Suri Spoiled By Scientology?

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Us magazine reports: 

Everyone knows that Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ adorable little daughter, leads a charmed existence but her upbringing as a Scientologist remains largely a mystery. How does the religion started by L. Ron Hubbard influence Suri’s life on a daily basis?

Us Weekly has learned that while Suri — who as a baby was fed a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup which Hubbard advocated instead of formula and breast milk — is too young to take classes at the Scientology Centre, the 18-month-old is constantly surrounded by believers, including her two nannies.

“Tom doesn’t like associating with people who aren’t Scientologists,” says an insider.

Additionally, Holmes, 29, and Cruise, 45, have a hard time saying no to Suri. But it’s not simply because they’re pushovers.

“It’s all about being positive and supportive,” says the couple’s friend (Hubbard advised parents to “try to be the child’s friend.”) As for discipline, one former church member tells Us that Scientologists do not scold their children, but instead explain that bad behavior (like throwing a toy) is the “wrong action.” (A Scientology rep tells Us, “How a parent disciplines their child is left up to the parent.”)

Cruise and Holmes, says their pal, are very lenient and do not like to give Suri too many rules: “Suri pretty much does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. If she fusses before bed, they let her stay up later. If they want her to go swimming and she cries, they’ll take her out. If she whines about food, they’ll ask her what else she wants to eat. They always want to please her.”

In other words, they’re typical parents.

Well, the mixture Suri was given instead of breast milk or formula sounds simply BIZARRE, not to mention wrong, but I can totally sympathize with the discipine issue. Discipline is so hard to do….my daughter, who is three, just will not listen to me. I don’t mind when it is something small, but it freaks me out when it is a safety issue. The other day she just ran out of the house and started to head off to visit some neighbor children that she loves. Well…it is exasperating. I don’t believe in any form of physical punishment, and I’ve bought all he books…even The Discipline Book. That was useless! It just advocated all the same things I had been trying….redirecting, and being gentle, supportive, and positive! Oh well! I think that a lot of parents struggle with how to discipline their children these days.



  1. Robyn Price says

    Shiloh Blows baby Suri off the map.PLS people look at the two. Shiloh is Brad’s little girl and a doll and Suri is a chubby average baby. Some people cannot see passed the stars.
    SORRY THE TRUTH HURTS>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. oriana says

    Well sad to say they are typical parents in this day and age. Parents give into the kids, spoil them, don’t set any limits and let the kids control the household! It is embarrassing to even go to the grocery stores any more and witness the acting out and the parents act helpless, just plain stupid to me! Of course there are the few exceptions where some parents teach manners, courtesy and act like parents instead of their girlfriends, giving in to every demand!

  3. M says

    I actually think Tom and Katie seem to be great parents. Bella and Connor look healthy and content, and they all seem to be loved children.

  4. Analise says

    Oh come on. Brandon has a point. No way is that kid Tom’s. When they finally got around to her pictures, (doctored pics) she STILL looked like Chris Klein.

  5. oriana says

    Brandon, if your entire office is getting a laugh out of us, then how does any work get done there? If they spend their time laughing, reading and talking about us, when do they do their jobs they are getting paid for? Or do they work for free? Do you work for the National Enquirer?

    dori, I have looked, believe me, really looked, I see Tom, I see his eyes, his facial expressions, and I am scared, I have seen glimpses of his snout/nose! I am concerned about that too! She is cute, very cute, but I wouldn’t last long as their Nanny, I would not be able to control myself, I would bust her butt at the first tantrum! She would definately learn right quick the meaning of the word NO!!!!!!

