Kelly Rutherford & Son

Kelly Rutherford 

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly, 38, brought her son Hermés (who turned one on October 18th) with her to the Saks Fifth Avenue Kicks Off “Key To The Cure” To Benefit EIF

Kelly plays Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. I have gotten hooked on Gossip Girl….it is definitely a guilty pleasure! I know that I probably shouldn’t be watching it as I am not a highschool girl, but it definitely succeeds in making 90210 look very unsophisticated!


  1. shelby says

    think it’s pronounced “air-mez”, however you say it it’s a stupid name for a kid. naming him after an expensive scarf…..

  2. Wowza says

    Who names their kid after a designer? OMG! Totally silly. What’s she gonna name her next kid? Cavalli or Prada?

  3. Daisy Boo says

    It’s just the way it’s spelt, no one will look at that name and think it’s pronounced ‘Air May’…it may very well be that but the mother could have at least spelt it differently, that poor child will get tortured at school….Herpes here we come!

  4. 2teens3beans says

    Yes, but even if it’s prounounced Air-May… how many people will say it that way? Daisy Boo is right, most poeple would look at that name and prounounce it as if it rhymes with herpes.

  5. Jessie says

    He is so cute. I totally laughed when I saw Daisy Boo’s comment. I agree, but if you do pronounce it Air-May like 2teens3beans said, then whew! That’s good.

  6. scoobs says

    lol daisy boo exactly what I was thinking, you just know kids are gonna tease the poor soul in school, I wish mothers would think more about their name choices

  7. 2teens3beans says

    It doesn’t sound like herpes because you don’t pronounce it that way. I think it’s pronounced Air-May.

  8. Janessa says

    She actually looks better here than she does in some scenes on Gossip Girl. The hair/make up/lighting on that show is pretty low rent. I imagine it’s because they don’t have a huge budget. I admit to watching GG since the first episode, though I’m not sure why, as it seems to be getting worse than better. I guess I feel like I have to stick with it now, regardless of how bad I think it is, LOL.

    Hermes is quite the sophisticated name for a little guy. 🙂

  9. Nicki says

    I like Kelly. I loved her on Melrose Place. I will check out the Gossip Girls.
    Her little boy is so cute. I think Kelly looks great here.

  10. Martha says

    She has natural beauty although it’s strange seeing someone on tv with no concealer under her eyes or heavy make up to cover the flaws. Her hair is dull/flat. I don’t know if I should cringe or applaud her for being so real. I’m not criticizing her, just pointing out the obvious.

  11. DMITZ says

    Gossip Girl is kind of addicting! I caught a few back to back episodes and couldn’t tear myself away from the tv.

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