Catherine Zeta-Jones Glows At Charity Screening Of Her New Movie

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were snapped at a charity screening of her new movie, A Fine Romance, on Saturday.

Catherine, who hosted the event, looked amazing in an emerald gown and elegant up-do!



  1. Cindy says

    People at “Hello” magazine (the source for the text that goes with the photo) are clueless. “A Fine Romance” is NOT the name of a film. It’s the name for the CHARITY event that Catherine hosts and sings in every year (this is its 3rd year in existence). It benefits the Motion Picture and TV Fund, which is a charity both Michael and Catherine support throughout every year. It’s the same charity that benefits from the annual Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament.

  2. oriana says

    I really think he is a good father and husband, he has learned from his past mistakes and I think this is a real love match! Good for them!

  3. Nicki says

    She is so beautiful. She looks stunning.
    Her hubby I don’t care too much for, but she seems happy with him.

  4. nroman says

    she looks stunningly gorgeous!
    i think she loves him,you can say that from candid pics.
    and yes kia they realy do charities and michael douglas is the imprtant person in UN and kogi anan is big friend of him because of his charitis for UN.
    don’t forget their payments to clinton’s fund,he is also a big friend of michael for his good works.

  5. kia says

    amy you are such a lame,she built a children hospital in walse,he paid 1 milion $ for katrina,1/5 milion $ for tsunami,300 000 $ for shirin ebadi’s charity and………..
    they just don’t scream their charities because they don’t want publicity ok?

  6. amy says

    They are very rich but they are like a hungry machine for money. They are very selfish movie stars and a poor example. We never hear of them doing anything charitable – this young woman married an older man just for his money and power, and she looks very foolish

  7. back says

    how many kids this for sure SEXY SEXY SEXY woman has?why there isn’t candid pics of her childres?

  8. mishka says

    she ‘s suche pretty and classy mum,i want see from her kids more,they ‘re cuties.
    i love the name carys zeta,too classy.

  9. Cynthia says

    I agree one lucky old man. She is a beauty and very elegant along with being candid about life.

  10. daisy says

    i thought this was a baby blog.

    Sure, we know Catherine is beautiful, but why the hell is she here?

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