Brangelina Criticized By Psychotherapist

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may not be doing their four children any favors by constantly schlepping them from city to city around the world.

The nomadic superstars, who have lived in at least a half-dozen cities in two years, may be hurting their eldest son, Maddox, 6, by pulling him from schools and the younger three by “not creating a stable environment outside the family unit,” said Manhattan-based psychotherapist/social worker Puja Hall, who’s been practicing for 21 years.

“Maddox is an adopted child, so he already has a sense of abandonment,” said Puja Hall. “Kids that constantly move are like army brats, in that very often they don’t want to open up to people. They feel loss, and there is a problem with attachment.”

So far, the Jolie-Pitt clan has lived in New Orleans, Paris, Namibia, Berlin and, most recently, New York, where Maddox attended the prestigious Lycée Francais for just six weeks. Now they’re in L.A., where Angelina is shooting “The Changeling.” Brad and Angelina are rumored to have enrolled at least one of the kids at Universal Studio’s child-care center.

“With the moves, the kids just don’t invest in relationships, because they’re going to lose them anyway,” Puja Hall told Page Six’s Marianne Garvey. “They think: ‘Why bother? I’m not gonna stick around. We’re gonna pick up and go, and the loss of friends is painful.’ ”

Puja Hall added that before Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 16 months, get any older, Angelina and Brad need to decide where to settle down. “It needs to be weighed,” said Puja Hall. “At some point, they will have to make some important choices so the kids can form those bonds and keep them.”

That’s not the only problem – the kids also seem to be skipping the waiting lists at the schools. “We would most likely not take a child for just a few months, because we have a waiting list. If we take them for two months and you pay for two months, we lose money and someone on the waiting list loses a spot,” said an employee at Lycée Francais, where the yearly tuition is $18,000 plus a $2,000 contract-signing fee.

“You still have to pay for at least half the year,” the staff member said.

Angelina’s rep, Cindy Guagenti, said that the story was “unfair to them” and that “it’s nobody’s business what they do with their kids.” She said Maddox only goes to Lycée schools. Brad’s rep didn’t get back to us.

Obviously, I am inclined to agree that the children shouldn’t be moved around so much, but they have eachother…I mean, they are a big family and certainly have eachother to provide comfort and continuity.



  1. A little psychoanalysis says

    Within the context of school activiities, baseball, etc. his son has earned a reputation for being “strange”. Another word which could be used is “unstable”.
    I’m afraid one day he’s going to “snap”.
    Dad has been told in no uncertain terms to “keep your son away from my child”.
    They tell me some of these concerned parents have called Child Protective Services regarding this issue.
    Dad has showed his 7 year old son hard pornography in an attempt to ensure he doesn’t become gay. Ironically, now the boy has a fascination with penis. Appropriate, because they say dad get excited with trannys::::He wants to lift her skirt and fondle her penis.
    He sure married the right girl.
    Parenting classes would be in order. And a little psychoanalysis.

  2. Annie says

    I would just like to point out that if someone was analizing your family what tiny little datails would they point out about you AND would you really appreciate this? I think not. I think what these two are doing is wonderful for these children. I also think that if these children grew up in the places where they were born I highly doubt they would get any kind of education at all. How in the world do we know or not know if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie don’t have a tutor that travels with them so Maddox does get the required education that he needs? I also agree that when you have a large family, most of the time, they take very very good care of eachother and they don’t need outside sources to help “socialize” them. Also I would rather my son learn from our family characteristics rather than another 6 year old in his class if you know what I mean.

  3. Fly On The Wall says

    I have some serious doubts about this woman’s professionalism, making public comments like this about a family and children she’s never even met, let alone treated. I’m a licensed clinical social worker myself, and I’d never make such a statement without adequate knowledge of the people involved, let alone go public with it. All she knows about the Jolie-Pitt family is what she’s read in the tabloids.