  6. dori says

    Brandon(LOLLOLLOL) Then why are you in here blogging if it’s so ridiculous? Why aren’t you working if you’re at you JOB????????Welcome to the insanity. I do think it’s interesting about your theory of Suri not being their child she is adorable but does not look like either one of her parents. Open your eyes and really look …. not a single feature of Tom or Katie

  7. Aliciasweets85 says

    Because her parents can’t say “NO” or swat her little pamper, when she does something dangerous…Suri will, WITHOUT A DOUBT, grow up to be another Lindsay Lohan, or Britney Spears…
    neither of those bimbos likes to listen to ther mothers, and look where they both are now…

  8. Brandon says

    The people who are sad are you people who discuss how celebrities should live their lives and raise their children. Just be glad that there is not a group of reporters watching your every move and then reporting on it. You all need to think about what the blog sites would be saying about you (as if anyone would care about your miserable lives).

    Really, do none of you have anything better to do than worry about this? Do you live your lives going from the TomKat blog site to the Brittany blog site? Evaluate what you are doing and how you are living. Are there not any better uses of your time?

    I know what many of you will say… well you are on this site posting as well. To you I say that I am only here as a joke while I am work. My entire office is getting a good laugh out of the stupidity displayed by all of you.

  9. Tina says

    When suri was born there was an interview with tom think it was the ok mag thingy and he said in it that katie feeds suri (breastfed) and he burps suri so team work on everything, where did this story come from??

  10. oriana says

    DMITZ, click on Haight-Ashbury and you will understand more my comment about Jerry Garcia and the 60’s! Oh those were the times back in the “Day”!!!!!!

    I am getting my nephew a shirt from The Grateful Dead for his birthday! He loves them and he is 23!!!!!!

  11. oriana says

    Malayka, I love your name! I remember thinking she looked a little like Tom’s cousin when they were at a game a long time ago, to me it absolutely proves she is Tom’s! I look just like my Aunt, nose, cheeks, etc. I just pray she doesn’t have the nose Tom and his cousin, and Mom too, when she gets older. That snout would not be an appealing picture!!!! Suri is adorable to me!

    I think that Katie is a sweet person and a good person, she just cannot hold up to Tom, he is too powerful and a strong force. I would most definately give Suri a good little spanking when she threw her tantrums and no way would she have gotten that marker back! I saw the pictures and video, Suri is definately in charge.

  12. Anna says

    To the person who posted the Suri Cruise story: You said you don’t believe in physical punishment, yet all the other tactics you’ve tried don’t work. You’re exasperated!!!! Shouldn’t that ring a bell in your head? Try setting some boundaries w/ your child and letting her know who’s boss! Children need to know they can’t get by w/ whatever they want. They feel more secure when you set boundaries for them and when you discipline them out of love. They pick up very quickly if you’re disciplining w/ the right attitude. I challenge you to try a good old fashioned spanking once. They will stop and listen the next time you say “No”. It will do your child wonders, and it WILL not scar them for life! BUT, keep in mind you must let them know you’re doing it because you love them and that it’s for their own good.

  13. kelly says

    what a bunch of wack-o’s. weird just plain weird. maybe you should all get beemed up with the weirdo’s. they are not right, i bet they think they are aliens. they should be they already act like one.

  14. Miapocca says


    Breast feeding mother really have hard time leaving to go to Paris for front seat fashion shows when the kid sis at home across the ATLANTIC..hahahhaha…There is a whole website with scientology and childbearing issues with a lot of testimonies…its a nigh tmare but Tom is a publicity scientologist, so his kids are saved from the more bizzare aspects of scientology…hahahahha

  15. Rostler says

    She is cute, but nothing that would turn my head in a public place. I’ve seen cuter in just magazine ads or here in my neighborhood.

  16. Martha says

    You’re outnumbered Brandon… sorry!

    That’s a ridiculous theory you have there. I wouldn’t put a lot past Tom, but that I would!

  17. Daisy Boo says

    Brandon grow up, suri is not a fake baby and everyone but you knows it!….just goes to show how sad you actually are to be honest.

  18. Tomkat says

    Wasn’t Tom himself that said while promoting mission impossible, that Katie breastfeed and i burp. Slow news days about those two ,that keep a very low profile now. This man has a movie coming out in 2 weeks, but there is no magazines covers , we very seldom hear about those two nowadays.

