forced.

  29. oriana says

    Tom is very stylish and looking younger every day. This is a very good looking family and I love Suri’s Red coat! She is definately the best dressed celeb baby. I am against all the spoiling and no discipline but no doubt she is very much loved!!!

  30. amy says

    Umm, Lily? Can you type? If not, don’t feel the need to comment, especially on people that we know nothing about. The media can put any kind of spin they want on certain celebrities. Someone got pissed at TC and tried to destroy his reputation. I, for one, believe nothing that has been said about him, or anyone else. They are only human. Is anyone reading this perfect? Would you like having a camera in your face every minute?

  31. Cathi says

    nothing wrong with carrying your child around. with all the media and who knows what weirdos/stalkers are out there, i don’t blame them. i also don’t see anything wrong with suri still on the bottle. she is not even 2 yet. just a baby.

  32. lily says

    We don’t like this family. their spent so much money for theim, their only care about celebrities not help poor people, I wish their can do like Angelina & Brad, We don’t to see him movie.

  33. Martha says

    One thing I have to say for Katie is even though her life with Tom is what I would call weird, at least she takes care of her child. There is no doubt that Katie loves Suri to pieces. Britney, take a lesson!!

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