  4. Kelly says

    Any one noticed that after this article we have not seen the Jolie Pitt family? Anyway Pitts movie is bombing too an dI think they are realising that they are not as popular as they thought. I still don’t see the fun and education of letting orphaned kids like in posh expensive hotels aroun dthe world, tell we what dod they learn for the czech way of living in Prague, they go to expensive lycee schools not local schools so are they learning any new culture? That is BS.

  5. Judy says

    Wow what a crock. My father moved us 8 times because of his job. I still have driends that I stay in contact from 1st grade. None of us kids had problems with making friends and we were excited when we were going to move to another state or country. We didn’t have the problems that this so called shrink is saying here. We all did well in school and I wish I could take my kids and travel with them and see everything we saw .
    People just love to criticize others . Especially when they don’t have the money or fame so they get their 15 minutes by saying things like this without even meeting the parents or the kids.

  6. Granny says

    #9 As a former army brat I agreee. And one year we had to move 3 times. A little unusual but the miliatary base and problems with the houseing so we were moved off base and then 4 months later my dad was relocated.

    My sister, brother and I thought that kids who lived in the smae place for long lengths of time must have boring lives.

  7. oriana says

    Nicki Darling, you take care, get some rest, try not to get stressed out! It can be hard! I pray for you every night, and I still remember your friend also, hope she is doing better with some help!

    I don’t know too much about Jenny, and I don’t think any reporter would have the guts to ask Angie about her! Ha! I do agree, she was head over heels with BBT, I think it was a strong chemistry all the way and they have remained friends. I have heard him talk very fondly of her on the TV talk shows.

    Talk to you this weekend!!!!!!!

  8. Nicki says

    oriana~Thanks for the kind thoughts.
    I do differ with her “affair going strong with JS.” You do remember she was married to BBT when she adopted Maddox. I believe they were probably in contact (by phone) ocassionally, but I don’t anything physical was happening. She seemed very devoted to BBT. She is friends with each of her ex’s. I wonder if Madonna is still in touch with Jenny S. I doubt it, she was with Madonna before Angie and it seems she is obessed with Angie, and doesn’t care about Madonna.
    Jenny S used to model, Clavin Klein I believe, and had a good income. That all dried up and I believe she made up stories to make money in the last 3 years. Knowing Angie won’t respond to tabloid BS, she could say whatever and get paid. If anyone legit, asks Angie in an interview she will respond about quickly and end it at that about the lies. JMO.

    Be back again maybe Sunday. Hope you are doing well oriana. Give Ozzy a hug and a kiss from me.
    oriana~Take care and enjoy!!

  9. oriana says

    Nicki, glad to hear the pup is doing okay. It is really like dealing with a sick child, only they can’t talk!

    I don’t think Angie adopting Asian kids, from any country, has to do with a twisted mind. I think she really feels a “Calling” to adopt kids from these countries, that is why I see her continuing to adopt instead of having biological children. As for Jenny, I do think the affair was still going strong when she adopted Maddox but since Brad, she has broken it off, I don’t see her screwing up things with the father of her children, she knows they love and need him and I don’t see Brad closing his eyes to that behavior.

  10. Nicki says

    Hey oriana~everyone is ok, just my pup needs a bit of extra care. He actually spent the last two days at his hospital, thats why I had a bit of time to get on here. He is doing well (as expected-good long term outlook) but a bit of adjusting with some meds.
    I can’t wait to see the movie, just doesn’t look promising in the next 3 weeks. Thanks for thinking of me, everyone is ok, just busy. Hope all is well with you and yours!

    Jenna M. (UK)~ Exactly!!!! Well said.

    Also, for anyone interested, Angie, while filming Tomb Raider, visited an orphanage. Maddox happened to be the last baby she held. He was tiny and sleeping. Angie said when the caretaker placed him in her arms, he woke up and smiled a huge smile. That is when she knew she wanted to adopt him. It didn’t happen overnight, more like 4-6 months. They probably do have a special bond, but #62 to call it twiisted just shows how your mind works.

