1. Janessa says

    Tom always holds Suri like he is presenting her, same with the way he walks with Katie in front of him with his one hand on hers in the front and the other behind her back. It’s like he’s presenting them or offering them up, very bizarre.

    And Squinty Suri = Blind Suri.

    And for those of you using the words ‘hot’ and such to describe Tom, that ship has sailed, IMO.

  2. say-u-see-me says

    #24bambam is absolutey right,isupport her comments.from the very first beginning with the relationship they were honest,they never denied pregnancy,they were open to everything,but still they were critizised,when they kept the baby for non publicity,negative comments even got worse.I think they are wonderful family.he is loving man of all causes and much to any tom,katie,suri and the rests of his family

  3. oriana says

    I myself have wondered many times how Tom could get caught up in this mess! He is very smart, and I think a good person, but I think, now, too many years involved in this and powerful people keeping him grounded in it. Very sad to me!

  4. stephsw5 says

    Scientologist believe that children BORN into Scientogology are “better” than other children. wonder how he truly feels about his adopted children? it baffles me too, that someone who seemed to be as smart as tom, got caught up in a religion created by a man who wrote fictional books about aliens! and sadly, i believe katie will do whatever tom asks of her. she is young and infatuated and i believe that was his plan in marrying her to begin with. a young girl in love with the IDEA of him who he could mold into anything he wants. shes only in here 20s. still a baby herself!

  5. oriana says

    Elsa, I think she has embraced because of Tom, but I think as Suri gets older, and she is expected to go thru all the training they require, she may rebel. I know with her strong Catholic background it surely will be difficult for her!

    Joyce, how funny! Public Enemy #1!!!!!! Well, guess Lola, Essie and Nusiance “N” will agree when it comes to me and MA!

  6. Elsa says

    Oriana I disagree…Katie seems to have embraced Scientology. Nicole seemed to fight it and now look where her kids are. Can’t wait for her Tell all some day… actually, both of theirs…LOL

  7. Joyce says

    Ma Barker was public enemy no. 1 in the Midwest. She was the main support of her sons, so she turned to crime and so did her sons. She was killed in 1935 in Florida. They were know as the Ma Barker gang.

  8. oriana says

    Oh I am sure Nicole would have PLENTY to say if she didn’t have to worry about being sued! I don’t see Katie letting Suri go away to the Scientology training camps like the two older kids go, I just don’t see Katie being happy about that!

  9. Tracey says

    Just a comment about Suri wearing no shoes. I have a 19mth old, and he loves taking his shoes and socks of. Dosen’t matter if it’s cold outside. He especially does it in the car. So leave poor Suri alone, she’s a toddler !!!

  10. stephsw5 says

    i feel sorry for Suri. AND katie. both of them growing up with a man who believes himself to be a “god”. i loved tom before his Scientology days, but now he is just plain weird and he has turned our sweet katie into one as well. i hope those two lovely girls get out while they are still young. (and if you dont believe me about the “god” thing, look up Scientology and read about it! its very scary!)

    and about nicole. the reason she has been “silent” after her divorce from tom was because she was forced into signing a gag order for a certain number of years after their divorce.

  11. Elsa says

    It’s very warm right about now on the East coast. Don’t worry about Suri catching cold w/ no shoes. LOL

  12. oriana says

    Deeds, Thank you my Dear! Just for you, I will not buy any more green sheets! Only bright pretty colors from now on!!!!!!

  13. Deeds says

    Suri is such a doll. Back off Oriana. She’s the only person on any thread that is funny and can hold her own. How she ever got Nicki to back off her I’ll never know. Did anybody notice that there is a pair of Angelina Jolie lips in the top right hand corner of the first pic?

  14. daisy says

    Someone said Suri is well dressed. I was just thinking that the other day – I love the clothes Katie puts on her. Adorable, fun, and at times classic.
    I think she is the cutest dressed celeb baby, for my taste.

    I’m going to make that peanut butter fudge, too – whomever posted it, thanks!

  15. oriana says

    Andrea, Thank you my Dear! Oh the Peanut Butter Cheese Fudge recipe looks yummy too! I will try them both this Saturday, I’ll let you know for sure!!!!!!