  19. Malayka says

    Oriana you are right, she does look a lot like Tom in this picture, however, I have seen pictures where she is just a little replica of Katie. When she was with Katie’s parents, she looked so much like both of them, though thre are times I have seen her look like Tom’s mum.

    What bemuses me is when you started thinking she looks like Tom’s cousin, I you conspiracy theorists believe she is older and a child of Chris Klein or Hartnett or the tooth fairy, LOL.

  20. Malayka says

    To eacn their own, I am a firm believer of rights and every one has a right to believe what they want. To me Corn and Barley are as bizarre if not better than the virgin birth and 70 virgins for suicide bomebers. I am not sure a bout the veracity of this story but it seems to me that it is a cooked story typical of a tabloid piecing stories together in a week where stories are scarce. I think they got Hubbard strange theories and connected the dots to get this story.

    That said, Suri makes a beautiful cover model because put simply she is a very gorgeous child. She seems happy and well adjusted if not a little too indulged. I do not believe in punishment for kids below two years since I believe it affects the child’s growth but then again I hate it when someone tells me how to raise my child. For that reason I will let Tom and Katie raise their beautiful daughter.

    I do find Z a little spoilt and Mad very well raised so I think sometimes it is the character of the child to be who they are.

    Tom’s older kids seem well raised so I think he is doing something right.

  21. DMITZ says

    Hello Oriana! Yes, I was thinking of ice cream 🙂 I looked him up in Wikipedia so now I learned something new…

    I do remember a post on here in babyrazzi waaaaaaaay back stating that Katie was caught in an unflattering picture wearing a nursing bra. So I believe she did at some point breastfeed Suri.

    I do think Katie does whatever Tom says (I think all his followers do), but I have no doubt that Katie absolutely adores Suri. Hopefully she will always put her before anyone in their circle.

  22. kelly says

    boy is she going to be like britney, lidsay, and all of the young star’s. i will laugh my butt off when she is a teenager. every child need’s discipline. they are her parent’s. let her hang with shiloh, appel, kid’s are friend’s. i can’t beleive what i just read. that explain’s why she threw a fit in germany while they were shopping and suri had a marker and she threw a fit. katie gave her the marker back because she cried and hit her head on the floor to get her way. i see trouble brewing already. if this is true how come tom’s daughter dyed her hair blue when she visited her mom. and isabella said her dad would be mad if he knew. well that is a double standard’s. suri run’s the show.

  23. Em says

    Wow, with such lenient disciplinary standards we’re bound to see them on supernanny someday. I can’t wait!

  24. Lindsay says

    I have known and taken care of a lot of kids that were given barley and I am not sure how but they were all healthy kids and were as healthy as kids fed formula and breastmilk. I think it is awesome that they fed her that and she is growing up to be a healthy looking little girl.

  25. oriana says

    DMITZ, you are too young to remember the 60’s, so are you Tia! But Nicki, maybe, at least Nicki will know who Jerry Garcia is and not think only of ice cream! Ha!

  26. oriana says

    I have never understood why some people see Suri as the spitting image of her mother? I have looked and just don’t see it. She is the spitting image of Tom’s cousin in a lot of her pictures to me, especially the cover picture!

    Scientology is not a Religion, it is a Cult. If it is a religion and people actually believe they are Aliens that came here in a spaceship, then that was a whopper of a religious experience indeed! Take me back to San Francisco in the 60’s with Jerry Garcia!!!!

    I did not breastfeed, but if I could do it all over again I certainly would!!! This nonsense with Suri is beyond nonsense! She is not a fake baby and that is ridiculous!!!!

    I do agree, Katie doesn’t have much backbone when it comes to Tom or his wishes. I also don’t see anything wrong with discipline, kids need more of it. She is a cutie but a spoiled rotten brat who throws her little tantrums and gets her way! That is what is pitiful!

  27. Liza says

    In the recent issue of Vanity Fair, Nicole mentions that her children are scientologists, and seems fine with it.