  11. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #62, Please don’t be so ignorant, not all Asian people look the same. For a start, Jenny Shimizu has Japanese heritage while Maddox has Khmer, they are different races.

    And the thing about years of brith, I believe in astrology too but it doesn’t completely define a person’s life and personality, your last paragraph just sounded a little crazy to me.

  12. oriana says

    Nicki, I hope you are okay and no one is ill at your house? Take Care, I will be watching for you. Yes, indeed, I saw Jesse, LOVED it and I think Brad did an excellent job but really Casey Affleck stole the show (he owes Brad Big Time, for recommending him)! You will see it eventually, don’t worry, something to look forward too and I am sure it will be out on DVD too.

    You have a good evening and I’ll be thinking of you!

  13. Nicki says

    HI oriana~been very busy and will be for the next 3 weeks. I will pop on once and a while here and there.
    How have you been? Hope all is well with you.

    I was hoping to see Brads new movie today but I won’t be able to. It is only playing in two theatres here, both of which are 80 minutes away. With the lenght of the movie and the drive I can’t do it. I hope to in a couple of weeks. I know you saw it and I believe you really enjoyed it. Am I correct?
    “Talk” to you sometime,lol. Take care.

  14. oriana says

    I don’t think stolen is the proper word, enticed, seduced, manipulated, lured, all more fitting. And I am not referring to Angie, but to all weak married men and Yes, some women too!!!

  15. stephsw5 says

    how does one adult “steal” another one? thats ridiculous! a GROWN man left his wife! if you are going to blame someone, blame Brad! no one held a gun to his head! my husband cheated and i kicked his arse out! he was supposed to be dedicated to me! unfortunately, he was not, but i do not blame the other woman! HE was my husband and HE chose to cheat!

    now, as far as this phycho-sexual analyst is concerned, i am SURE brad and angelina are going to lose sleep over what they think! the children always look happy and regardless of how much they are traveling, they are grounded in their family and have two very loving, happy parents. thats a heck of a lot more than most kids have!

  16. lily says

    #60 This for Cathy – I was not pushing Buddhism on Jolie – I brought up Buddhism because she adopted two sons which were Buddhist . This is why I wanted to introduce her to the Buddhist temple in Ukiah – it was for the benefit of her sons. I think that they are the best parents as they take the children everywhere they go instead of leaving them at home. These children are very lucky to have parents like them

  17. Irene says

    Mi*pocca, everything you are saying rings true. As far as Angie’s relationship with Maddox, I think there’s something twisted there, too, because Angie had a thing with Jenny Shimizu, remember? And then next thing you know, she adopts an Asian boy . . . I know, it sounds weird, but so is she. And then she adopts Pax “so Madd has someone who looks like him.” It’s just weird all the way down the line! Brad is going to be a totally helpless sidekick, stuck with the childrearing because “he’s more of a mother to them than I am” says Jolie. And just for those of you who are into Chinese astrology, they are both born in the Year of the Rabbit/Cat, which means that they are intellectual types, not physical, so all of her talk about how charged up she is sexually, even in kindergarten, is bull*&*#. She just likes to play with people’s minds.

  18. oriana says

    I hope lili isn’t trying to promote that in Texas, I don’t see it going over too good down there, pardner! I love my socks, Don’t Mess with Texas!!!!!

  19. Cathi says

    this is for lily from tx…who posted all the way at the top of this page: stop trying to push buddhism on angelina jolie!
    do you honestly think she reads these blogs anyway? pa-leeze!

  20. Cathi says

    everyone has an opinion. but none of us have walked in angie or brad’s shoes. one thing i know for sure is that you can’t judge what other people do because you haven’t experienced what they have.

    moving around will be fine for some kids but bad for others. it just depends on the individual.

