Plum Sykes & Daughter At Bonpoint Store Opening

Plum Sykes

Plum Sykes, 37, was snapped with her daughter Ursula, 1, at the opening of the Bonpoint store on Bleecker street in NYC. Plum Sykes is the author of Bergdorf Blondes.


  1. Vanessa says

    Ok a ton of you need to relax your jelousy is showing right through! This is a great fantasy/beach read! I have read both and loved them they took like 1-2 days to read each and it takes you out of reality for a bit! Enjoy life more, quit spending so much time hating people…. it shows how much you hate yourself.

  2. Linda says

    I just finished Berdorf Blondes five minutes ago…and my only regret is that it is over.
    I stayed up intil 2 am reading and was angry that I finally had to turn the lights out…:(
    I am committed to finding a copy of the Debutante Divorce’ today.
    Plum-DO keep writing!

  3. squeekysue says

    I feel quite angry because anyone who comes from anywhere BUT the US is met with a blanket comment of WHO THE HELL IS THIS. Not one of you ladies are ignorant or thick in the sllightest and you all know how to use a search engine, so instead of asking who A is or saying you have never heard of B or C. Find out. Enlarge your general knowledge …. please.
    I do hope that wasn’t rude because it wasn’t ment to be.

  4. Blair says

    Awww-what a cute baby! Squeeky Sue-Why are you getting so cross with people for not knowing who someone is…..It’s not like Lauren said anything mean….And frankly you really don’t HAVE to “wiki” anybody…..That’s a personal choice you have made on your own. Nobody has held a weapon to your head and said, “Wiki Denise Richards or else…!” Relax.

  5. Um... says

    She’s not that attractive of a woman…but the baby is adorable! I despise the name Ursula though, it reminds me of the Little Mermaid’s octopus witch…hahaha

  6. megs says

    I adore Plum’s name too, it is really Victoria I think, like a Victoria Plum tree. Not too fond of the name Ursula myself, but cheers and blesses to ’em both, I am sure Plum is having a great time with her new daughter!

  7. squeeky sue says

    Lauren, before you say you have never heard of her try using wiki, like we brits have to when reading about skanks like Denise Richards,

  8. 2teens3beans says

    I didn’t read it. I like the name Plum though… maybe Gwyneth can steal it if she ever has another girl.

  9. Janessa says

    I finally got my hands on a copy of Bergdorf Blondes after waiting years to read it and guess what? It sucked. I didn’t even finish it. For being one of the original chick-lit novels, it was a big let down. The pic of Plum on the back of the cover is really cute though.

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