    She also mentioned that the children spent their summer with her in Australia. I’m guessing that because they live in LA with Tom and go to school their, that that would be the reason you see them with him most of the time. Plus, Tom and Katie attracted A LOT more paparazzi than Nicole does, thus the overabundance of pictures of those two.

    If Suri is a “fake” baby as you say, then why is she the spitting image of her mother?

  28. Liza says

    Suri was breastfed. When she was just born, Tom mentioned publicly that Katie was breastfeeding her. For how long? Who knows, but she was breastfed for some amount of time.

    I have read that scientology does encourage that weird barley mixture, but I don’t think either of them has ever mentioned anything about it. Until they do, this is all tabloid conjecture.

  29. Dave says

    There are reasons why pediatricians do not recommend giving newborns/ infants juice or even water for that matter….and here we have cookoos giving them corn syrup?? Katie has no backbone. She should have given Suri breastmilk or formula.

    …And if they let her do “whatever she wants”, they are raising a future selfish brat who will care for no one except herself …. and all her clothes, of course.

    Wait, I inadvertently described Katie!!

  30. Elsa says

    I’m no fan of scientology….but there are as many nuts on this board as in their gatherigns. lol

  31. Brandon Palmore says

    The people who need to grow up are the people on this blog page that have nothing better to do than concern themselves with TomKat’s fake baby. I am simply enlightening people with a theory of two people so vain that they believe they can buy their way out of tough situations. Since they are exploiting their child for financial gain and putting her in the public eye, it is okay for us to be objective.

    #35 needs to understand that this is big boy world where big boy things happen. It is not always pretty and I don’t like it but there are many bad things that go on behind closed doors to keep the rich in good standing.

  32. Martha says

    Oh my gosh #34, what an awful thing to say.

    What is wrong with some of you people on here? You know, I think Tom is off his rocker too, but for you to sit here and belittle him and his beliefs well you are every bit as bad as them trying to brainwash others!

    Grow up! And leave Suri out of it. How awful she’s going to feel later when she reads crap like what #34 wrote.

  33. Brandon Palmore says

    I was given insider information that Suri is not TomKat’s real baby. Their baby was born with birth defects and they were too embarressed to keep her. They delayed showing the baby to the world because they were hunting for a new healthy baby with their traits. Tom has enough money to buy the silence of the theifing $cientologists and a mother lucky enough to have a child that looks like TomKat.

  34. ***************************************** says

    I gotta go cry now ———–OH what am I gonna do now my feeling are hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. You two go hold hands and pat each other on the head——-sniff sniff maybe MICKIE will come console both of U

  35. Sorry Jenna... says

    That wasn’t really her. That’s someone else mocking the freak. Let’s just ignore her/it…

  36. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Of course I would defend my religion, though I’m certainly not brainwashed into it. I would make sense while doing it though, you’re just talking gibberish and summing up my opinions on every scientoligist I have ever seen/heard.

  37. *************************************** says

    You would defend your religion if you were brainwashed to do so too. I am a good girl – I drink my “kool-aid” at every Scientology meeting. I love Tom and Katie, I love Tom and Katie, I love Tom and Katie… huh, wha – oh, sorry. So all of you glib freaks who think little of us will be sorry – you’ll see! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! I have to make my family bowls of barley and corn syrup. Try to get along without my freakness on here for a while – but IIII’LLLLL beeee baaaacccckk – we always are…..

  38. ***************************************** says

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahah ya gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Lauren says

    This whole Scientology religion is weird. It just seems like it brain-washes its believers into believing ONLY their beliefs. No doubt about it, Suri is one loved toddler. She’s always pictured laughing and smiling. You can tell Tom and Katie adore her.

  40. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Asterisk person, I’m guessing you’re one of these Scientology folks who follow up every article on Scientology and make stupid comments in an attempt to defend it? Just like on that TV programme in the UK recently?