  16. Shadow Girl says

    Never boring on here, that’s for sure. Just catching up.

    Lovely how I once thought $cieno was dealing with the science(REAL) science of the Bible.

    Scifi freaks, come on over! $cien should advertise that it’s open to all gullible people. If u got lots of money and don’t want to belong to a “common” church or temple or mosque, etc, then come and get gypped! If you’re brainwashed, you won’t know you’ve been screwed until you’re dead!

    FYI-all natural boob juice passes the mother’s antibodies to certain diseases on to her child. Let’s see any other faux concoction do that.

    Looks like the midget is apparently on the east coast. I’d just love to scream at his sorry face like I would if I saw Britney Spears anywhere. Or Paris Hilton. Crude needs to be tasered and given a big old healthy dose of Kaopectate. >:)

  17. D'Anna says

    I love her little feet! I’ve got a three year old that still throws off his shoes and socks any chance he gets. Nobody criticizes me because I always explain that I put them on before he left. If he walks, we put them back on before we go anywhere. Celebrities don’t have that kind of time to explain or hurry up and put on shoes before the paparazzi starts and then we get stupid snarky comments.

  18. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    Thanks Mia…i agree…i do love when you are on here…you say it like it is! hahaha!

  19. oriana says

    And I don’t know WHAT is stuck up Miss Lola’s rear end to mouth off about me like she does!!! I haven’t done a damn thing to her!!!

  20. oriana says

    Hands Down, Princess Leonor and Sofia are two of the cutest kids and best dressed I have ever seen! They are precious! Katie dresses Suri a lot like them, and I love seeing a little girl dressed like a little girl, they grow up so fast!! I love her Red coat and the silver shoes are lovely!

  21. Jillian says

    Of course people have opinions but judging children is horrible. Who cares if Suri is “average looking? or what her feet look like? She is an innocent child. I think if people are going to criticize childrens appearances, there is something seriously wrong. All children are beautiful in their own way. Why cant we focus on this?

  22. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    N- Stop talking about me! you are obsessed! leave me the hell alone, and i’ll leave you the hell alone!

  23. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    hahaha Oriana! Thanks for sticking up for me!

    i actually think i DO have a recipe for peaunt butter fudge!! let me get back to you on that one!

  24. oriana says

    Ladies, do any of you have an easy recipe for Peanut Butter fudge? I want to make some for a Halloween party for some Special Olympics groups.

  25. oriana says

    Mia, you and I have not always agreed on everything but I have enough sense to see clearly you are highly educated and do know what you are talking about when you speak on a subject, lots of subjects! I have learned a lot from you and I enjoy you. I even learned more about breast cancer a few months ago I didn’t know. Why Nuisance “N” has to throw up Tia’s name all the time I don’t understand. I think she is obsessed with her to some degree.

  26. says

    Enjoy Hubbard, I am sure you can retain you rcommon sense enough to come out oh Ginger is just another jackie or jackie ..they have teh smae MO..pick our someone and keep going on and on and on…sorry but if I see someone goign after someon irrespective of wether I happen to like them or not I will speak up about it….I always wondered how scientology could exist…if they had only folk sllike me, they wouldnt but with some of the goupies, its seems hubbards dream of using celebs is coming ot fruition

    ciao..time to have fun

  27. oriana says

    Sorry to all you young gals out there, I forgot you are way too young to know who Ma Barker was. She was an Outlaw who was the Leader of a Gang back in the Wild West days!

  28. says

    N…I have never attacked anyone unless they go attacking others…go back to every post and learn…and this is an opinion one should shut up…everyone please talk talk talk….And no one shoudl tell another what to think..some of you have control issues, I wonder how you can take out your domineering roles in your fmaily that is willing to TOLERATE you to complete strangers..find a mirror and then thank your families for putting up with your crazy behinds

  29. oriana says

    Andrea, love the picture, Tom is looking younger to me! There may something to this Alien business after all! Since I am so OLD and washed up, I may check into this further, Sorry Mia, I may have to go over to the Other Side and join Hubbard!!!!!

