An Expectant Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Daughter

Elisabeth HasselbeckElisabeth Hasselbeck

An expectant Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her 2-year-old daughter Grace were snapped enjoying a walk in their Upper West Side neighbourhood on Thursday. Elisabeth is expecting her second child in November.


  1. daysie78 says

    Everyone is allowed their own opinion, but I am totally surprised at the amount of people who can make such nasty comments about a little girl, only because they don’t like her mother!

  2. Wen says

    I do not dislike Elizabeth for her political views either. I really find her very annoying!! I really don’t comment on online boards but,I am hoping Barbara reads these postings and can see for herself how extremely disliked Elizabeth is. She has taken from the show for to long,and as you can see several guests snub her or just turn down the offer to be on the show because of her. She is a very unlikable person and I do not believe she is a Christian. I believe she is a Jew and she should be ashamed of herself for hiding that on television. I am a Christian and could care less what a persons beliefs are, but she has every physical Jewish feature and attitude. Elizabeth, PLEASE re”view” yourself and realize how you come across to people. You are sickening.Really, really sickening!!!!!

  3. GIA says


  4. Mimi says

    I sometimes listen to the really enjoy listen “View” when I am working out of my home. I like the give and take of female conversation. It is provocative, informative and certainly funny! However, the liberal slant is finally getting to me. I am grateful the drama of Rosie is over and I do have to say that I really appreciate Woopi Goldbergs ability to present her views without being condescending. At least someone (Elisabeth) is giving a voice of balance for the millions of us who are moderate to conservative. Who, contrary to the dismissive remarks that are constantly made on your show really do live in the United States! I am an educated person, I live in PA., … very pro-women, and am pro-life. Typically your hosts act as though I do not even exist, let alone have a valid opinion on any subject matter worth considering. My life and lifestyle are ridiculously under-represented by the main stream media. Including your show. Elisabeth, for the most part anyway is able to articulate a “view” many women believe is worth considering. Because of her age, she falls short in keeping up with the emotional stamina and confidence of your other hosts. Conservative women really do exist in your audience… It would be nice to hear our “view” presented with more balance.

  5. patti says

    I may not like her that much but I wish the best for her and I think that she is having a boy. Good Luck Elizabeth!!!!

  6. Nancy says

    Some of you people are so bored! I agree with some things that Elisabeth says, and don’t with a lot of things she says. However, she’s an American and she has the right to voice her opinion. It’s called the VIEW with women who discuss their boring would it be if they all agreed? Oh well…you go on hating and see where it gets you! If you want to change the world then VOTE in 08! As for Grace….she can’t help it who she is or isn’t at this point. She’s a cute little girl out with her mom. Why do we care or have to comment on the position of her bow…PLEASE! Get a life! I have a three year old and I can place the bow in one spot when I fix her hair and within a few hours I’m lucky if it’s still in her hair at all….bow’s not a big deal. Why do we got play hate on the little girl?

  7. Zbella says

    I didn’t sense much venom until a few real freaks got on here recently. So I don’t like big bows – I didn’t insult the little girl. I find Elisabeth annoying. PERIOD. I don’t watch the View because I find the entire show annoying.

  8. Robyn Price says

    comment and user #9 can you freakin spell? You are a idiot it sounds like, i hope you CANNOT REPRODUCE.Look at your ignorant statement. what is the total IQ of you morons on this page? Oh yeah, you are libs that is why you aren’t the sharpest pens.hehe Hilary lovers. You like women that look like men, like hillary clinton. I figured you neg, jealous people out.Joy Behar and Whoopi are your idols, heh? Sad sacks.

  9. Robyn Price says

    I think Elizabeth is a sweeet person and you people are obviously envious of her and her happy family, Especially 3beenies and 2 tweenies. Beener? Is that what you ARE trying to say?
    Retard. You are probably an ignorant mother too

  10. cynthia dennison says

    I love her honesty and her spiritual commitment to God. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Anyone saying anything differently is just plain jealous of her, And her little Grace is a beautiful girl, the photographer is not a pro. Any child squinting in the sun won’t look perfect.
    SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE FOR YOUR EVIL COMMENTS ABOUT A CHILD. I shudder to think what evil people’s children look like.
    God Bless you Elizabeth, we love you in Los Angeles!!

  11. jennifer says

    It is just so sad reading all these comments–people who sit on the internet and make hateful, ignorant comments about ANYONE, whether you like them or not, must have very sad lives. I happen to like Elisabeth–I don’t agree with her politics at all, but as it’s been said, she’s entitled to them and good for her for standing up for what she believes in. For everyone who said such mean things, please take a look at your own life and figure out why you feel the need to spew venom into the world instead of making it a better place.

  12. rileysmummy says

    #39 annie
    I agree with you, she is entitled to her opinion. I just wish she would keep it to herself, actually I wish she would shut up all together. I bet the ratings 4 the view are going to sky rocket with her gone!

  13. rileysmummy says

    What is with the bow anyway? Everytime I see this kid she looks so ridiculous, poor thing having a mother like that. Can’t wait til she grows up to be a …Gasp… Democrat, or worse…a Liberal!! Karma Elizabeth, Karma

  14. Janessa says

    Oh and web mistress failed to mention hubby Tim in the background with the green shirt and rack of boxes. Must be for the big move to AZ where he just got a job as 4th string quarter back. He’s the 3rd back up’s back up. AKA professional bench warmer.

  15. Janessa says

    What is with her and the ginormous bows? Cripes, every time I see a pic of this kid she has one of those things stuck to the side (?) of her head. Monster sized bow + sideways positioning = really ridiculous.