  41. Is that you Katie?? says

    #26 are you really Katie? C’mon… we know it’s you. You can come out and call yourself by your real name instead of **************** Because we all know it has to be you to defend yourself like this or just a total loser moron with nothing better to do but patrol baby blogs looking to insult peoples parents and such in the name of defending someone you DON”T EVEN KNOW!!!. Get a life ************* Do we hurt your feeling when we “gang up” on the crazy cult family?? Moron.

  42. Mickie says

    “and now we can read dumb comments from “stupid people named Mickie——what a dumb word to call someone, your parents were desperate”

    LOL, yeah, because Mickie is my real name. Just like *************************************** is yours. Because everything on the internet is real.

    And by the way sweetie, what your parents give you is name, not a word, hun.

    Thanks for dropping in.

  43. ***************************************** says

    there is a name the dog contest going on at our local pet store- its a dog no one really wants to put money out on to buy- I’m putting your name Mickie in the name me contest people will leave the store laughing, I know I will

  44. ***************************************** says

    and now we can read dumb comments from “stupid people named Mickie——what a dumb word to call someone, your parents were desperate

  45. Mickie says

    Re: post #23

    Perhaps they used the Fembot Cyborg Katie to breast feed the baby the cult potion. You know the one. It’s the same Fembot Katie we see in the pictures, the one with the glassy, empty eyes and lying smile.

  46. Breastfed????? says

    This is the EXACT quote from US Weekly:
    “as a baby was breastfed and nursed on a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup which Hubbard advocated as being healthier than formula and breast milk”
    How can you breastfeed (or nurse) barley, water, corn syrup, etc.??? The only thing that came out when I breastfed and nursed (which is the same thing as breast feeding) was BREASTMILK!!! WTF?? The ONLY way you can call it “breast feeding or nursing” is when the child sucks on your breast and gets breastmilk. Any other way or any other fluid is called something else. How about… “bottle fed a cult potion”. Freaks.

  47. Elsa says

    Scientology is considered a religion in the US because anything goes here. It’s NOT considered a religion in other countries…. L. Ron was a freak and a loon and a SCIENCE FICTION WRITER who was known to publicly state the Churches in the US had a “raquet” because they did not have to pay taxes…shortly thereafter he spun his sci-fi web and created a “Church.” So I am sorry, I am all about respect, but I can not respect this institutino as a RELIGION it’s more of a cult.

    Now, that said…NONE of us… have ANY idea if this is what was fed to Suri OR what type of parents Tom & Kate are. All I do know is Suri is an adorable little girl and she seems to have doting parents… it could be worse…. NOW…. my questions is this… where is Nicole in the upbringing of her 2 children w/ Tom??? She never seems to be around and I’m sure they are well into being brainwashed by Sci-fi-tology now. And she was very against it…so what gives?

  48. Janessa says


    My, how healthy.

    That’s the crap that has made everybody fat the past 20 years. Corn syrup / glucose-fructose.

  49. ***************************************** says

    what stupid comments, with a couple of exceptions sounds like jealous folks spouting off, get a life.

  50. lily says

    I still like Shiloh more than Suri, Tom Cruise spent so much money for a wedding just want to entertain celebrities not help poor people, Angelina and Brad are generous in helping need and poor children, so we lake Shiloh more than Suri.

  51. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Ok its not really fair to call her a brat Caridee, its not her fault how her parents are bringing it up. Take it out on them.

  52. Jenna M. (UK) says

    It is of course up to the parents to decide how to discipline their child, and I personally don’t believe in being *too* strict with young kids, but Tom and Katie aren’t doing Suri any favours by bringing her up so spoiled. She’ll just learn to take things and people for granted and always expect her own way. Which obviously, in real life, she can’t have.

    I’ve heard the barley/corn syrup thing before. Where is the logic there? If it was really better for babies then wouldn’t doctors and professors everywhere be advocating it? I mean Suri certainly doesn’t look under-nourished, but that diet really can’t be good for a baby. In fact I was sure that it was considered dangerous to give syrup to a child under one?

