The Christening Of Princess Ariane Of The Netherlands

Princess Ariane

Princess Ariane

Princess Ariane

Princess Ariane

Some 850 guests packed into the Klooster church in The Hague on Saturday to celebrate the christening of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima’s third daughter Ariane. The six-month old princess was the picture of composure until the moment of her baptism when she let out a hearty wail which prompted a sympathetic look from her mother.

Ariane’s older sisters Amalia, three, and two-year-old Alexia, who were dressed in matching pink frocks and purple capes, enjoyed playing with their one-year-old cousin Countess Leonore.




  1. Marina says

    I LOVE Amalia !!!!!
    She is such a cutie since she was born.
    Alexia and Ariana are cute as well, but Amalia is my favorite

  2. Neda says

    Awww, I really love that 3rd photograph! It really captures the essence of childhood. Fun and carefree! Cutie Pies, all of them! 🙂

  3. kt says

    I love the royalty stuff too. I hope we can see more of it. There are so many beautiful families…Rania (of Jordan), Marie Chantel (of Greece), etc…I love seeing them, super classy, with their beautiful children and fancy lifestyles. it’s totally a fairy tale!!! FUN!

  4. Elsa says

    Cynthia, I agree w/ you. I know many don’t like the royals (consider them good for nothing.) Well, we have enough about celebs who are good for nothing! 🙂 These pictuers do remind you of a fairy tale. I LOVE the royal Christening gowns.

  5. Cynthia says

    I love to see the royal babies and their parents. They are so very elegant in attire. It is like a dream.

  6. Starkiddie says

    Awww! I just love their royal family. These girls are just so precious in their formal outfits, especially on the pic with their Daddy Willem-Alexander. The oldest girl is a copy of her dad (a bit too chunky ;( ). Mom Maxima is the embodiment of composure – when my aughter cried her heart out during her baptism, I was such a nervous wreck that I just wanted to take her away as far from the curch as possible…

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