Jennifer Lopez Is So Pregnant: Part 10!

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez

(The above pics are from their concert in LA last night)

 Marc Anthony raised eyebrows Friday night when he made a special song dedication to wife Jennifer Lopez at their Los Angeles concert.

“It’s a real personal song,” Marc said before belting out Journey’s “Faithfully” inside a packed Staples Center. “This song has a whole new significance.” The song was only one of two that he sang in English.

It was when he sang the song’s lyrics “They say that the road ain’t no place to start a family” that concert goers erupted in cheers. He noted to fans that the song had “quite a special significance,” dedicating it to the couple’s “friends” in the audience as well.

After Marc’s hour-long set (featuring music from the couple’s film “El Cantante”), Jennifer, 38, hit the stage asking fans “How are you, L.A.?” and later told the crowd “This is such a special time.”

Jennifer was clearly showing an expanding belly, continuing to wear her loose-fitting outfits on stage. She also wore noticeably low-heeled boots during the heavier dance routines.

This has been a year of firsts for Jennifer. She released her first Spanish album, embarked on her first tour and – if you believe the bump – becoming a mother for the first time. But as Jennifer continues to remain mum on the topic her fans have their own opinions.

“She’s so pregnant!” one concert goer said as they exited the Staples Center. Another fan told People magazine that there was no mistaking “she had a tummy.” “She wasn’t moving that much,” said fan Monica Hathaway, 35, from La Palma, Calif. “I’m a mother of three, I know, she’s pregnant!”

Lord! When are these two going to make an official announcement!?



  1. cat1988 says

    toobad they had to do that insimination lmao!!!! he cant handle her thats a shame but u see that wat happens wen ur a hoe well him wat he did to dianara…… right????????



  3. dago says

    did you guys ever wonder that she might be reading this junk people grow up first time on this site and well wont comeback, AND I LOVE JLO and well i am boricua and proud and i finally figure it out, tia-quita and n-iquta they are just jlos that a puertoricanfemale made the ass famous

  4. JuliaIzquierdo says

    Querida Jenniefer, God Bless you and bless Mark for been a good father;and God Bless the baby too.He is a gift from God.. We love you Jenniefer and Mark A. you have the rating.Do not worry about the bla,bla,bla, Miss D.Is in peace withn you. Youth Divine Treasure.

  5. JULISSA says


  6. Jackie says

    #83. They don’t owe us anything but entertainment. Admitting or denying her pregancy is her business and we should mind our own. When she’s ready she will announce it. If she doesn’t, it’s her personal life. BTW: she has neither admitted nor denied being preganant. Avoiding the question is not lying. In case you did not know the difference.

  7. Jackie says

    4 All da Haters… If you can’t stand her, hate her whatever, Y da F* U even bother to waste your time? Y R U on this site? And Tia, hell has a place for folks like U. Y would U even wish for her or anyone to miscarry? J Lo has her own money. This is why U men can’t stick around. Men do not want to be Mr. J Lo. It’s okay for women to be second to men, right? WRONG. Wake up people. Women haters: If you were anything like J Lo maybe you could be considered a woman. J Lo has her own & people hate. Go ahead Mami… Boricua hasta la muerte!

  8. oriana says

    Well #82, another VIP official heard from!!! I don’t recall anyone saying they owed us anything, just why bother to deny it when your stomach is stuck out like a basketball? Christina cannot deny anything, and it is up to her just like any other pregnant woman has the right to cofirm it if she wants too.

    I think the main thing is that they both have so many fans that would be happy for them that they would like them to admit it, I don’t know what the big secret is anyway!

  9. lola says

    No pregnancy announcement from some of the stars such as J-Lo and Christina A.? That’s becuase in reality they don’t owe us one. As a matter of fact they don’t owe us anything except what we pay for in ticket sales or concert sales or such.

    But we can certainly tell by looks so all we have to do is wait out their silence.

  10. Tia :) says

    haha Oriana, thanks dear! geezeee she never gives up!

    I love how she keeps bringing up my university degree ( and it’s UNIVERSITY to us here…college for us is like a community college to you) give it a rest N…like i said before…im not talking to you..leave me alone and i’ll leave you seem to be an attention seeker…go make some friends…they’ll give you lots 🙂

    have a good night!!!

  11. oriana says

    N, you never said you didn’t like Tia? Maybe not in those exact words, but you have certainly popped off about her enough times and make your smart@ss comments! So don’t act so stupid!!!!

  12. oriana says

    N, You are a Nusiance, a Nag, a Nothing! And now I can add Nasty to your moniker!!!! Were you a Nobody in school? Is that why you are so Nuts?

  13. N says

    Also, O I have told you before why i dont like you. There is no need for you to worry about why i dont like Dori. I never said I didnt like TIA….. But since you guys want me to dislike her… I will start!

