Myleene Klass At The Launch Of Barbie As The Island Princess

Myleene Klass 

Myleene Klass, 29, joined children at Covent Garden to launch a DVD her two-month-old daughter Ava will love in a few years – Barbie as The Island Princess


  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Elsa, Myleene Klass is a classical musician (either violinist or pianist – can’t remember) and also a TV presenter. She got famous from taking part in a reality TV show and winning a place in a band. After they broke up, she went back to her classical roots and is now very succesful.

  2. squeekysue says

    Heh, Daisy I wasn’t that rude at least it wasn’t ment to be. There are a lot others on here who are far more rude far more frequently. Give me a break please.
    What I will say though is:
    It gets up my nose when anyone who comes from anywhere BUT the US is met with a blanket comment of WHO THE HELL IS THIS.
    Not one of you ladies are ignorant or thick in the sllightest and you all know how to use a search engine, so instead of asking who A is or saying you have never heard of B or C. Find out. Enlarge your general knowledge …. please.
    I do hope that wasn’t rude because it wasn’t ment to be.

  3. Elsa says

    LOL…LOVE Wikipedia… just didn’t realize how sensitive people were… if some asks who another celeb is promise we’ll be nice and not bite heads off…

    BTW, I happen to be a big Anglofile, just don’t knwo who THIS particular person is… Read the Daily Mail and Telegraph pretty much daily though! LOL

  4. Tia :) says

    I agree #8. Maybe she does know what (as you put it) WIKI is…
    Elsa-its call wikipedia…it’s an online encyclopedia (just incase you didnt know 😀 )

  5. Elsa says

    Dear God take a tranquilizer people. You know why, doesn’t mean that much to me. Had one of you put in Who is Jennifer Garner I would have been happy to oblidge with a simple sentence of an answer… RELAX for heavens sake you’ll get wrinkles.

  6. squeeky sue says

    that might seem nasty, but I get sick to the back teeth of people asking that question of british slebs, just because they can’t be bothered to wiki them. I have had to wiki three people today as I hadn’t heard of them 1) Kimora Lee Simmons 2) Vannessa Trump 3) Jennifer Garner and a month before that, i wikied the weird that one Denise Richards.

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