Katie Holmes & Suri Take Manhattan

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes and Suri were snapped out for a stroll around Manhattan’s Upper East Side this morning.

Katie’s outfit is a little crazy though! Very 80’s!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. samantha says

    i think suri is one of the cutest celebrity babies i have seen so far and leave her alone about the bottle i mean my kid is 2 an1/2 years old and he still uses a bottle.

  2. dori says

    honey and homogenized milk are not suppose to be ingested by new borns …. honey not until 2 years of age so who is L RON HUBBARD to be dispensing medical advice and who are the idiots who listen to him?

  3. Tiffany says

    Since Suri is not any one of our child……who gives a poo if she is still on the bottle. My children were weened at a very early age but that was their choice. (they wanted the tippy over the bottle). Let them raise their kid how they want. We may not agree with all they do as far as the bottle, discipline and religion (or cult) but we dont have to live with them or deal with them so why does it really matter?
    Just curious why it is everyones business if Suri is on the bottle or if they let her throw temper tantrums…they are the ones who will have to deal with her as she gets older and that will be punishment enough 🙂

  4. oriana says

    I don’t think #68 is Mia! I have googled many times and that is where I got most of my info, besides I already said that LIbra is the one that first got me curious about it!

  5. oriana says

    Tia! Wait! Forget about the liquids! Just drink the barley and honey mixture, you will be cured ASAP! And maybe look younger too, although that is what I need to drink for that!!!! I’ll drink it too, then I will be younger and no worries for the flu this Winter!

  6. oriana says

    Tia, It is hard to shake and I have heard it can linger on for days and weeks when you have a bad cold, the flu is even worse! Hope your baby doesn’t catch it. Just drink lots of liquids and try to get as much rest as possible my Dear!!

  7. says

    Hey Oriana…they scientology plants are a wate of time…its alwyas shocking when peole pooh pooh scientology and brush it under the carpet..then they leave me suspicious as to waht htey are doing on here…besides whey not turn your attention into googling what the experts have to say rather than attacking me for providing you with links..

    When common logic evades those who claim to be fans of this family, then agai nthey sound suspicious….go on google…google Jesse Prince as well..and if you are not fmailiar with scientoloy all you have to do is read and learn ang get familiar

    COming on here and making it sound like I am the one coming out with these gory details is very silly on your part…The stories are online, all you need to do is LOOK and get you rhead out of the sand or in the cult where its being brainwashed.,..

    There folks are freaks and for the childrens sake you better hope they do the right thing if any of them gets sick…

  8. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    Oriana!- HAHA! happy i could make you laugh!! I was getting frustrated!! THEN someone steals my name in the J-LO feed! I was soo upset!!

    How are you doing my dear? Im feeling awefully tired lately! Probably coming down with something again!

  9. oriana says

    bambam’s wife, do you really think that Tom changed his mind about what he said to Brooke Shields? He may have apoloized for saying it, he didn’t change his mind about his beliefs. He is a strong willed individual. We all wish we could take back some comments we make, but that doesn’t mean in our hearts and our minds we don’t still believe them. Tom was too serious and adamant about his thoughts and he has not changed.

    I think she is friends with them now and it is good that people can be forgiving in this world today.

  10. oriana says

    clare, I am not the one that has been brainwashed, anyone that believes in Scientology as as Religion can wear that crown! Thank You! I read up on it months ago, Mia didn’t have a thing to do with it, Libra is the one that got me started being curious about it and I read many articles about it.

    Propaganda against the Cruises? Are you drunk? I am hoping anything I say will help open even one person’s eyes about this dangerous Cult! Who is attacking a child, a spoiled brat is more like it! I saw the tantrum and saw Katie give into her myself, it was pitiful.

    Who has abused her? I doubt that she will ever be abused until she gets older and goes thru the Scientology training, I didn’t make it up, any of it, I just read it, Hubbard wrote it!!!!!