  14. N says

    You guys are the dumbest females I have ever seen. THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE USING THE MONIKER….. I dont have a “COPYRIGHT” on it. Also, MISS GREAT TIA….. I mentioned you, DUMMIE, because you accused me of using your moniker (post#16)! …….. D@mn Is your college degree good for something? (hate that i have to say this) Thanks MIA
    …. MY posts are # 42, 43, and 76.
    SO, O and Mariah…. If you have questions for me direct them from the opinion on those posts.

  15. leah says

    dude wow some people are way to harsh.. i mean honestly why would you want to punish a innocent child just because you don’t like the parents or the mother’s acting or singing? thats just crazy.. but whatever i’m happy for her and personally being her age its a high risk of problems she probably doesn’t want anyone in her personal space and its her life she isn’t required to share it with anyone. plus why does it matter to anyone if your not happy for her don’t bother with it.. i mean come on if you were pregnant and someone said ” i hope you miscarry” i’m sure you wouldn’t be too happy.. didn’t think really you should think before you speak you talking about a innocent baby losing its life because you don’t like the mother..gah what a selfish heartless person!

  16. oriana says

    Deenah, she isn’t confirming it but she isn’t denying it either! I think any woman that has comments about her getting bigger, and may be pregnant, if she wasn’t, would speak up and say, I am not pregnant! Especially one that is vain about her looks.

  17. Deenah says

    She always told the press that she wanted children why won’t she admit it now?Does she not want children now.Cause she is kinda old to start being a mother.I am glad for her and Marc.

  18. oriana says

    Maggie, No one with any common decency would wish for anyone to miscarry! It is beyond disgusting! I am sorry to hear about her Grandmother passing away, I think she is close to her family. I do offer condolences to her and her parents.

  19. MAGGIE says

    How can anyone with a conscious wish for a woman to miscarry her children? As someone who has miscarried, it is the most devastating thing that can happen to a woman. It’s one thing to address one’s dislike of a person – particularly if you don’t like their music or acting but to wish such a horrific thing on a person is just evil and inhuman. I’m not a huge Jennifer Lopez fan but I love Marc Anthony’s music and personally if Jennifer has finally found happiness and she makes him happy – then I hope their marriage lasts a good long time. In my opinion, they seem perfect for each other. I rarely respond to these blogs because they are usually made by hateful people whose own lives are lacking in some significant way – CLEAN UP YOUR OWN LIVES BEFORE YOU PASS JUDGEMENT ON OTHERS!

  20. says

    It would be funny if she was just getting fat. The rest of her body seems fatter. You know she’s the type that is going to end up with a fat gut.

  21. oriana says

    I wish them a healthy baby and hope they are happy, but, he did cheat on his wife and that is a well known fact, with J-Lo and with others!

  22. courtney says

    i think that jlo is really to be honest pregnat becuz for one look at her stomach for to look at the type of clothing that she is wearing at her concert usually she would wear somethng thats tight and not lose for three her shoes were not that high and her face has gotin fater and her skin looks a lil pail and her color is fadeing away trust she is pregant thats not stomach unless she has a lot of it and dont excrise that much. I think she but if jlo and marc are i wish them the best of look and all is well to there feature but i really wish she comes out and say it so the public can stop going crazy and guessing weather she is pregnat or not cuz me personally is dieing to know wearther she is and she’s one of my favorite singers besides mariah carey i have all of here cds

  23. Frannie says

    J.LO looks beautiful and healthy. Congratulations to she & Marc. & J.LO They truly blessed, meanwhile all you negative nasty people out there, welll remember bad “Karma” will go to you. I wish only the best for J.LO & Marc, especially now with the news of this blessing of her pregnancy. As you can see, God shines his light on good people. All those negative comments, well you should check yourselves out and wonder why good things don’t happen to you!! HELLO

  24. eminencegrise says

    Let’s hope he doesn’t cheat on her like he did on his former wife.

    What a classy guy!


    They’re made for each other.

  25. oriana says

    This will be a shocker but I think she is a pretty good actress. She has a nice singing voice, I don’t think she is pretty but she is stylish and I love the blue/teal? dress she has on, love that color!

  26. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Okay I just don’t understand a lot of the comments on here.
    1) “N”- what kind of a sicko person would want someone to miscarry…MAJOR PROBLEMS!!! That’s all I have to say about that one.
    2) “N”- how can she be white trash. You show your ignorance when you call her white. She’s of Puerto Rican heritage.
    3) lily- on EVERY thread about J-Lo you say that she’s a “material personal” That doesn’t make any sense. Do you mean material person?? We also know by now that you don’t like her movie. “We don’t like her movie”…and who is we??