  21. oriana says

    I like this webmistress, I am happy she hasn’t thrown me off yet! THANK YOU WEBMISTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. says

    Dont see whey you clean comment anyway webmistree..we all know you copy the new a week later from celeb baby scoop and celeb baby…no original story ever on this pathetic site but the folks..ahhaha

  23. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    this whole thing pisses me off. I was a so called “army brat” and i can assure all of you i turned out just fine. I have no relationship problems and have pleanty of friends. I have traveled the world and have friends from all over the world…so dont give me any of this BS!

  24. Sara says

    “What the public sees is someone who has a lot of issues to work out.” – Perhaps you should rephrase that to “what some of the public sees,” because there are a lot of people who don’t pressume to know whether someone has issues or not just based on a few pictures in magazines and a bunch of tabloid lies. I wouldn’t even begin to know if she has issues, and you have no idea either. And you don’t know the whole story with her father or with Brad, none of us do. I just don’t understand why there are so many people who on different message boards who are all pretending like they have the inside scoop to everything that is going on in their lives. It’s ridiculous to pass judgment on someone you don’t even know.

  25. Zbella says

    #49 – So they shouldn’t have kids at all, right? Because of the paps? Oh, that’s right, they are supposed to let the nanny raise them, take them to school, etc.

    I see some validity to what miacoppa has to say – although I do not see AJ as abusive in any way. I do think she may cleave to her family as it fulfills her, but that is not nec. a bad thing.

  26. LAURIE HARRIS says

    What business is it of hers to tell BRAD & ANGIE how to live their lives..Brad said it best when he said that travelling as a family around the world and learning new a great way to educate the kids

    So mind your own business and leave them alone

  27. Yeah says

    Army brats don’t have 200 cameras in their faces every day either.. That can’t be too healthy for the J-P kids. I think the J-P’s have some romantic idea that they are being gypsies and travelling the world to enlighten and educate their kids.. What’s so educational about a deluxe penthouse at the Waldorf and an art store on 5th ave?

    Maddox will get sick of it rebel someday.

  28. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Exactly Nicki, I said the same thing further up. People only care because its Brangelina and they want to find something to criticise about them. They are the couple the world lvoes to hate, they will never be able to do anything good in the eyes of some people. Which I think is such a shame as they are amazing humanitarians.

    Did anyone notice that this “psychotherapist” is actually a sex therapist? She’s no more qualified to make these statements about the Jolie-Pitt kids than a random hobo on the street, especially as she’s never actually met them!

  29. says

    Evcen Madonna , the mosr scandolous of them all has a stable HOME for her kids…think about it…The go to regular school, mayb e mor eexpesnive but they have friends to play with…The jolie pitts cling together with no firends that depressing

  30. oriana says

    I do recall back in March she said she was going to be a stay at home Mom, now maybe her idea of stay at home, is different from the normal Mom, but when was that supposed to start?

  31. oriana says

    I don’t think there is anything Fake about Nicki, especially her concern for Brad and Angie’s children. She is totally sincere when it comes to them. We have had disagreements about our point of view and I know she is serious!

    I too feel like kids should have a stable home base, but I do have friends that are military, they do travel around, not every two to three months but different locations over the years, they have all turned out really good and weren’t hurt any by it.

    Nicki, raining here, lightly, having a quiet weekend my Dear, hope you are getting some rest and peace. Will talk to you tomorrow my Dear!

  32. Al&J says

    Fly on the way.

    Just noticed your post, same time as mine. So not only has this professional never had any interaction with these children, but notice how her area of research and expertise is in sex addiction. Ahem. So ofcourse that would make her very qualified to speak on this matter.

  33. Al&J says

    Hi Nicki.

    “Please stop with the fake concern about the Jolie-Pitt children. If they do write a book in 20 years, I hope all of you concerned about how thier upbringing will buy it.”

    Oh, this line cracked me up. Ha. Thank you :).

