Jennifer Garner & Violet

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer was snapped with Violet (who turns 2 in December) at the theater where Jennifer is rehearsing the stage play Cyrano de Bergerac. “She seems to love watching Jen work in there,” according to a witness. “And Jen loves having her around.”

In related news, Jennifer is the new face of influenza!

Jen appears in a new public service announcement promoting the importance of flu shots for, which is operated by the American Lung Association.

“Women play an important role in a family. It’s our job to take care of those we love, that’s why I make sure my family is protected against influenza,” Jennifer said. “Look around, and you’ll see someone in your life who should receive an influenza vaccination. There’s the couple with young children, like my husband and I, or your parents, who are over 50 years of age, or your friend who will be pregnant during influenza season. It’s also likely you know someone living with a serious medical condition, like asthma, COPD, heart disease, or diabetes. My own father has heart complications.”

“As one of the many Faces of Influenza, you and I and those close to us need to get vaccinated,” Jennifer says in the PSA. “Influenza isn’t the common cold – it’s serious.”

Violet turns 2 in December.

My husband, myself and my two children do get the flu vaccine every year now, but I didn’t know it was that serious. I suspect this campaign has some big pharm dollars behind it.

Hmmmm…upon investigation it turns out that I am right…the campaign is being funded by Sanofi Pasteur. In reality, the American Lung Association is just the “front.” Sanofi Pasteur is the money behind it. Big pharma companies are influencing our children’s lives in a very direct way…but they do everything very furtively behind closed doors. You probably didn’t hear, but it was just reported today that The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has expanded the approved age range for Menactra, a bacterial meningitis vaccine.

Originally approved by the FDA in 2005 for use by people ages 11 to 55 years, it is now approved to include children ages 2 to 10 years.

Meningitis is a serious inflammation of the lining that surrounds the spinal cord and brain and can result in death or permanent injury.

Before Menactra’s approval, Menomune was the only meningococcal vaccine available in the United States for use in children, ages 2 years and older. Both products are manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur Inc. of Swiftwater, Pa., and both offer protection against four groups of Neisseria meningitidis, the bacterium that can cause meningitis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends meningococcal vaccination for children ages 2 to 10 years who are at increased risk of meningococcal disease, such as those whose spleen has been removed; those with a medical condition that makes it difficult to fight infection; and those who expect to travel to areas where the disease is common.

Vaccination also is used to control outbreaks of bacterial meningitis.
I will continue this another time, as this goes extremely deep. Sanofi Pasteur is a joint company of Merck and Sanofi-Aventis. Read more here about what Sanofi Pasteur is trying to do with the already controversial and experimental Gardasil vaccine for girls. If you have a daughter, you should know about Gardasil. Sanofi Pasteur managed to push through making this vaccine MANDATORY for young girls.  Who wants to allow their children to unwittingly be guinea pigs in big pharma’s experiments?


  1. oriana says

    I’m going to get my usual Flu shot this year! I can’t take any chances, and if it kills me, well, I am too OLD anyway so I guess It won’t be tooo big of a gamble!!!!! But I am going to have a big ole Choc milkshake before I take it, just in case!!!

  2. Mellynn says

    I’m a moron, huh? Because I love my kids enough to prevent diseases that could kill them? If that, by definition, makes me a moron, then I will happily sleep nights. But my question is, dear, what does that make you, other than an ignorant alarmist who believes her own knowledge is superior to those who have studied infectious diseases for years? Arrogant? Egotistical? A BAD MOTHER? Oh, I vote for all three!!!

  3. onatear says

    THey look a little “papparazzi-ed” out…too many ‘razzi in their faces. And she has tried very hard to be good natured about it. I think these guys with cameras ought to look for other work. WHO buys the magazines with these pix? Please tell me. I don’t know anyone who does!
    Posters…do you buy them? thanks

  4. Analise says

    Mellyn the moron. You and Jenna should be BFF. Jennifer Garner is stupid. It’s not hard to figure out every time she talks.