  27. GIGI says

    I thing they are just waiting to be sure that the pregnancy is ok. I am pretty sure that is the reason they don’t say anything yet.

  28. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    Thanks again Mia…not even my typing style….even Zbella knew it wasnt me. I just dont understand what people get out of using someone elses name. Ah well

    on to J-Lo..i think she has a good voice…her acting is meh….that one movie she was in…the one where she takes her daughter and hides from her abusive husband…i forget what its called…that was a good movie

  29. says

    I admire JLO for being the most talentless person to make the most money ever…its jus ridiculous, she needs to share her secrets with me because I could use it seeing I have no artisitic talent at all…aahhahah hahahhah

  30. says

    No Tia…there was another person using you rnajme..but the funny thing is I read the comments wihtout looking at names I sort of can recognize some comments..but there was something wierd about some comments with your name on it….
    I think its just N messing around….

    Not to worry, I think you are famous if N wants to tag after you ahahhahah.,..

  31. lily says

    She is bad actress snobby and material personal , we don’t like her movie. don’t like see her picture too.

  32. oriana says

    Mia, I wrote to you on the other thread, Ghostwhisper is on Friday nights! It is on channel 5 here in San Jose.

  33. says

    She is not how can she be white trash ahahhaha….she is latina from the ghetto trash would have been better..ahahahhah..who the heck is playing all these name games…still cant find that ghost whisperer show..oh well

  34. says

    wow…thats harsh…you hope someone miscarries???!!..I dont carE for JLO and may make really stupid comment but I dont wish her bad especially the loss of her child/ren….I sincerely hope she gets to experience the joy of motherhood….WOW

  35. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    Oriana- Thanks darling! Hope you’re having a good day!! i just got back from work and am ready bed! haha!

  36. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    ps N…# 40 pretty much sums up that it was you…get a life and leave me the hell alone

  37. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    I get your pardon N…but I was at WORK all day…go to hell already wont you?

    Zbella- at least you realized it wasnt me! thanks dear!

  38. oriana says

    Zbella, singing and swaying to music is one thing, but jumping up and down on a moving walkway which is dangerous, is quite another issue to me. I like you very much, you know this, I admire you as a good mother,but when someone who has tried to get pregnant for so long, I would think would be extra cautious. I don’t think it was very smart to take any chances, and I saw where she lost her balance and almost fell, it could have injured her and the baby. She doesn’t need the money, why take a chance like that?

  39. oriana says

    Why my comments was left off I don’t know? But “N” is not only being a Nusiance, she is Nasty on top of it!

    Why would anyone wish someone to miscarry is beyond Nasty!!!!

    Why she doesn’t like dori, I don’t get, as for Tia, who is smart, funny and has morals, oops, well of course she wouldn’t like Tia, she wouldn’t understand any of her good characteristics!!!!!!!

  40. N says

    #40 is also Tia….she likes alot of attention. So ladies please give it to her like her dear oriana does.

    Whoever is using “N” besides me….if you are going to try and copy me do it correctly. I dont bash the celebs. I comment on the posters. SO you should have made that post reference Tia instead of JLO.

    Get it right next time! 🙂

  41. N says

    Tia I dont have to steal your name…. and last I remember I never said I didnt like you. That is your opinion. The only people I have said I didnt like are Oriana and Dori. You thinking that I stole your name shows your age. I’ll rip you to shreds as N I dont have to pose as anyone. Have a nice day Dumb@$$.

  42. says

    Only an idoiot knows what fits the decription and is forever looking for company to join them in idiotsville…I live in skanksville, sorry no more allowed.ahahhaha

  43. N says

    I do hope she miscarries, everyone is intitled to their own opinion as I said in my previous post. She is nothing but white trash.

  44. says

    hahhha when it takes forever to get yourself pregnant, its ridiculous….There is nothing wrong with a prgnant womena dancing till she pops..but just a gymnasts dont go bobiin gup and down with pregnancy or professional atheletes running aournd wiht so goes that miss lopez is a little too money hungry to sit her fat butt at home..thank god alffeelck woke upo from this horrid noveau riche materialistic arse worshippiung skank

  45. Zbella says

    I figured it wasn’t you, Tia. Mia – are you a total idiot? Of course she can sing and sway to music at 4 months pregnant (and 9 months pregnant). What is wrong with you to think a pregnant woman cannot dance or even fall w/o injuring the baby?

  46. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    Don’t you worry Jenna…as a mommy myself, i could only hope someone could what the opportunity go through pregnancy..besides, not only and i a big J-Lo fan (as said in the other Jo-Lo posts) i think people on here know me a little better than that. It really upsets me…especially to say something like that…unbelievable!