    I don’t really read all the posts myself. I’ll skim. If it’s an original valid thought (positive or negative) then I’ll stop and read it, but mostly I sense it’s the same stuff regurgitated over and over. Does not peak my interest whatsoever.

    Oh don’t forget to add Gwen who has Kingston on tour with her to your list. I thought I read that Faith and Tim have their three children on tour with them, moving from venue to venue.

    But ofcourse there are different rules for different celebrities. Very convenient.

  34. Fly On The Wall says

    Where does this “professional” get off diagnosing children she’s never treated? I’m an LCSW and I’d never do anything as unprofessional as that.

  35. Nicki says

    Why the old, old, old pic??? There are so many new ones out there, oh OK, it is Babyrazzi. I do like this site, but hardly any good pics, we get one when there are 50 new ones out there.

    Like the people here……..hey oriana, how have you been? Good I hope. Take care.

  36. Nicki says

    OK~ I haven’t read more than 17 posts.
    Why is noone complaining about ALL the other families who are traveling around with thier children? Will Smith and Jada take thier kids everywhere, (yeah no pics, I guess the paps don’t care enough to follow thier private jet) And ALL the stars that have done it for years and years. Dustin Hoffman brought his whole family everywhere he travelled, with tutors for the children. Are they in the news, being arrested, caught DUI, etc? NO. Paul Mcartney and his wife Lina had their children travelling constantly, and all 4 of them are just fine. They are sucessfully and well adjusted.
    Please stop with the fake concern about the Jolie-Pitt children. If they do write a book in 20 years, I hope all of you concerned about how thier upbringing will buy it.
    OH and Matt Damon travels around with his baby and 9 year old step daughter. Why how damaged is she already? (sarcasim).
    Take care of your own children, they all have individual needs, try and focus on your own, not others.

  37. says

    you idoits how can anybody make any kind of statements with-out any-body talking to Maddox i was raised by parents that are both in the Military and yea we moved around alot but i wouldn’t trade it for anything in the World i went to places all over the world i still keep in contact with friends i met in school and yes it would be nice for some kids to live in one place for awhile i looked forward to going to all the new places and new people i would meet it was great i am 25 years old and i still wouldn’t trade my moving from one place to another it was an adventure look at Maddox’s face and the rest of the kid’s they have been traveling for awhile and Maddox looks happy and so do the other kids no-body has a right to judge them

  38. says

    Yep Irene ..glad you can see what I am helps to have been around one of thos eemotionally abusive contorlling women ..who of course LOVE you the best and noone can love you quite like they do..ahahhaha

    She built a web and by the time those kids escape its going to be terrible..her mother did it to her and she is conitnuing the cyscle of emotional abuse..she needs help..Brad pitt ha sbeen in chicago and no sigh ot his mother…she is continuously isolatin ghim fomr his friends..THEY DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS…that unhealthy…I ahve seen this happen before and the children will grow up, go to anothe rhome ans be shocked by the difference in nuturing and the free love istead of rendering payment for mummys approval..its a sick situation and Brad pitt is just oo sick to speak up or say he made a mistake tin leaving anniston, bit in hooking up with her crazy manupulative controlling ars..e…she uses the kids to keep him around….if he ever tries to walk, one of thje kids will magically have an emergency or they will adopt more …I have seen it lal befor eand it makes for a sick famil drama…child service should be after her not the other crazy pop wreck..