  16. yummy says

    #34, Sara, I completely agree. That’s the same reason I don’t like her. I can respect someone for having a different opinion and being willing to express it. But they in turn need to have respect for the person they are discussing the issue with. Something she seems to have a problem with.

  17. Elsa says

    Amelia, I agree w/ you. I don’t agree w/ a lot of her political opinions, but I don’t think that makes her a bad person. It’s the beauty of our country, we can agree to disagree.

  18. Cynthia says

    Well I am not always in favor of Elizabeth’s young inexperienced comments on The View, but she is okay.

    As for the bow, I have a 2 yr old and sometimes they want to wear things that don’t neccessarily match or an item that someone else gave.

  19. Sara says

    I dislike her, and it has nothing to do with her political views. It has to do with the way she expressed her opinions, the way she rambles (hogging the majority of the airtime) and most of the time she never actually ends up making a clear point, the way she jumps all over everyone who disagrees with her, and the way her opinions all sound like they were fed to her (which I’m sure they were).

  20. oriana says

    I don’t like her, not because of her beliefs, she just acts too goody goody for me! The baby is cute.

    I for one, love the name Alyssa!!!!

  21. Jillian says

    I cant believe how judgemental everyone is being? Wy cant we try to focus on the positive things about people?? There are always some…

  22. annie says

    Her political opinions are her own business, and while I don’t agree with them, she ‘s entitled to them. What i don’t like about her is her constant interrupting. It’s disrespctful and rude.

  23. Amanda says

    I dislike her for the way she acts, not because she thinks differently. She acts like if someone doesnt think like her they are horrible and she should be making the laws. Just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt mean you can yell at them and she does. She makes me sick. Where did she come from any way?

  24. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    woahhhhh Kate. I didnt mean any disrespect! I didnt jump down your throat! I just said my name was like that too…jeeze!

  25. kate says

    TIA this post is not about you ok is it no sirree bob this post is for k this is a free site so i could said what stupid or not without you jumping dowm my thorat

  26. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    not dumb AT ALL! My name is exactly like that! My mothers middle name is Tia and my first name is tia…my middle Grace and my mothers first name is Grace…so ya.

    My daughters middle name is Grace…however, we chose Alyssa for her first name 😀

  27. Amelia says

    It’s extremely sad and childish to have such venom towards a person just because they do not share the same viewpoint as another. Elisabeth is an individual who has her own viewpoints.

    That should neither make her stupid nor less of a human being. Being different and thinking different should be celebrated, not frowned upon. This world is for all of us to share.

    With that said, Grace looks so adorable in this particular picture. She’s a little beauty. 🙂


  28. crazykraut says

    just a comment on the bow. Have non of your guys children ever decorated themselves. When my little ones decorate themselves and are all proud of it and I have to go somewhere I am not going to fuss about a bow. We have gone shopping in costumes in the middle of the year. Maybe Grace just liked it. So what? Don’t be so harsh

  29. **S says

    samsmom…….I was thinking the same thing.

    The bow does look kind of dumb, Grace is cute though. I do like Elizabeth but she does come off as a goody goody. I can’t stand people like that. So fake.

  30. britmama says

    You mean like how the Dixie Chicks stood up for what they believed in, and got death threats for their opinions!

    Hasselbeck is boring, and so is Heigl.

  31. samsmom says

    All of you who keep calling Elizabeth stupid need to learn how to spell. Who is stupid here?
    By the way, I don’t always agree with her viewpoint, but at least she has guts to stand up for her beliefs. It is not easy to be conservative in this world today. It is much easier to agree with the loud-mouthed left. I say good for her and best wishes.

  32. Blair says

    CUTE little girl! I personally think the bow is adorable! It’s just a little bit big for her at this age, and it’s positioned kind of weird. The placement of it is a little awkward, but I love big fluffy bows on little girls!

  33. Kimarie says

    Off topic….

    any idea where the horse shirt is from that Elizabeth is wearing, or the maker? My mom loves horses and we recently saw someone wearing the same, or very similar, shirt and she commented on how nice it was. Would make a great Christmas present 🙂

    Thanks for any help!


  34. Mellynn says

    Hey…I will give her credit, she doesn’t back down from what she believes. That is a rare trait in the media in these times.

    One question, though…why is she so orange? Am I the only one who sees that?

  35. Andrea says

    Cute girl! And good for Elisabeth for standing up for what she believes in, even if it’s not the popular view.

    Shame on her for not thinking just like you, right??

  36. days says

    #9 kate–
    Naming a child after yourself isn’t so “stupid” when it’s a name that’s been handed down for generations. ie: great grandfather, grandfather, etc. And the South has a tradition of naming daughters after their mothers; take Courtney Cox for instance.
    Also various cultures name their offspring with some commonality. In South Africa, “Char” is the preferred prefix for daughters–and so Charlize Theron’s name who is S.African born.

    Perhaps what’s more “stupid” is your writing which left out proper end marks and has other grammatical errors..

  37. kate says

    i cant stand elisabeth too also is so stupid when people name thire daughter son after themself you know how dumb that sound hi my name is keneth this is my wife elisabeth my son keneth and daughter elisabeth

  38. Amanda says

    I cannt stand Elizabeth. I am going to enjoy her maturnity leave! Maybe Barbra will get smart and fire her!

  39. Lauren says

    That bow does nothing for little Grace. I can’t stand Elisabethe but she looks pretty in these pictures.

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