Britney Reunited With Her Boys

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has regained visitation rights of her sons, Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

Britney was spotted on Saturday driving with her children in Studio City, Calif., in her white Mercedes convertible, which was decorated with pumpkins on the dashboard.

A presumed court-appointed monitor was seated in the front seat, with her sons in the rear.

On Wednesday, L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon had temporarily suspended her visitation rights. A source close to Britey told People magazine that the judge removed her rights after she was unreachable by a cell phone designated for court-related scheduling.

On Thursday, Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said he expected Britney would get visitation reinstated soon because “she has complied with the part of the order causing the suspension.”

Lawyers for both sides did not respond to calls for comment.

Britney and Kevin are both required to show up for their next hearing on October 26th.

OMG! Why did she plump up her lips!? Has a celebrity EVER looked better after having had their lips plumped!?



  1. Melissa says

    Brittney’s starting to look like Rosie O Donnell. She got her lips injected so they can look like her fatasss ok. lol I’m sorry comeback just aint gonna happen. Your washed up, used up, and just plain disguisting.

  2. Genevieve says

    why would she plump her lips?? Its disgusting.
    Glad she gain visitation rights, maybe now she’s “growing” up.

  3. patti says

    Good Luck Brit keep it up and maybe someday the boys can be real proud and say hey that is my mom. I know you can do it you just have to want to

  4. oriana says

    Well, the percentage of people voted 71% of No Way would they buy her new album and I am one of the 71%!!

    Actually, I wouldn’t want it given to me for Free!

  5. oriana says

    Britney has a nasal voice, she is not even in the same league as Christina, she doesn’t have a good voice at all. She is a better dancer than singer, at least when she isn’t walking and stumbling all over the place! I really think her career will never be the same! And Celine outshines all of them!

  6. Lauren says

    Jayden always looks so scared and skittish around Britney. Can’t say I blame him! ew. her lips look gross.

  7. oriana says

    Why my comment is awaiting moderation is stupid!

    And of course Any song that starts off with “It’s Britney, B@@tch would just have to Wonderful! I am sure Celine’s new CD, says “It’s Celine, B@@@ch” also!!!!

  8. oriana says

    This Disorder does fit her perfectly! She flip flops from hotel to hotel and owns two mansions! Look at her awful looking hair with those wigs, she can afford better than that! She looks like a clown with those lips, Elvis is right! That was funny to me! Although nothing funny about her, she even looks like some smells bad and doesn’t bathe!

    I don’t see her mother’s presence helping her very much. She is sick and I think she knows it, she is not acting rational and hasn’t for a long time.

  9. oriana says

    kim, I am going to read up on this Disorder! I have never heard of it before.

    To rain: sounds like you are a good Mom to me!!! You are so young, try to get a good education and you and your kids will benefit from it. I wish you well my dear!

  10. Rain says

    Well I myself single mother thinks she gives young moms bad rap. I’m only 22 and i have a 3 year old son and one on the way but still a single mom and a few things i have read in mags and so fourth portray her to be a horrible mom i honestly think she is. I am not the greatest mom but I am by far a bad one. I live in the projects make min wage and still my baby smiles everyday and says to me “mommie you’re the bestest” I think if she was dirt poor she may be a better mother it has alot to do with the fact that she has so much money and her crazy act would totally disappear.

  11. kim--original kim says

    Somebody suggested that she has Histrionic Personality Disorder… I looked it up and read about it, and YES! I think she’s got it.
    Those poor little boys. She is a nightmare, and I am SO sick of her! The constant coffee trips, shopping, hotel stays, etc. I wish everyone was over her already…she would absolutely wither up and die without those cameras on her daily.

  12. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    Her Lips…………………That’s what happens when your mouthing dildo’s all day…Damn as much as she does it no wonder why her lips look like that. She also had a big dose of Botox the other day.

  13. oriana says

    When is the Judge going to get fed up with her? I think she has been given chances upon chances and shown zero respect for the laws of the Court.

