Laura Bailey Expecting Her Second Child

Laura Bailey 

Laura Bailey is pregnant with her second child.

The long-term face of Marks & Spencer womenswear is due to give birth next year, and broke the news to friends and family last week.

‘Laura is delighted,’ a friend revealed. ‘She can’t wait to have another child. Her first, Luc, is nearly three so she feels the time is right.’

The 35-year-old model has been with her partner, Eric Fellner, for six years and those close the couple claim he’s over the moon at the news.

‘They are very stable and happy together and overjoyed that she is pregnant again,’ added a close family friend.

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  1. Eire says

    Let’s see :::thinking about it:::: You English people get way too offended. Is that better? You may want to be a little less defensive and dramatic.

  2. Daisy Boo says

    Eire, I’m perfectly fine thankyou very much, it’s the way you said it.
    You may want to think before you speak next time.

  3. Eire says

    I couldn’t be calmer, you are the one freaking out and somehow interpreting “you English people” into “you inbreds”. I think you have bigger issues to worry about. good luck with that

  4. Eire says

    see what I mean? wayyy too offended
    If you said “you American people” I wouldn’t give a shit. Relax, stop taking everything so personally

  5. Winter says

    It kind of annoys me that when the site has a piece on somebody who is not well known in the states or further afield we get loads of comments like “who is she” etc… when the article clearly tells you who she is. I am English and quite often I don’t have a bloody clue who some of these people are but they are obviously well known from tv shows etc.. in the States so I don’t comment. Its called the World Wide Web you know!

  6. Janessa says

    I am unfamiliar with her as well but after taking 5 seconds to read the accompanying copy, I learned that she is a model and the long time face of Marks & Spencer. I’m sure she is very well known to our friends in the UK.

    She is beautiful.

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