  5. zoom zoom zoom says

    I am not a big fan of pharma companies either. On one hand, they make way too much money of off everything. But on the other hand, they are needed for a healthy and long life. On flu, I just want to make it clear that flu is not your common cold. Thousands of people actually die from flu in this country alone, especially younger children and the elderly. For younger children, I will ask for the mercury-free fluzone:

  6. Lilac says

    I was at the store yesterday and they were offering the Flu Vaccine right there. (Which makes one think. Could they possible have problems selling it?? Like at the hospital? Couldn’t be, could it?) The cashier asked the old man in front of me if he’s going to get one. He said, nope. He went on to say that he hasn’t had the flu since 1979. He said he got a flu shot in 1979 and 2 weeks later he had the flu. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Through some research, I’ve found that the Flu Vaccine is the most useless vaccine. They basically GUESS at which strain of the flu virus (of the many possible strains) will be circulating next year and create a vaccine using this GUESSWORK. Most of the time they guess wrong.

    What you do get with the Flu Vaccine though, is MERCURY, which is still in it.


    I’d be careful with the Flu Vaccine. Definitely would NOT give it to children.

  7. Andrea says

    I think the moderation by this site is random. I posted a link of a cute picture of Suri and it said it was waiting moderation. Then I noticed it had been taken off. I haveno idea why.

  8. oriana says

    sarah, I got shingles right after 9/11, it was horrible!! It lingered for over two months, I had to go to the ER twice with it, I feel so sorry for ANYONE that gets it, the doctor told me it was brought on by Stress. It is horrible.

    I remember when David Letterman had it in his eye, that is why he was off the air for several weeks, I feel for anyone that gets it!

  9. oriana says

    Mellynn, you didn’t make me mad my Dear! Ha! I have a poor immune system due to being a diabetic, my doctor had me take the flu and the pneumonia vaccine last year! Now I am really confused!!!!!!!!

  10. Sarah says

    actually number 3, not to be picky but the adult form of chicken pox that adults contract is called shingles, not chicken pox.

    And I think Jen looks fine, she seems to be enjoying motherhood alot.

  11. Jillian says

    How long has Gardisil been around? How many studies have been done on it? And over what length of time?
    I’m curious.

  12. Jillian says

    This is prevnar though..not the flu vaccine.

    I think that “some” vaccines may be necessary, especially if it is a life threatening illness. The flu, typically, is not.

    So many people are vaccinated against the flu, a certain percentage of those people actually “get” the flu. They then buy flu remedies (even though the flu is viral) to relieve the symptoms. And, voila! companies make a ridiculous amount of money off making people sick.

    We have an immune system for a reason.

  13. Andrea says

    #23 Laurie Harris:

    Actually, I’ve seen many pictures of Violet in strollers. In fact, Jen has several… Now if you want to complain about someone being carried all the time and NEVER in a stroller, well, that would be our very own never disciplined SURI!

  14. lily says

    #29 I misspelling like I want correct, We like Jennifer Garner, she is very good actress, we like her movie

  15. lily says

    We lake Jennifer she look so natural and pretty, she is much better than Jennifer Lopez, Ben made good choice, Violet so cute

  16. Lagirl says

    I was sooo disappointed to learn that she was pushing the flu shot! Our children receive far too many vaccines as it is. They receive something like 36 before the age of 18 months (some are combined into one shot as well!) Big pharma is taking over and it is getting so ridiculous!

  17. LAURIE HARRIS says



  18. Pika says

    Okay, are these two just out of prison, or time traveling from England in the 1600s? Love ’em, but not their duds.

  19. luckylee13 says

    it’s nice to see a hollywood mom & her child look normal & down to earth. it’s as if they’re enjoying each other so much that they don’t feel the need to be so overly concerned with how they look.

  20. LAURIE HARRIS says

    thank you for the photos of jen and violet
    she looks a lot better when she is running down the street smiling or in her jogging
    stroller.. wonder why she has to be carried
    all the time .. Now that they are taking cold
    medication for under 6 off the market getting
    the flu shot is not a bad idea.

  21. DJ says

    Since the webmistress is obviously insane, maybe someone else can take over this site and return it to its original purpose (showcasing cute celeb tots) and banning the anti-vaccine hysteria. What a nut!

  22. LMAO says

    Looks like she is wearing a burlap sack!

    And….webmistress! This is a site for celebrities and their babies! Keep your personal “pharm” views to yourself!