  14. alyce says

    Her boys always look miserable in pictures with her. And I read somewhere there haven’t been any drug test results forwarded to the court yet. I’m afraid the s**t’s going to hit the fan on Friday.

  15. DMITZ says

    I saw a video last night on perezhilton and she looked so studid covering her mouth. You could tell she was shy and embarrassed about the way she looked – so why do it in the first place? And the way she was talking to the paps, this girl actually thinks they like her! They are making fun of her…

  16. phnxgirl says

    My goodness, she is just not pretty at all anymore. As for who’s fault is whos. Kfed may have abandoned his kids, but it wasn’t like Britney was saying, no you should really stay with Shar. She knew what she was getting into. Neither one of them is a peach. I feel for the kids.

  17. oriana says

    I know the doctors can put that stuff in to make the lips puffy, but can they take it back out? How long before the lips go back down normally? Doesn’t it hurt to have it done?

  18. Mellynn says


    Let’s see…I hear that I have lost visitation rights to my sons because of my own stupidy and lies. What shall I do? Ummmmmmmmm….get my lips done for a little pick-me-up? Perfect!!! What a perfect way to commemorate yet another unbelievably crappy day in my unbelievably crappy existence….oh, if I could just lay off the blow….

    Britney, dear, if you wanted to improve your apprearance, you should start with a good pair of granny panties!!!

  19. Sara says

    It doesn’t matter whether Kevin had ulterior motives or not, if she had acted like a good, responsible, mature mother he never would have been able to get full custody of the kids. He did not do this to her, she did this to herself. She handed those kids to him on a silver platter. She has no one to blame for the mess of her life but herself.

  20. 2teens3beans says

    She finally gets visitation restored and decides to pack her boys in the car for a Starbucks run? Is it just me or does that make no sense? She has the state social worker there judging her every move… she should stay home and mother them for cripes sake!

  21. oriana says

    The little one always looks like he is crying to me! He doesn’t seem like a happy baby at all. Sad!

  22. Elsa says

    K-Fed may not be Prince Charming, but Brit has made her own bed. Perhaps she should invest in some panties and stop clubbing every night if she is really committed to her children.

  23. Cathi says

    cynthia…i agree. kfed took her for a ride and is still doing it. he is not a good father. he left his first baby and shar when she was pregnant with his second child! he met brit and realized that he could have it all. money and fame. now i think the only reason he wants “custody” is for more money. if he has custody he will have control over the boys money which comes from brit. he cannot be a good father because he is never home. those boys are left with nannies. he is out partying. why can’t the judge see that?

  24. Cynthia says

    This is the fist time I am writing a comment, but have been thinking for a long while that, alot of her issues come from the crazy media attention. Also, I am sure KFED took her for a ride and she never even knew it. I think she really wanted to be married and settled with children.

    I actually really do love her new song, GIMME….

  25. Cathi says

    she should have a driver. she has no business being behind the wheel of a car. that is just scary.

    her hair looks dreadful as usual, and so does her skin.

    i hope she pulls out of this. she needs to go to reahab. she needs help.

  26. Yep says

    Gosh, I thought she had a suspended license? And the lips. Awful. But man, she looks like a meth addict. Seriously, this is such a sad example of really bad choices in her life.

  27. jane says

    Well, one thing is for sure..all the “drama” about visitation sure keeps her in the headlines..Would we even know if it were any one other then her?..Of course not, ths is why she does it…JMO

  28. Cathi says

    yea, i agree about the lips. not a fan of that at all. when meg ryan did it, i thought she looked sooo bad. why isn’t it alright to have normal lips. i don’t get it.

    but i am happy that she has visitation again. i feel bad for those boys. they must miss her terribly.

  29. DMITZ says

    I don’t know either, it looks ridiculous. Jessica Simpson was way prettier before it. Didn’t Britney catch that? She looks stupid.

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