  53. 2teens3beans says

    Scientology will always be a cult in my eyes, not a religion. It ticks me off to no end the massive amount of properties they have purchased over the years in Clearwater that they pay NO property taxes on. Meanwhile, hardworking average citizens get their property taxes raised sky high. They will always be a bunch of freaks to me. And to feed a newborn CORN SYRUP is absolutely sickening and more proof that L. Ron Hubbard thinks he knows better than what nature (or God) intended to nourish human infants.

  54. Joey says

    Parents who can’t pull it together to discipline their children aren’t doing themselves or their children, or the world for that matter, any favors. Set boundaries, set expectations, don’t be afraid to say no, and *most importantly* don’t be afraid to love. People who tell their children NO don’t love them any less.
    I certainly don’t want my child growing up thinking the world owes him everything and not knowing how to handle himself when he doesn’t get what he wants. It is absolutely absurd to think that there are people out there – regardless of religion or money – are willingly causing their children irreparable damage by not keeping them in line. Or choosing to be their friend. Friends don’t parent! Parents parent. If you don’t get that straight you are in for a world of shit.

  55. kimmy says

    It all comes down to- kids need boundaries. And parents need to quit being lazy. That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard- not telling your kids no. Suri is probably going to be a self-absorbed brat thanks to the laziness of her parents. Discipline doesn’t damage kids people. In fact if you don’t direct them, discipline and set boundaries they’ll just grow up to disrespect you. Kids act out with temper tantrums because it’s their way of saying “Pay attention to me and set some boundaries!”

  56. onatear says

    Just a suggestion from a former nanny: Toddlers (kids under 5-6) aren’t able to fully understand logic. So trying to reason them out of something…by explaining is going to be a lot of frustration. You do best with the redirecting, or…best of all, anticipating what they might do…might climb the kitchen counter, might climb out of moving car,etc..SO, you try to prevent the opportunity for those occassions…you hold the hands when in open area, so they can’t run off. You have to remove them from tempatation, or they can seem to be misbehaving. They WANT to be good.!! Suri is going to be a handful!

  57. Shadow Girl says

    $cientology should be in quotes since it is a pseudo religion. Crude will put Suri up on a pedestal since she’s the only “biological” child he’ll ever have. Apparently $cien can’t do much for the slow swimmers…..>:)

  58. K says

    I think this L. Ron Hubbard wacko was a lunatic. Who in their right mind would think “a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup” is healthier than breast milk?!?!?!? What the F?!? The more I hear about Scientology, the more I think it is seriously some crazy cult (well, all religions kind of have that vibe to me, but this one more than others).

    Did you know Charles Manson used Scientology recruiting techniques to brainwash his followers? Just something to chew on…

  59. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I use Supernanny techniques on my 2 1/2 year old Kimora, and they work really well. Kariah is only 14 months and too young to be disciplined beyond telling her no and engaging her in something else.

  60. DMITZ says

    I agree w/#1 – I think Suri is loved to the moon and back. She is a very lucky child with loving parents. Anyone can see that.

  61. DMITZ says

    I have always stood up for Katie and Tom when it came to Suri and although I don’t beleive in Scientology, it’s their religeon and I can respect that.

    I can understand the parenting thing b/c I think each parent should do what works for them. I believe that they may have problems with Suri as she gets older if they let her do whatever she wants know, but to each his own. I know there are sometimes I give in to my 17 month old because her fits don’t seem worth the arguement. But there are many times I draw the line and let her have her fit until she’s tired of crying.

    I DO NOT however, believe in that barley water and corn syrup stuff. A baby should either be given breast milk or formula. I can’t beleive a religeon would be against that. I do wonder what kind of health Suri will have, but as long as they take her to a pediatrician regularly, and as long as she is okay – then I guess there’s no stopping Tom. I’m sure their pedi is a Scientologist no doubt.

  62. pat says

    Its clear to see she is beautiful, looks very healthy, has two parents who are there for her to give her what she needs and wants, and shower her with love……..I wish every child had half as much.

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