  30. oriana says

    Well “N” once again shows her ignorance!!!!! To all the super sharp amazing funny and intelligent ladies on here, I appreciate your candor and friendship!


    Ma Barker

  31. N says

    Oh…. I digress…. Suri is a beautiful baby. Also, She looks very healthly…Barley water, milk, and corn syrup is doing wonders for her.

  32. N says

    Shut up Mia….you attack people too. Get off your soapbox. If ginger wants to make a comment about O and how Tia is up her @$$ then she can. Can anyone say anything to or about O without her “gang” coming to her defense. She can speak for herself The real Tia (heeheehee). Silly Hoes!

  33. Claire says

    Suri looks alot older then she is meant to be. You can tell she is going to be very beautiful, its just a shame she has weirdos for parents.

  34. says

    Ginger Ginger Ginger…what is it with you, cant you just leave a comment without picking on just one person…what is your mission and what do you want from the ppl here and most of all why are you here…its doesnt seem like you have an opinion just to tag on to others\

    Are you Jackie back with another name ..hahahahhaha you guys certainly grow on trees..spoooky….

  35. Lola says

    I repeat, Oriana is a brainwashed suck up idiot with no backborne and no indpendent opinion. If is a fact, then it is not an insult!

  36. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    Lola- We seriously dont need dirty mouths on this site. If you’re going to be rude, keep it to yourself!! Disgusting!


    Suri is a cutie! Tom is not even a little bit attractive..he creeps me out.

  37. oriana says

    Thank you Mellynn, I said Frair instead of The Shire to Dianne, and I am sure no one believed for a moment she actually thought Katie spent $2,000 on socks either. No one can even make a joke without some people getting in an uproar. I have always said Suri was adorable and everyone knows that, but she does have big feet, her feet look very wide to me, there are also some bald babies that are cute but they are still bald, that doesn’t mean people are attacking them.

    For you idiots that want to make something out of nothing, look up in the dictionary what the meaning of the word “attack” means and you will see I could really have let loose if I had wanted too!

    Mellynn, you have a nice evening my Dear!

  38. oriana says

    I love the Jolie-Pitts? I do like the kids!

    As far as attacking Suri, who is doing that? I have always said she was cute, but it may come as a shock, cute babies have big feet sometimes, and big noses!!!!! So Back Off!

    And Lola, who gives a shit about you or what you think? I have told you that before!

  39. says

    Hey balck the name..ahhaha…I saw that earlier..I dont think I saw you on JJ..i never really notive names..I just glance over quick and write my nonsense as usual…nice that we can have different opinions and yet still get on with out business..hahaha…see ya around…

  40. says

    Hey Mia!!!!!!!

    I was with you on JJ, talking about Britney S.
    Anyway, Katie & Tom can spend how ever much money they choose! If they have it DO IT! Angelina, and Brad spend a lot of money also, so I think that both of these familes are adorable! I don’t care if they Believe in Scientology, that is their choice! I think that Tom is a Good Actor. I don’t know that much about Katie, But she is a beautiful Girl, and Their daughter is a CUTIE!

  41. says
    I think something wierd is goign on with COnnor and Bella..
    One of the scientology sites is saying Kidman gave that interview finally discussing her personal life wiht tom as a blackmail to give her more access to her kids who people believe are being kept away form epromised to spill more , so apparently the threat is she wants her kids or she will be talking to any major new magazine..I hope sh ei skeeping lots of bodygaurds, because her phone was bugged and she was very cautious during the divorce ans after, hence the SILENCE on her part…I hope the children are well

  42. says

    Anyone can say what they want…its an opinion blog..leave people alone…just becasue you think this breeding experiment between jackie chan and megan fox suffering from acromegaly doesnt mean that eveyone should think so either…LEAVE POSTERS ALONE..

  43. Mellynn says

    BAMBAM: I quote from this very website: “…gab in the forums; and enjoy the warmth of spirited girl talk.”

    People have opinions. I didn’t say anything bad about Suri; I said she was a doll. I wondered where her shoes were because it IS October and the New York climate indicates shoes and socks after about September.