    I don’t see her as malnourished, I think she is a little old for a bottle but I would any child her age, not just because she is Tom’s child, and yes, I have always thought she was his baby, have always thought she was cute, but she needs taught some consequences and not just given her way about everything, it isn’t healthy and it isn’t a good example to be set for any child, a celebrity or not!

  11. bambamswife says

    Suri is a beautiful baby. I still like Tom Cruise. Sure, what he said to Brooke Shields was wrong, but haven’t any of us said things we regret to other people? She forgave him and moved on. I don’t like Brad Pitt anymore because he is invovled with Angie Baby. Can’t stomach looking at pictures of them, as a matter of fact I don’t. Truth of the matter is none of us know what these people are like in real life.

  12. clare says

    What ever Suri is fed on, it is interesting that people who abuse her and call her names are the ones who pretend to care about her meals and her bottle, believe me most baby food has corn Barley and honey and I doubt whether Suri is the saddest malnourished little kid you have seen in your life.

    Oriana I start to see why anyone would call you a brainwashed idiot, Miapocca is probably in some cult and people like you can easily believe anything. Preach on your propaganda against the Cruises but am not sure anyone will listen to you when you attack little innocent kids. Bush cannot talk about stupidity you know just like people who sound sick cannot preach against cults and anyone listens. Just my advice.

  13. oriana says

    Everyone, Mia knows exactly what she is talking about! I have read up on this crap and it is like the Sci Fi channel on TV! Hubbard was a genius but a demented one. Scientology is a load of crap! Sorry if that offends anyone but it is not a religion but a science movement and anyone with a sane mind should see that! It amazes me so many decent and intelligent people fall for this nonsense! Downright scarey too!!!!!

  14. Bobby's Girl says

    Suri is definitely the best dressed baby, Her blue eyes are just gorgeous! And she has so much personality.

  15. Zara says

    Some of you always believe the rags, they are in their offices making up stuff and laughing at you. I know ,because i was an intern at one of those rags and did not like what i saw. When the public will get smart, that when this whole system of bull mags will collapse ,until then they are making millions with lies.

  16. Andrea says

    #50 Ginger:

    Suri is given a mixture that has barley water and corn syrup in it, not corn like you wrote. Honey and other forms of sugar are not recommended by pediatricians for infants. Juice when used is only used medicinally and in very small portions. To have corn syrup as a part of your regular feeding is unwise to say the least.

  17. Paula says

    At 17mth WHY is she still drinking from a bottle-not much time after all three of my kids turned 1 were they on a sippy cup. That is just dumb on their part

  18. Ginger says

    Analise# 46 I am sure it is nto the bottle bothering you, you just sound bitter, sad and jaded. LOL What would you say for Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama who still has a bottle and is almost 3 if not three already. Besides hate on a mother for gicing a daughter a bottle? How sad are you?

    If Suri is fed on Barley and Corn, I would like some too to give to my daughter and baby son so that they can grow into cute little ones, mind you they are already very cute but I think the Corn and Barley will add and extra edge!

  19. Analise says

    Get rid of the bottle. The kid is TWO!!! My hatred for Katie grows with each new pic.She looks OLD, also. Love it! Fake and phony with the token baby.

  20. Ginger says

    People should give Katie a break, she is leading her life the best way she knows how. She is one of the sanest celebs in holywood and would never harm a fly. She has a beautiful daughter and a georgeous husband. I too doubt those barley and corn stories and it baffles me that any reasoning person could believe them.

    Suri is super cute and does look like Tom, I like the way she is comfortable around the paps. She will need that charisma later because her life will never be normal.

    By the way, Tom’s other kids are with Nicole, she did say in her latest interview.

  21. Gina says

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Suri Cruise, she is the most beautiful thing on the net, and who said she is notTom’s with that nose. LOL.

  22. Gina says

    First, I wonder why some people here are bent on converting us to scientology.

    Then I wonder why anyone would believe that barley story, it is like the aliens one and the silent birth, yes a mad man invented them but I guess ther strange religion has moved on, and to think people use it to abuse others shows how common sense is indeed rare!

    Suri is too too cute for words.

