Uma Thurman Startles Onlookers With Her Luminous Form!

Uma Thurman

“Uma Thurman shocks at Prince Charles gala by revealing too much cleavage!”

That was a headline from The Daily Mail. Further, they reported:

Uma Thurman startled onlookers at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks event with an outfit which left little to the imagination.

The actress’s impressive cleavage was clearly visible as she arrived on the red carpet in a Valentino sparkler which was virtually see-through.

Thurman’s daring dress is a look not often associated with her.

The 37-year-old mother-of-two, who was co-hosting the star-studded charity event, rarely makes a fashion faux pas on the red carpet.

Good gracious….she looks AMAZING! She looks luminous and she deserves to showcase her voluptuous figure! I don’t think anyone at the gala minded anyway! 🙂

Uma’s daughter, Maya, is 9 and her son, Roan, is 5.



  1. Cathi says

    duh..she knew exactly what she was doing. in a darkened room, you could still see through that dress. for whatever reason, she wanted to wear a shocking dress. she acheived her goal. end of story.

  2. Tia :) THE REAL TIA! says

    Andrea, you do make a point here…maybe the flashes did make it see through…i dunno..the more i think of it…the woman DOES have a great body…so good for her!

  3. Andrea says

    The $10,000 question is: did she so it on purpose or was she unaware it was so much see-through? (camera flashes)

  4. oriana says

    I am surprised at her, she has kids that aren’t little babies! She usually does show more class about herself than this.

  5. Zbella says

    N – you may be right! It might be from the bright lights making it more see through. Remember the famous picture of Princess Di where the sun was shining through her skirt?

  6. Z Za says

    LOVE the celebs…we hate the paps, we don’t want our pictures taken…we want our PRIVACY…. so this is how we go about getting it….

  7. N says

    Im sure she looked in a mirror before she left her home. Shoot, how about at the boutique where she bought the dress. Im sure she tried it on and modeled it in the mirrors that circled her dressing room. The flashes of lights from the bulbs on the photogs cameras make alot of the celebs clothes appear see through…. Too bad the designers who designed this dress dont take that into account. Or maybe they just dont see it as that big a deal….with all the other crap on tv or the net or in mags ….. basically everywhere!

  8. onatear says

    This is so unlike her!!! What happened? She must have thought that the folds on top would stay covering her nipple!! She is so classy, I can’t believe she left the house like this!

  9. sara says

    The dress would be stunning with a slip or liner underneath….too revealing….what is this society (generation) coming to?? I remember the 70’s where you’d see “no bra” days…but not see through.

  10. Zbella says

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think she is a 37 year old mother of 2 showing waaaay too much nipple and belly.

  11. crazykraut says

    she looks pregnant. I also thought she had smaller breast and her nipples shine through pretty dark for her light complexion. When I was reading the article I was looking for were it said she is pregnant

  12. says

    Pretty inappropriate, if you ask me….on other sites they had to cover up all her “bits” that were clearly see-through. Someone hasn’t been given enough media attention lately, it seems!

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