  39. says

    Yep; infant can feel abandonment….it may be early but bondingis very important in infancy to pretty much can define your future relationship with your mother..Agelina seems like she bonded well with Maddox and he seemed to had settle in Liousiana as they claimes then all of asudden thtey change their mind..I gues Brad and the Kids were starting to form roots especially since mama pitt was there to visit….can you imagine they were in chicago and brads parents were no where to be seen with the kids..ahahhaha…they really dont like her…

  40. says

    Irene glad you can spot it …it takes haven lived with osmeon like tha tto know whats going one….Brad pitt pretty much is being isolated from his friends as are the kids…they have no one because angelina has no one and in her mind..they are all she’s got, so they are emoitionaly bound to her..its called EMOTIONAL ABUSE…I eonder if that how Betrand was able to effectively destroy any relationship between her kids an sthier father..pathetic woman left scars from here to her grave..Angelin abeter work it out with her pyschologist to break the cycle of moetherly abuse..SHE IS SICK…

  41. Irene says

    Not only do they move around a lot, inbetween moves they are also nomadic, like just over the summer when they rented a castle in France for a month and then they were here in Chicago for a month. Miapocca, you are SO right! That is EXACTLY what she is doing!!! And I can recognize it from personal experience.

  42. oriana says

    I do think little David is a cutie!

    Brad didn’t come from an unstable background! Where did that come from?

  43. Malayka says

    Thatis obvious andd should not take a psychologist to tell those two. It is selfish of them especially since they both claim to have come from unstable backgrounds though I am still wondering when Brad Pitt joined the ‘ I was so lonely’ bandwagon.

    Maddox has changed so much since Brad joined Angelina, he seems subdued and withdrawn. I hope since they pay attention to tabloids – though they claim not to, they will think of those kids first and not themselves. Even Madonna is doing a better job with Banda.

  44. Deeds says

    Oriania, The best ***** seafood resturant in Seattle is Matt’s at the Market. It’s in the Pike Place market.

  45. Madison says

    One more thing, why are THERE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY NEGATIVE POSTINGS. No wonder children suffer. POSITIVE THINKING goes a whole hel______ another l way for people to succeed. THIS IS ADVICE FOR ALL.

  46. Madison says

    I disagree. Maddox was adopted as an infant. He doesn’t have knowledge of abandonment (at least, until he reads the paparazzi’s accounts of his life). At this point, this is his way of life. If his parents and his siblings give him security, he’ll thrive. So many children are messed up by the parents who fail to think of their best interests (e.g., fighting in front of the children, failure to care for their education, letting them watch t.v., after school, etc). There are no right answers. It’s the quality of the love, genuine love, care, understanding that a child receives to thrive. AGAIN, it’s the quality. Get over judging people or pidgeonholing kids.

  47. Deeds says

    I guess what goes around comes around. AJ didn’t ask for Puja Halls advice on how to raise her chidren. Anymore than Madonnna asked AJ’s advice on who she should adopt.

  48. Sarah says

    army brats don’t relocate every 6 weeks though. Angelina and Brad barely stay in one place for longer than a matter of weeks. If you went to 5 different schools in the same year, I would tend to say it definitely doesn’t provide a kid with educational stability.

  49. Jesus is coming says

    Now you are telling us to go and worship a statue. Jesus-Christ # 1. Brangelina are crazy.

  50. fee says

    #11: It is an army post not a base.

    During my travels I have seen a lot of different places. EuroDisney, Colorado Springs, Eifel Tower, Paris at night, Luxembourg, castles up and down the Rhine River, Pike’s Peak, Pittsburgh zoo, etc. I have also experienced a good deal of culture because people in the army are so diverse. It is an awesome way to live.

  51. joy says

    i agree this is doing them no good most people would say that brad and angie are one of the best hollywood parents. yeah right!

  52. Miapocca says

    The man is totally right….they need to decide where to settle..but in famiied where the mother is pycho and needs to bind the fmialy to them, they isolate their families form everyone and bind the husband and kids to them by moving a lot so the only constancy the feel is with teh mother or they give the family member a bad self esteem and so only mummy spraises can make it better…

    Regardles ssome familie sdo worse, however a concerned parnet with enough money to provide stable family atmosphere should ocnsider what is in the best interest of the children and going to school for 6 weeks is no treally a healthy environment to make nay firends….wether we like it or not we do need friends outside of your family who can help you figure out if yo uhave a pyscho amongst yours.hahah

  53. dori says

    I said this over and over again. They are not doing their kids any favors moving them around so much. Lucky to be adopted YES by Brad and Angie NOT REALLY!!!!!