  23. says

    they all feed their baby that mix based on a mad mans recommendation….I dont see how they can liv with themselves…I always said I hope suri is never gets sick because if its serious they wiull kill her…because aftre all in scientology your sickenes is you fault….

  24. annie says

    Katie probably looks sick because she finally realized who she’s married to. I will never have any regard for Tom Cruise because of what he said about Brooke Shields. Just the sight of him repulses me. Short little stump. Suri’s is cute, though, it’s not her fault the man bringing her up is a moron.

  25. Dobe says

    Suri is so adorable!!!! Katie doesnt look very good here though…. her hair looks like crap, and she looks sick.

  26. britney says

    I’m sorry, Suri is NOT cute….she looks very odd….
    She’s odd looking because Her features are very large and prounced for a small child.

  27. Lilac says

    Corn syrup is the other NO-NO (besides honey) that a baby should not have before age 1 (for the same reason as honey – botulism).

  28. says

    hahha..best dresses?? thats the publist being paid to get on the list because cankles and bad posture do nothing for teh millioms she like to waste on her outfit…for every million dollar outfit all I see is Cameroon Diaz looking way better in her sweats..ahhahahhahahahahhaha

    Speaking of which I wonder if she donates the expesnive clothes that suri wears for just a miunute..I am sure the many scientologist abused kids willjust grateful for some cast off from their messiah

  29. Malayka says

    That is what I was about to sa Oraina, Suri is dressed really classy all the time, I like the way they dress her, I think she is just about the cutest thing I have seen in ages, reminds of puppies, Celebrity-babies.com has a very lovely picture of her.

    Katie’s top is supposed to be this winter’s fashion, so I guess the rest of us will catch up later. She is one of the best dressed celebs.

  30. kelly may says

    her hair loooks like a ball of greasy sweat. now is everyone still raveing about how her beautiful hair cut?

  31. oriana says

    Well Black Venom, I guess you are right, maybe she does like to feel sexy all the time, I remember seeing her wearing heels with a bathing suit at the beach!!

    I guess she is past the Pre-Clear stage long ago!

  32. says

    Star kiddie ..you are hilarious…I think Tomtakes care of himself..lots of anti aging remedies in that society….private botox ans skin care ..and not to mention detoxification..I think hje can sell the con better with his age rewind..ahhaha..Can yu imagein ehow many celebs will line up at the celeb center for detox then..ahahha

  33. Starkiddie says

    You can find an even bigger portfolio of Katie & Suri in NYC on celebrity-gossip.net (I’m NOT affiliated with the site in any way, they just happen to have tons of katie & Suri pics)
    IMHO, Suri, tough still quite cute, is getting more average by the day and her mom Katie is getting way too tired and way too skinny. Dad Tom, for some weird reason, looks at least 10 years younger than he did in, say, 2002. Maybe it’s all the barley water he keeps mooching from his daughter (lol)

  34. says

    does anyone know why the wenmitress does nto want others to know what scientology is about so she insisted on blocking my comment

    Does anyone one know if that Ghost Whisperer show is still on…I used to watch it but cant seem to even find what channel it shows on

  35. says

    K..you are right…that is not my opinion just cutting and pasting and thats why I have the links..there a decription of death from botulism on one of the sites…very interestin that som efolks know ans some are suckered in by a sick idiot. lile Hubbard, Cruise and his child bride///////////////

  36. Miapocca says

    K..you are right…that is not my opinion just cutting and pasting and thats why I have the links..there a decription of death from botulism on one of the sites…very interestin that som efolks know ans some are suckered in by a sick idiot. lile Hubbard, Cruise and his child bride///////////////

  37. Mellynn says

    Suri is so cute…too bad she has to drink vomit everyday. Seriously….I nursed the first four months with both my boys. No smoking here…ick. If I did have so much as one glass of wine, then it was pump and dump for me. I’ll take my chances with breastmilk and formula as opposed to barley water, milk, and straight-out sugar.

    Fruitcakes, that’s what they are!!!!