    I’m pretty sure the intention of any website isn’t to be lovey-dovey all the time. If people have an issue with Suri Cruise or her parents, then they should be able to voice that. Tom and Katie put it all out there for us to see, so they reap what they sow.

    And everyone else…geez, back off Oriana. Maybe she was being lighthearted and whimsical. Maybe she was in a bad mood. Maybe you all need a MIDOL.


  44. clare says

    Good point Bambam #24.

    I wish though Tom and Katie have another cute one like Suri. For any one who asked, I read somewhere that Connor and Bella are with Nicole. Besides that is their arrangement and their business and their kids. Nothing like know it alls’ who try to help everyone to parent.

    Tom is too handsome and dashing.

  45. Lola says

    Why would any one bother with Oriana, she is just a brained washed, ass licking old cow who has been sucked in by Miapocca and Libraesque, suddenly she loves the Jolie Pitt clan and hates the Cruises. Me thinks she can’t believe that there are young beautiful happy people while she ages miserably. Now she sticks to the net talking and making friends with 15 year olds. LOL

  46. bambamswife says

    I just find this unbeleiveable. Look at the pictures of all these beautiful children on this site. How anyone can criticize children is beyond me. The other day when I read that one of the children looked like they should be part of children of the corn, I could have cried. You should not even call yourselves worthy of the human race, and definetly ask God for forgiveness. Shame on you!!!!! A lot of you do leave nice comments and that is definetly refreshing.
    Do any of you ever think of the things you have done as parents. We’re all not perfect. Maybe Suri was sleeping without shoes, maybe Tom just forgot about the lights. MAybe, Maybe,Maybe,Maybe. The fact of the matter is that none of us who are doing all this commenting klnow absolutely nothing about how any of these stars are in real life. Two things for sure, Tom sure still looks hot and Suri is a beautiful child. I guess some people who make rotten comments on this site couldn’t be decent human beings if they wanted too.

  47. Malayka says

    Move over Suri, Tom looks hoooooooooooooooooooooot!!!! He should keep that hair style. I had to look at the pictures again to make sure.

    Suri is just a doll as usual, Oriana, I too am shocked that you can attack a baby.

  48. Ginger says

    Oriana you are slowly turning into a bitter old woman. Abusing the feet of a baby is not something I would expect of a 60 year old, then again spending every waking moment on the internet is not something I expect of a woman you age let alone attacking babies.

  49. oriana says


    1. She drunk all the barley water.
    2. Connor and Bella are at Scientology Camp.
    3. The socks are on the way to The Friar!

  50. Dianne says

    3 questions:

    1. Where’s the barley water?
    2. Where are Isabella and Connor?
    3. Where are her $2000 socks Katie bought in Berlin?

  51. 2teens3beans says

    Her little feet & toes are so cute! She probably pulled her shoes & socks off by herself. Suri definitely looks like those flashbulbs are bothering her.

  52. colleen says

    Can’t they afford to buy the baby a warm pair of socks? Maybe Dad forgot to put them on Suri.

  53. Ruby Jackson says

    Why is he wearing sunglasses at night? Is it because of the flash bulbs? If so, shouldn’t Suri’s eyes be protected, too? You can see in the first photo, she is squinting.

    She’s adorable.

  54. Mellynn says

    Wow, BV…didn’t get our coffee this morning?

    The point is, money doesn’t buy common sense. Obviously.

    BTW, I can’t lay off Britney; I am not the half of Hollywood who has been on her.

  55. says

    we don’t know if there wasn’t a carseat there – the pictures don’t look right into the car.He wasn’t doing a britney and driving with a baby on his lap – he was getting her out of the car. He may have already unclipped her from a seat.

  56. Mellynn says

    With all that money, where on earth are her shoes? It’s October in New York, for Pete’s sake!!!

    She’s still a doll, though.

    Starkiddle, good point about the carseat…not sure what the law is in NYC when you are dealing with car services, cabs, etc. Anyone know?

  57. Starkiddie says

    No carseat?! And again, Suri is fast becoming a very (!)average-looking toddler, meaning that she is cute but no cuter than any Jane or Emma in the sandbox near you. She just wears cuter outfits.Tom looks frighteningly good, though, almost the way he used to look back in the Top Gun days.

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