Denise Richards & Her Girls Dress Up For Halloween

Denise Richards

Denise was snapped taking Sam, 3 1/2, and Lola, 2 1/2, and to a Halloween party at one of their friend’s houses in Beverly Hills.

I love their costumes!



  1. oriana says

    Tia, You are still just a baby! I bet you are really pretty too! Hope you have a good weekend coming up!!!!

  2. Peanut's Mom says

    does she call the paparazzi and tell them, hey, come to my friends house? I just don’t get why she is at all these not so public places and there are pictures of her smiling and posing for the camera. Give your poor kids a break. If you were their mom, wouldn’t you take a look at some of these pictures and figure, wow, maybe my kids don’t like having lights and cameras and screaming paparazzi in their faces all the time? I’m sorry, maybe she’s a nice person, I know nothing about her and shouldn’t judge but it just make me sad!

  3. Deenah says

    The one in the yellow dress looks or reminds me of her dad.Is the one in the yellow snow white dress Sam.

  4. Janessa says

    DMITZ’s post is correct. It is a fact that she has one-on-one relationships with the paps and magazines and gets money for her posed pictures. Even the so-called candid, off guard pics of these 3 are completely set up and planned. She calls them ahead of time, she gets paid by the papparazzi, the papparazzi get paid from the magazine companies and the magazine companies get paid from us when we buy those 10s of 1000s of magazines every week. It’s a win win situation for all of them. All of them except those 2 girls. Nice.

  5. Janessa says

    Can I day go by when Denise Richards ISN’T posing for the paps with her kids?


    Didn’t think so. Maybe when hell freezes over.

  6. oriana says

    DMITZ, I did hear an interview on TV and she got $10,000 once from a photo op at the Park! Just at the Park! Can you imagine when it is someplace fancy? I just really don’t like her but she is very beautiful to me!

    #34, I am 60 as of March 4th.!!

    Sandra, I don’t have anyone down there, a friend that is a Travel Agent there but no family, but I love San Diego!

    It will be nice to have your home back with your immediate family. There is a difference in the atmosphere and more comfy! Glad you got your Mom settled okay.

  7. DMITZ says

    I read somewhere that she calls the paps and sets pictures up. I wonder if she gets money from any of these mags. Charlie even said that about her.

    I wouldn’t doubt it!

  8. Sandra says


    Yes it seems like forever ago since I have had an infant in my house. Now that this little bean can crawl, now I know why I don’t have an infant in the house!! LMAO! She is a sweety though! I love her to pieces!

    My mom found a place on Saturday. She will move out the first or second weekend of Nov!! We will have our house back again and be a family!!! Oh well it will feel very strange not having her here daily, I think I will get lonely why the hubby is at work! Have a great evening! I hope you don’t have family down by the fires. I have a friend who might have to evacuate. ;o(

  9. Blair says

    Sara-I wasn’t suggesting that Denise send her kids in dress up clothes dor that party. I said it’s what I would do for my own kids, & that she might be doing something similar here.

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    People are talking about wearing curlers, etc. in their hair, things that are well before my time. I hope it’s not rude to ask, but I’m curious. How old are you all?

  11. Sara says

    Blair: For the average person buying more than one costume would be too expensive, so sending them in dress up clothes might be the better way to go. But I don’t think that excuse cuts it with a celebrity. I’m sure Denise can afford to buy more than one costume.

    And I think the girls always look unkepmt and unhappy. They don’t seem to enjoy parading in front of the cameras nearly as much as their mother does.

  12. oriana says

    I personally have thought for a long time these kids are going to have problems, if not already. Sam hardly ever smiles, they are always sucking their thumbs, and Denise is a mess, and just how big of a mess is coming out more and more! Charlie is a whore dog but he seems happy and appears to be settled now.

    I think Denise is a total fake! I still can’t figure out where she gets her money! Surely Charlie hasn’t paid her that much money! She lives in a gorgeous home, shops all the time, and what movie has she been in lately?

  13. Blair says

    To be fair, you did say you wanted to give them a hug to make them feel better, but as I have stated above, none of my comments in the original post were directed at you, so obviously that doesn’t count.

  14. Blair says

    BTW Mellyn- you say “It’s not a big leap to worry about their emotional well being.” LOL. Can you please show me where (before my original post which is number 19) anyone said anything to express concern for the girls emotional well being? Seriously! Because I don’t think making fun of them, calling them names such as “homely”, and “sloppy”, or criticizing their outfits is good for their self-esteem.

  15. Blair says


    I wasn’t actually directing any of my comments at you, so it is quite funny that you are the only one so far to have gotten defensive with me! To be truthful, I was talking more to commenters such as numbers
    1-who called sam scary
    2-who called the girls “sloppy”
    3-who called sam “homely”
    And FYI-defending them is not judgemental on my part, but I will be the adult here unlike you and I will not stoop to your level, telling you to “back your shit off”. (Even though it would be suiting)

  16. oriana says

    Mellynn, I had a ponytail, and braids!!! All of it! Oh Dear, I could be your mother!!!! I am OLD!!!!! Poor Me!!!!!