  23. Mama says

    In every picture I see of her, it looks like Violet doesn’t have any eyeballs. Her eyes are sooo dark they look like sockets. She’s cute though 🙂

  24. **S says

    Violet looks cute no matter what.

    Both my kids get the flu shot. One has bad allergies and asthma, my younger son was born with a minor heart problem and spent time in the hospital after delivery.

    question for anyone….am i the only one experiencing the ads? I click on babyrazzi and I go to an ad instead of here. Then I have to click “skip ad” or whatever. Driving me crazy and I don’t like it.

  25. DMITZ says

    I take that back. That top would look cute with a short black shirt underneath, some black pantyhose and some cute black close toe heels.

  26. DMITZ says

    I think Violet looks so much like Jennifer. She has grown so much this year!

    I think Jennifer has a good head on her shoulders so if she’s promoting the flu shot, then she must have her good reasons behind it. I think it’s a 50/50 thing – with people having mixed emotions on it. It’s not like she’s supporting abortion or anything like that people! She’s just supporting a vaccine. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. It’s your personal choice, it doesn’t matter what Jennifer does or doesn’t do.

    I think it’s cool that she’s dressed down. I personally wouldn’t wear that top she has on, but good for her for knowing how to kick back and not care what she looks like! I’m sure getting all dolled up for her job is tiring so this is a nice change for her.

  27. Mellynn says

    Oriana, the webmistress is using this site again as her anti-vaccine soapbox. In my opinion, it’s grossly irresponsible.

    How are you otherwise?! 🙂

  28. Violets Auntie says

    Jen gets a makeover every night when she dons costume and makeup in her role as Roxanne in “Cyrano de Bergerac” on Broadway, and every other time she takes an acting role. When she’s not working, she’s like the rest of us, no makeup and casual clothes.

  29. Irritated says

    By the way, you have a banner ad for Theraflu on your site, which is a product of Novartis (a “big pharma” company). Maybe you should practice what you preach.

  30. Irritated says

    I enjoy this blog to see cute pictures of celebs with their kids. I don’t enjoy reading about how “big pharma” is tyring to hurt children. Pharmaceutical companies are vital to the U.S. because of the research they do in order to save lives.

    If you didn’t think the flu vaccine is serious, why do you get the shot every year? Probably because it is the smart thing to do for your family. What is the problem with Jennifer Garner wanting to be the spokesperson for an important cause?

    It is also completely insane that you anyone would view Garasil as controversial. I know its crazy to think about, but someday in the future your child will most likely become sexually active. Cervical cancer is spread by a common virus (HPV) which can be prevented by Gardasil. Why in the world would you not want to prevent cancer? Vaccines save lives, so please do your research before saying otherwise.

  31. Mellynn says

    If I had a daughter, you bet your sweet bippy I’d get her Gardisil. My children get every vaccine that is available. Why? Because THERE IS NO KNOWN CORRELATION BETWEEN VACCINATIONS AND AUTISM OR ANY OTHER ILLNESS. There has been study after study after study, and you people still don’t get that your are putting not only YOUR child’s life in danger, but also those around your kid. Think about the person in their fifties or sixites who didn’t get the standard immunizations we take for granted now. Your ignorance could be responsible for killing them.

    Case in point: a friend of our family, in his upper sixties, contracted the chicken pox five years ago. He ended up in the ICU for two weeks, in a rehabilitation center for another four weeks so he could re-learn basic daily activities, and his mood and demeanor were impacted for a couple of years after that. IT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED by vaccinating children.

    Where alarmists see rare biochemical reactions that media have made mainstream stories, I see the promise that science gives us to eradicate not only debilitating childhood diseases, but also AIDS, cancer, MS, Lou Gerig’s….

    People hated the computer at first, too…they thought it would never work, that it would cause vicious side effects from all the x-rays, etc. Guess what? Those people were wrong.

    GET YOUR CHILDREN VACCINATED….you can save a life you value very much.

  32. Andrea says

    I wonder why they pushed to include the age range for the bacterial meningitis vaccine , Menactra, to 2-10 when the existing meningitis vaccine already covers this age.

    Vaccination is a hot topic. You’re bound to get people writing in to the webmistress to say she should only stick to baby pictures. I appreciate the info, actually.

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