Vanessa Trump & Daughter At Bonpoint Store Opening

Vanessa Trump

Vanessa Trump was snapped with her daughter, Kai, at the opening of a Bonpoint store on Bleecker street in NYC.


  1. oriana says

    #32, I take it you live in the United Kingdom then? It would be nice to go and visit there. My maiden name was Richards, I think it is English but not for sure?

  2. squeekysue says

    Chav, definition:
    Mainly derogatory slang terms in the United Kingdom for a subcultural stereotype fixated on fashions derived from American hip hop such as imitation gold poorly made jewellery and fake designer clothing, combined with elements of working class British street fashion Used for either male or female regardless of age.

    I didn’t realise Kai was such a universal name, in the UK it is name mainly used by chavs. Not a very good recomendation for a name.

  3. PJ says

    When Suri was born with all that hair people said it was a wig. See babies can be born with a ton of hair!

  4. onatear says

    I would love to see her with a pink bow tying up a knottop !
    Her mom seems like a down-to-earth type.

  5. Blair says

    Squeaky Sue-These are the top 10 boys baby names in the US for boys, according to (Last Year)

    1. AIDAN
    2. ETHAN
    3. NOAH
    4. CALEB
    5. JACOB
    7. MICHAEL
    8. LANDON
    9. LOGAN
    10. JAMES

    However, I say that in the US names such as Matthew, Christopher, Justin, Jordan, Timothy, Kyle, etc are evenmore so popular than some on that list. I am a preschool teacher and have yet to run into a Landon or Logan for example. Then again, my classroom is for 3 year olds, and so if they were just born last year, I guess that makes sense.

  6. Blair says

    OMG, too cute for words! She does have donald’s hair, lol….but it’s cute & I’m sure it’ll flow differently as she continues to grow! Simply said, she is precious.

  7. Tiffany says

    Hey squeaky lady…..I looked up the name Kai on Wilkpedia and it does not have a negative meaning at all. In fact it is said to be a more common female name than a male name and no where did it say anything negative about the name anywhere. It isnt even a name originating from the UK so please get your facts straight. Also, she is a Trump….regardless of what her first name might mean…I dont think it is really going to matter….she will still carry the Trump last name.
    This little girl will never want for anything, regardless of what YOU think her name might mean.

  8. Tia :) says

    Kai is also a girls name. Look it up under baby name websites. In canada, a common boys name is Michael…which im sure is as well in the US.

  9. squeeky sue says

    True, they might live in the States not the UK, but with who her Grandad is she will probably be in a world wide business at some point and if she has any business in the UK; then eyebrows will be raised at the name for two reasons, a) it’s a BOYS name, b) it is a Chavvy name to have in the UK.
    What would be the most common name people call their sons n the US then.

  10. Tiffany says

    I have never heard the name Kai be referenced in a negative way and besides doesnt this couple live in the the US so does it matter what some name might mean in the UK?
    I think the name is very beautiful and actually more on the normal side of the name spectrum for the rich and famous.

  11. squeeky sue says

    I am so suprised that they have given her the name of Kai, it is one of the most trashiest chav name in the uk. Talk about how to give a girl a label.

  12. pat says

    she’s cute I think with so much hair I’d pull it up on top with a pretty bow and show her cute round face

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