John C. McGinley & Wife Expecting A Daughter

John C. McGinley

Scrubs star John C. McGinley and his wife are enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of their daughter.

“We’re having a baby!” a beaming John, 48, announced to People magazine at Wednesday’s Scrubs Season 7 premiere party hosted by Bombay Sapphire in West Hollywood.

“I’ll give you the inside scoop,” he said. “We found out it’s a baby girl, and she’s coming February 2! So that’s our big announcement. That’s our big thing.”

John, who already has a 10-year-old son, Max, from a previous marriage, added that he hopes this child is the first of many for the couple.

“Nicole and I want to have an army,” said John. “You know, we want to have as many kids as we’re lucky enough to have. I’ve always wanted to surround Max with brothers and sisters and that’s what we’re going to do!”

John and Nicole were married at his Malibu home on April 7th, and said he feels like “it’s a gift … when your plans actually work out it’s pretty great.”

John, who is currently shooting the final season of Scrubs, says, “Everybody keeps asking what I’m going to do after Scrubs. I don’t know what I’m doing … I’m going to take care of my little girl – that’s what I’m doing!”

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  1. Mellynn says

    I love this guy. If you watch “Scrubs”, you can tell he has quite a bond with the kid who plays his son. Good for them!!!!!!

  2. juliemagdalene says

    Yay! He’s awesome in Scrubs and he’s so devoted to his son wo has Downs Syndrome. I guess he speaks all over the country about Downs Syndrome. Congratulations to them on their up and coming baby girl…he’s going to be an awesome dad!!!!

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