Milla Jovovich's Pregnancy Craving Is Definitely Not For The Squeamish!

Milla Jovovich

Lord! I’ve never heard of a pregnancy craving as strange as this!

Milla Jovovich has been craving bone marrow since becoming pregnant with her first child. And Milla has revealed the lengths she recently had to go to satisfy her bizarre needs. She said: “I was craving bone marrow one day, and I scoured the whole of Paris searching for the leg of a cow. “When I finally found what I was looking for, I cut it in half, digging out the yellowish substance, slathering it all over bread.” Milla has put on a much-needed 70 pounds since she became pregnant, and it’s not hard to see why. She added: “Before I got pregnant, I really didn’t care about food. I saw it as fuel, not something to sit down and enjoy. “As an actress and model, I lived on cigarettes and coffee, and jet-lag tended to kill off any appetite I had.” “My diet for most of this year has been, for breakfast, four eggs with bacon, toast and butter, if I was at home. “Then if I was at a diner, I’d have a Mexican omelette, a stack of pancakes and strawberry milkshake.
“I’d stuff myself with cookies all morning – whatever was in the cupboard really – then I’d have a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for dessert. “And I once ate two whole packs of coffee cake in one sitting!”

Yikes! Is it even safe to eat bone marrow!?


  1. Niki J says

    Ok, first of all she wasn’t boasting about stuffing her face with whatever. She was just surprised. I didn’t like to eat hamburgers often at all, but once I was pregnant I ate them everyday and if I didn’t get them I turned into a complete monster. My mom has a theory. You crave foods that has something in it that you are missing in your diet. Whether it’s some sort of vitamin or fatty acid or anything like that, if your body wants it to keep things in balance you better get it in you or you will throw your entire body out of whack.

    In my first 2 months of pregnancy I gained about 20lbs but it was something I seriously couldn’t help. With morning sickness hitting me whenever I would even brush my teeth, going to the gym and smelling bodies, or god, even smelling things outside would make me heave.

    Mila is beautiful all around. Too bad about the cigs and coffee thing. But hey, whatever, to each their own. Now, to the people saying “omg bone marrow is gross” you have obviously never had it because it is delicious, especially on toasted sourdough bread. It’s an acquired taste, but if you’ve ever enjoyed liverwurst (mm num nums) you would more than likely love marrow and toast, ooo or on crackers, so yummy ^^.

  2. penny karas says

    She looks like a happy pregnant women, good on her for enjoying her pregnancy and not worrying about what she eats. I put on 30 kilos with my first baby, most of which was fluid and baby and lost it all in 3 months due to breast feeding. Not so lucky with the second though. Not sure about the unusual craving, but who are we to judge.

    good luck to her, she was too skinny for too long. She will loose it all anyway.

  3. Lisa says

    everyone just leave her alone. people have different cravings and i no Milla has had her beautiful baby girl now but still. Milla you rock and your great at everything you do but please eat healthy not coffee or fags because people look up to you like me and would like you to take care of your self.

    Congratulation Milla and Paul well done lol

  4. Karlien Chinchen says

    Bone marrow is not only very healthy but also very yummy. I am South African and it is considered quite a delicacy in these parts. Bone marrow is the ultimate brain food and is thought to have contributed to the evolution of the complex human brain, so I would imagine that it is very good for a growing foetus. In addition, foetuses take what they need from your body during pregnancy, so I am a great believer in listening to your body’s cravings as you may leave yourself malnourished if you don’t. As for gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy, I think every woman is different and so is every pregnancy – I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy (about 50 pounds) but lost most of it as soon as my son was born, and the balance in the three months thereafter. My son was born healthy and perfect, so it certainly did not affect him badly. I think that trying to stick to a specific diet or trying to stay within arbitrary weight limits during pregnancy is stupid – listen to your body and just focus on being happy.

  5. marta says

    You know it because in some countries we eat it (personally i don’t like it but still is just a matter of costums. You add bones to the stews to make them more tasty and they would have their marrow inside, for those who like it is a delicatessen

  6. Tam says

    I gained 65lbs with my Baby.. i didnt see it as a problem.. i lost tons of it right after having her

  7. barb says

    Bone marrow is delicious! Slow roasted and spread on crusty, toasted bread – yum! Very common in France, and frankly, if one is going to eat the thigh, or the hip, or the shoulder, why NOT eat the marrow? Americans (and I am one) have such a tendency to be squeamish about anything other than the common cuts of meat. So much goes to waste. I personally think it’s much better in other countries where they actually USE the whole animal, and if people open their minds to the idea, they might find they love some of those “bizarre” parts.

  8. R says

    When you look at pictures of how freakin’ skinny she was before, 70 pounds doesn’t really seem that alarming. I’m pretty sure it’s not all that healthy, but her body was obviously starving for fat and nutrients. All I can say is better her than me. I’m in my 6th month and have only gained about 12 pounds, but that’s mostly because the first 4 months I could barely eat from all the morning sickness. Of course I was not underweight when I conceived either, so I didn’t really have to worry about starving the baby, I had ample fat preserves. Everyone is judgemental about the whole pregnancy thing, but the fact is, every woman and every pregnancy is different. The odds are she and the baby will be just fine. Worse case scenario she’ll end up giving birth to a 12 pound baby.