  38. K says

    A comment on post #15- (I assume this is not your opinion, you are just stating “facts” from Scientologist propoganda, so I am in no way attacking you!!!) 🙂

    I don’t even know where to begin… I breast fed my daughter for 15 months, and have NEVER smoked a cig, and never had one drink while preg or bf. Also, according to Scientology, HONEY can be given as a substitute for corn syrup?!? Honey should never be given to infants because it contains botulism that doesn’t usually pose any threat to heathy adults, but babies can DIE from that! Seriously, WTF?!? I don’t think Scientologists should be allowed to procreate if they are treating babies like this!!!

  39. Miapocca says

    Scientilogist and the Grandparents
    (Note: I’ll include relevent definitions to some of the Scientology
    aka scieno-speak words at the end of this post.)

    The following passage comes from the book _Child Dianetics_ which
    describes how to apply the cult of Scientology’s “Dianetic” tech-
    niques to children. Any typos are likely my own.


    (from _Child Dianetics_ by L. Ron Hubbard, page 48)

    Perhaps the most insidious thing that can happen to the child is
    the exterior ally. Until you have processed a number of of people
    you may not realize how deadly is the ally in the sympathy engram.
    Grandparents should not be permitted into the home of their grand-
    children until they have learned to behave themselves dianetically.
    One can have all the mawkish sentimentality in the world and think,
    “My dear, dear grandparents”–but wait until you get back there in
    the reactive bank and find out what they did. They were very nice,
    true, but all too often they bought the child off and brok the
    affinity line between the parents and the child.


    In real life, many Scientologist family units simply “disconnect” from
    their relatives in order to “protect themselves” from the entheta
    of non-Scientologist relatives. As the family unit moves deeper and
    deeper into the arms of the cult they are apparently warned away from
    those outside of the cult, eventually leading to disconnection. This
    has also been known to happen *within* family units when a member
    begins to stray from the cult.


    (from _Child Dianetics_ by L. Ron Hubbard, pages 48-49)

    An ally blurting out to a feverish child, “My dear, I’m going to stay
    here until you are well,” becomes a leech upon that child’s mind.
    Consider what happens when a child gets very ill and grandma rants,
    “Do you think he will die? Oh, my dear, darling little baby, you are
    going to die. I know you are going to die. Please don’t leave me!”
    Later on in life the child slides into grandma’s valence, and a
    period of illness which originally ran about five days is keyed in
    and keeps the child sick for months!


    In the above passage, L. Ron seems to reinforce the dangerousness
    of the non-Scientologist family to the “Dianetic” family. This
    may lead to the family’s disconnection from relatives in the


    DEFINITIONS: (from the glossary in _Child Dianetics_)

    Affinity: Cohesion between individuals, or between an individual
    and the universe; a force of attraction operating to draw
    them into closer relationships.

    Ally: The person from whom sympathy came when the pre-clear was
    ill or injured. Since the ally’s purpose is aligned with the
    individual’s survival, the reactive mind computes that
    everything the ally does or says is right, especially whatever
    the ally said in the engram.

    Child Dianetics: That branch of Dianetics which is concerned
    with promoting the optimum survival of the immature human
    organism until such time as standard procedure for adults
    may be employed to erase engrams, usually around the age
    of twelve.

    Dianetics: The science and techniques as discovered and
    organized by L. Ron Hubbard; the science of optimum
    existence and survival. Dianetics means “through the

    Engram: A mental image picture of an experience containing
    pain, unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat
    to survival; it is a recording in the Reactive Mind of
    something which actually happened to an individual
    in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness,
    both of which are recorded in the mental image picture
    called an engram.

    Pre-Clear: One who is undergoing dianetic processing.

    Reactive Mind: That function of the mind which files and
    retains physical pain and painful emotion and seeks
    to direct the organism solely on a stimulus-response
    basis. It thinks only in identities.

    Valence: The personality and/or characteristics of a person
    or an object. Winning valence is the dominant or most
    successful role.

    Valence Shifter: An engramic command which forces the pre-clear
    to shift into a valence other than his own.