  54. Chase says

    Seriously it seems it would be easier for all involved if they just stayed in one place and each parent could go out and do their work. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to move these four kids around like this, no matter how rich you are.

    Seems exhausting to me to always be on the go from place to place.

  55. Cindy says

    what a load of bull. how about discussing how lucky those kids are to have a good loving home…. and how more couples should adopt instead of always wanting ‘their own’.

  56. days says

    Angelina is one strange gal. What the public sees is someone who has a lot of issues to work out. She accuses her father for being unfaithful to her mother, but then steals another woman’s husband. If she’s going to do that, why the double standard with her father?

    And she does very, very, very strange photos. Anyone seen that one where she’s topless and a horse is like sucking her breasts? What in the world is that????

  57. Al&J says

    This is a great article. Want to know why?
    First, it’s from a tabloid. The New York post is so credible.
    Second, Ms. Hall doesn’t have any expertise in the field of child rearing and children beaviour whatsoever because she she is a psychotherapist that specializes in sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity and co-dependency. Surprise, surprise. She loses credibility points with me BIG TIME. What a joke. She has a website, just plug her name into any search engine.
    Third,Cindy G is not even Angelina’s rep, she’s Brad’s, but ofcourse Angelina will take the fall for this as usual.

    My thoughts, Brad and Angelina will do what they feel is right for their children whether people approve or not. I applaud them. They don’t need anyone, not even advice wheeling sex therapist Puja telling them how to raise their children.

  58. PJ says

    I know a few army brats and they all said they hated moving from one place to another. As far a seeing a lot of different things, yea they did, a lot of different army bases.

  59. fee says

    Ok i have been an army brat my entire life and most of my friends are as well. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have problems opening up and don’t have attachment problems. Was it annoying to pick up and move? Yes but I loved every minute of it. when you grow up with that lifestyle everyday is an adventure for you. By the time I was 12, I had seen things people in their 40s dreamt of seeing. Don’t knock the moving around lifestyle until you have tried it.

  60. letibe says

    Not only are dealing w/ the moving around, but the papparazzi. Poor kids. We will find how they wil turn out.

  61. Bee says

    I can´t stand to see those poor kids travelling from one location to another. They need a fixed home! Nevertheless I like the Pitt-Jolie family. They are unique…

    It´s funny that you use the word “schlepping” because actually it´s a german word, very coll. for “carry”… That´s very interesting and I like that… (it´s like the english use of the german “kindergarten”)

  62. Lauren says

    I agree with this conclusion. It’s only going to be detrimental to those kids if they keep uprooting them every few weeks. They should have a main home base for them. Maddox is only 6 and he’s been to a bunch of different schools.

  63. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh come on people, how hypocritical are you all? Plenty of people move around a lot as kids and do just fine! And look at every other acting couple with kids. Do you think they just stay in the same place all the time? No, they have to move around for their job as well but nobody criticises them for that. But as its Brad and Angelina, everybody jumps on the bandwagon and starts slagging them off. Their kids are lucky to have them as parents.

    The thing most likely to damage those kids’ childhoods is irresponsible media coverage such as this and stalking paps.

  64. Janet says

    Uh oh — Angie’s crazy side is coming out again. How are we supposed to accept her as the next “mother to all” with that kind of attitude?

  65. Denise says

    Really! And having each other isn’t going to be enough in the years to come. They’ll want to expand their relationships beyond the family. If they only have each other they’ll never know how to socialize outside the family realm. And good for Puja Hall for finally saying it out loud!!!

  66. lily, Tx says

    This family so special, their are best parents in the world, Angelina I would like to invite you to visit www. and learn Buddhism for your son , the 10,000 Buddhas temple is an excellent place to learn

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