  17. Mellynn says

    Oriana, yep, I’m old enough for those sponge rollers. My mom’s theory was our hair had to be curled; otherwise, it was ponytails or braids. She hates today’s stick-straight styles, lol.

  18. Mellynn says

    Blair, no one was attacking the kids! Untwist your panties, geez. Given everything that these kids have been through with their obviously immature parents (and this, BTW, is fact because their COURT DOCUMENTS are public record, duh), it’s not a big leap to worry about their emotional well-being, especially since they are rarely photographed smiling or laughing.

    Why don’t YOU stop being so judgemental and back your shit off?

  19. oriana says

    Well Sandra honey, sounds like it is going thru your whole family? Did you find a place for your Mom or still looking? I just could not babysit for babies that young, don’t have the energy for it!

    Had a quiet weekend, watched Sci Fi channel and slept! Lazy!!!! I am watching now about the fires in San Diego, just terrible!!!!!

  20. Sandra says

    Oriana Yup I am feeling better! Of course my husband is now sick and my son is still sick! When I babysit I am babysitting a 7 month old, I almost think is worse than a toddler!! LOL How was your weekend??

  21. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    My girls are only 2 1/2 and 14 months, so I don’t take them trick-or-treating. My husband and I take them to a harvest party; we didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween. Additionally, we don’t live in an area conducive to treking on the streets and alleyways late at night.

  22. oriana says

    Sandra, my Dear, No sitting down with a child (toddler) in the house! They can always find something to get into! Glad you are feeling better!

  23. oriana says

    Mellynn, I had to laugh at the thought of you being old enough to wear those big pink sponge rollers! Ha! I had to wear the hard plastic ones that stuck in your head! Torture! And why I don’t know! My hair was naturally curly to begin with!!

  24. Blair says

    You are all insane! These little girls are precious, so get real and stop with the judgemental sh** already! You claim to be parents but say the stupidest crap which implies you have no real knowledge of what that really entails. I will admit, that they look a little sloppy….but did you ever think that maaaaayybeee, just maybe…..the girls picked their own costumes out and perhaps that’s why? It’s entirely possible. Second, it is also very likely that these are not their real costumes, the ones that they will actually wear on halloween night. Whenever my kids are invited to a halloween party, before the real halloween day, I dress them for that party in dress up clothes instead of their realhalloween costume. This way, if they spill punch or something at the party, their real costume will still be pristine, presentable and picture ready for halloween night. Makes perfect sense, really and the kids don’t mind, they just love dressing up in general! They don’t even know the difference, if you tell them it’s a dress-up party, instead of a halloween party. Anyways who cares if the colors on their outfits match? They are 2 of the cutest little girls and can certainly pull it off! And encouraging creativity is sets a better example, than the message that vanity is the most important thing in the world. And why do people pick on Sam? She is gorgeous and apprears happy to me! Leave them alone, already. How sad it is when a bunch of so called grown ups are picking on innocent toddlers for no reason. If you dislike their parents, fine, but leave the kids out of it.

  25. Mellynn says

    Good point, ME. They do look rather unkempt, but I also come from a mother who made me sleep in sponge curlers every night of my youth, so…..

    But they DO NOT look happy. When you think about it, how could they? All that crap going on in their lives? Makes you wanna give them a hug, doesn’t it?

  26. me says

    Of all the hundreds of times these children have been paraded before a camera, do they ever looked happy or groomed?

  27. Mellynn says

    Lyn, I was going to say the same thing…Denise isn’t wearing a costume!!

    The kids looks cute, though. Am I the only one who thinks they both look like Charlie?

  28. Sandra says

    Hi Oriana how are you doing today??? I am babysitting today so she is keeping me chasing after her. And to think I thought I had my house baby proofed!!! Jeez

  29. annie says

    Denise is always trotting those kids out in front of the cameras. You’d think she could give them some privacy.

  30. Jacquie says

    Here here #4 Bon Jovi rocks!

    I too have assemble more put together costumes for my 3 girls, and I’m flat a** broke 😉

  31. lyn says

    denise has her costume right. she’s a witch. the girls are cute. but seriously with all the money she has that’s the best she can do? i make less and can dress better then that

  32. oriana says

    I actually like this picture of the Sam, she is getting cuter to me but the little one is so lovable, looks like Denise’s mother. I hope she is doing better and not in pain.

  33. Elsa says

    All their $ and this is the best they can do? Sorry, my kid looks a heck of a lot better on Halloween and I have much less cash.

  34. Cathi says

    i think the girls look sloppy….

    mint green flip flops with a red and hunter green cheerleader outfit? the yellow “belle” dress could be cute if it wasn’t frayed at the bottom and if it wasn’t paired with purple shoes and hot pink tiara. i’m surprised that denise couldn’t pull these outfits together.

  35. Starkiddie says

    Both her girls are very pretty (not necessarily in that pic), although Sam clearly takes after her Dad Charlie. Too bad they have to witness all their ugly divorce & custody battles!

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