  47. says

    Its an opinion site..some of you simply need to ralise that not everyone is goign to agree and you need to dsagree respectfully…beat sme how anyone will find this gutter Ho worth prasing, but then I RESPECT YOUR OPINION..AHHAHAHAH

  48. says

    jho is just settting herself up.//why risk your baby for a lousy concert..I gues safter spendinf 50k on baby clothes you have to jump around and try to abort them like their preceding siblings…hahahhah pregnant women jumping and doing dance steps ontour..Hilarious…ahhahahaha

  49. kimmy says

    Irina- I’ve actually never seen you on here so I don’t know you. I thought I could leave my opinion, but I guess if ones opinion doesn’t agree with yours, then you’ll attack them. The fact that you’re accusing me of just waiting to respond to someones comment is kind of like the same thing you just did to me- how hypocritical. Anywho, we can agree to disagree. You like her, I don’t.

  50. Mildred C. says

    Espero tu felicidad sea completa con el bebe que esperas no se porque le han dado tanta controversia tu emparazo eres una mujer casada y con muchas ganas de tener un hijo. Ya dejenla empas

  51. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Yeah Tia, I was just about to launch into a full blown attack before you said it wasn’t you. But whoever said that is a really disgusting human being…

  52. jamie says

    You can notice her weight gain in her face it looks chubbier , and she will not be able to hide the bump much longer lol Hope the kid dosent look like the father eeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  53. oriana says

    What I don’t understand if she is pregnant and she has wanted a baby for a long time, why take the chance of falling and hurting herself and the baby? I saw where she was performing and almost fell, why would anyone take that chance? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  54. says

    Hilarious..some ppl love money that much to be jumping up on a stage with that bump…its ridiculous…I think women look pregnant when beautiful but to jumpin g up and down on stage with that bump belongs on a skit in saturday night life..ahhahah

  55. Elaine says

    No 4 – she isn’t lying , they just haven’t put out an official accouncement, its pretty clear from the way she looks and what she has said in interviews she is pregnant. I do not think that they are required to make an announcment if they do not want to. Letting nature take its course, and make the accouncment for her, is kind of sweet actually!

    No 22 – Jen has said in the past how close she is to her family, my guess is her Mum was trying to put off the gossip mags from hounding her (Mum that is) for information.

  56. Andrea says

    Anyone know why she doesn’t talk with her mother? Her mom was quoted as having said that Jennifer never calls her.

  57. Andrea says

    Marc Anthony looks like a spider to me and seems too short, but it looks like he treats Jennifer well which is what she always wanted.
    Congrats to them, but it really isn’t any of a surprise.

  58. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Whoa Tia I’m glad you clarified that it was someone else posting under your name…I was about ready to unleash the insults! Not really, but I was quite upset.

  59. sara says

    jennifer lopez is the most money hungry star out there not only is she a singer dancer actress clothes desinger have her own sunglass line her perfume line own reasurnt movie producer tv producer many more she dosent donate any of her money only 1000 that all she give greedy

  60. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says


    im sorry..this just really upsets me, i would never whis that upon ANYONE! get a life name stealer!!!

  61. Tia :) says

    everyone knows i love J-Lo!! How dare you steal my name!! Who is is? N? that the only person i know who doesnt like me!!!

  62. Lauren says

    Wow, she is definately showing a bump. When are they going to make the official announcement? Once they do, all the speculation and gossip would die away.

  63. Zbella says

    I really hope that wasn’t the real Tia.

    She looks amazing. Beautiful! Congrats to them. They don’t have to tell the world unless they feel like it. Faithfully is cheesy, but cute too.

  64. teresa says

    “faithfully” how chessy! But I don’t expect much from skeletor .I mean with all his money you’d think he’d buy pants that fits .Maybe he should buy from the children sectiop.That way his baby and him can share the cloths

  65. LAURIE HARRIS says

    GEE Mark Anthony’s song to her…expresses
    the words “The road is no place for a family
    just you and I.. Wonder if she is going to say anything at dancing with the stars next week..

  66. ME says

    Aww i`m really happy for her,she wanted this for soooo long!!
    I also have a feeling if she is 3-4 months like people ahve been saying ,she might have twins cause her belly is growing really fast and is big for 4 months. But who knows maybe she`s just further along than we think.

  67. Irina says

    Hey Kimmy,

    J.Lo doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She has done very well on her own. For someone that hates J.Lo you seem to be extremely obsessed with leaving your nasty comments pratically on a daily basis. You are probably stuck to your computer just waiting for someone to respond. Seems really sad to me. Anyway, enough of you.
    I’m so happy that J.Lo is finally pregnant. Congrats!!! I love J.Lo and Marc Anthony!!!!!

  68. kimmy says

    Aww- how sweet! Let’s see if she can committ to this 4th relationship. Hopefully he won’t run out of money. I really can’t stand this woman.

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