  40. Miapocca says

    Why can’t Scientology behave like a decent organization should, caring for its youth? Why does it have to violate the Universal Declaration of Human Right in pursuit of profit?

    The answer lies with their founder L. Ron Hubbard, who made his word into law for scientologists. Scientology can not change therefor, not by themselves, it would be against all that is sacred for them to abandon the twisted ideas of child abuse which emanated from Hubbard. If we want to see a change in the organization’s attitude toward children then it can only come from outward pressure. Get active, write your US representative, politicians, media and inform your friends. Spread the word!

    What does the Declaration has to say about these inhuman Scientology practices?

    Article 25.
    (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

    (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.


  41. Miapocca says

    Developmental goals…you need to graduat efrom one age to the other, if you cant take the bottle from you kid and graduate them to the next level, just imagine them as a teenager…you cant always match to the patter of tiny feet, you willlive to regret it in thier teenage years if you dont set gournd rule an dhelp them graduate from one phase to the other,….

  42. jenna says

    Katie looks terrible, her hair looks like a helmet wig.

    And Suri is way too old to be using that kind of bottle–she should have a sippy cup by now, at least during the day.

    Also, milk or formula or whatever she has should be for meals–inbetween meals while she is out and about she should only have water.

    BTW, that Scientology formula sounds like a mess–especially because every baby book and pediatrician will tell you ABSOLUTELY no honey before one year old!

  43. cherisse says

    actually there are a lot of babies still drinking out of a bottle at the age of 1years. Some don’t start drinking at a sippy cup until they are at the age of 2 years old. So it is normal that Suri is still drinking out of a bottle. Who knows she probably have sensitive gums and still have to drink out of a bottle because the top is soft enough to drink out of it is lots of babies that have to still drink out of bottle for many of reasons.

  44. Kris2 says

    I think her style is too much like Posh. About the bottle thing..every child is different…as well is all parents are different. This is her first child…

  45. Zbella says

    That Barley “formula” is absurd. Scientology should study a little science. Katie looks odd, and old here. Suri is very cute.

  46. Miapocca says

    Scientology’s Volunteer Minister’s Handbook:

    Breast feeding babies may have a nostalgic background, particularly to a Freudian oriented medico, but real breast milk again is usually a poor ration. Modern mothers smoke and sometimes drink. Smoking makes the milk very musty. Anyway, a nervous modern mother just can’t deliver the right ration. Maybe it’s the pace of the times or the breed, but there are few modern Guernsey-type mothers. So even without drinking or smoking, one should forget breast feeding.

    The foremost reason a baby doesn’t do well is poor rations. And to remedy that, here is a formula one can use:

    15 ounces of barley water
    10 ounces of homogenized milk
    3 ounces of corn syrup (As the Romans had honey, 2 ounces of honey may be used instead of corn syrup, if desired. Do not use lactose [a sugar found in milk, used in infant foods] as a substitute.) The amount of syrup should be varied – depending on the baby – some like it weak – some take it stronger.

  47. sunkissed says

    Oh just leave it alone. My daughter is almost 2 and still takes a bottle. At least Suri’s not running around with a stupid pacifier in her mouth like a lot of celebrity babies. That makes me sick when the kid is 3 and talking around a paci. It’s ridiculous.
    Sippies are so much like bottles these days it really doesn’t make a difference.

  48. 2teens3beans says

    Yes, but #7 & #9, they let Suri do whatever she wants and never tell her no… so I guess she’s keeping her barley milk bottle for a while!

  49. Chase says

    I guess it’s hard to train a child to give up their bottle when they’re in a different hotel every week. Who knows?

    Atleast leave the bottle at the hotel and save it for bedtime.

  50. Andrea says

    #2 Jennifer:
    The article had said it was a mixture of barley water, milk, and corn syrup, so what we see here can be that very mixture.

    I heard Katie is running the NY marathon. Hmm. Which heels will she run in? Run for your life, Katie. Keep running—away from Tom!

  51. Jennifer says

    Well guess there goes that who thing about Suri drinking barley and sugar water…or whatever it was. Looks like formula or milk to me.

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