  9. Amy says

    Bone marrow is common to many traditional diets, as well as in other cultures. Milla is Russian and has traveled the world – and haven’t you guys heard of osso bucco? It is served at many Italian restaurants.

  10. Amber says

    70 pounds wouldn’t be bad if she was stuffing herself with healthy food. Underweight women should gain 35-45 pounds during pregnancy. But cookies, doughnuts, coffee cake, etc. aren’t healthy foods for the baby, they are just an excuse to eat junk. When I was pregnant I would reason that eating my Cold Stone creamery icecream was ok because I was pregnant (I gained 36 pounds). Now, I am having to take it off and it doesn’t seem like it was worth it now.

  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Didn’t mean to critize…just sounds gross to me, but then of course it would because i’m a vegetarian, just like K. I’ll eat milk products, but no meat. I guess I’ll need to add no bone marrow to the list.
    And as an afterthought, I am well traveled and read a lot. I speak Spanish, I taught in the inner city before becoming a mom, my husband is African American, and my daughters are biracial. Ethnocentric? Not even close.

  12. essie says

    I agree with what aTiffany said . . . it wasn’t a boast, just a retelling of what she’s eating and/or craving. I thought it was funny but I guess some people didn’t!!!

    You’re right Mielle, there are some people who criticize everything that does not sound “right” to them. Bone marrow is served in restaurants here in the States, mostly steak houses. Maybe some of you should order some, just to try it out.

  13. ann says

    Bone marrow is actually really good! It’s like a softer and fattier version of pate, but i guess it’s an acquired taste. I’m more concerned about the fact that she’s eating so much junk. Wish her the best of luck though! She still looks good!

  14. Mielle says

    So many of you are very ignorant and lack an appreciation for other cultures’ ways of life and cuisine! This indicates a need for serious exposure to other cultures — you don’t have to adopt habits as your own but at least have an open mind and for goodness’ sake stop being so ethnocentric, thinking that what’s acceptable to you is the only thing that’s good. Seriously, people. TRAVEL! Or if you can’t, at least READ!

  15. Lauren says

    Yuk. How do you crave bone marrow?! I’m glad to read that she’s enjoying her pregnancy, though. Maybe a little too much…

  16. Mickie says

    I agree with that, Janessa. (Nice name, by the way:) I have friends who go completely overboard with that nonsense and it gets tiring after a while. Every time they shove something down their throat it’s because “the baby is craving it!!” Of course, these are the same friends who were bridezillas, so they are the “it’s all about me!” type.

    I need new friends, LOL.

    Of course, there is validity to it to a point, but not in the way that some women use it.

  17. Janessa says

    A lot of this “pregnancy cravings” because you are “eating for two” is complete B.S. Women who are overly self-indulgent because they are pregnant and are “allowed to” and “oh, look how cute I am because I am eating pickles and ice cream and waking my husband up at 4 am to go through the drive-thru for me?” are so not cute.

  18. Tiffany says

    I dont think she was boasting about how much she ate. I think she was looking back on it and saying “oh my gosh, I ate that whole box of donuts or all those cookies” more out of amazement that she did it then because she is boasting. I am sure she did not eat those things everyday either. Good greif. It is amazing the speculations made from one little paragraph.

  19. Tia :) says

    I gained 35 pounds when i was pregnant…i thought that was bad enough…70 pounds?!? wow! but at the same time, i suppose everyone is different!

  20. Tempany says

    Boasting that “I’d stuff myself with cookies all morning – whatever was in the cupboard really – then I’d have a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for dessert. And I once ate two whole packs of coffee cake in one sitting!”
    is pretty immature. Hormany induced pregnancy cravings are one thing, but being so proud of deliberately and regularly eating so unhealthily while growing a new life inside you is quite another. She’s deprived herself of nutrients for years and now her baby has to put up with her going completely overboard. Immature. I’m not saying gaining 70lbs is immature, I know lots of women that eat perfectly healthily throughout their pregnancies naturally need to put on this much weight to support their baby. I’m saying getting thrills by seeing how much junk you can force down yourself while growing a baby is immature.

  21. essie says

    In France, bone marrow is a normal thing to eat. You can easily find it in restaurants. It’s not that strange nor is it disgusting. I wouldn’t eat it but it’s not that strange.

    Oh, and Cindy Crawford gained 70 pounds for each of her pregnancies. Doesn’t seem to have bothered her!!

  22. jay says

    Just loving this hot model mama to be.At last one whos telling the truth and not caring abut counting how many nuts she eats. Unlike the rest model moms.Heidi Klum once said she does not understand why pregnant women crave anything because it has never happened to her….yeah right…

  23. colleen says

    Totally, totally disgusting! I hope her dr. is aware of this! From horrible cigarrettes before the pregnancy to this. A stomache turner definitely.

  24. 2teens3beans says

    I am actually more disgusted by the box of donuts and 2 coffee cakes she ate rather than the marrow.

  25. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ Yes, I have heard of the dirt craving. In fact, even some people who are not pregnant crave dirt. There’s a scientific term for it, can’t remember.
    Anyway, the marrow craving might mean that she needs more iron in her diet. Marrow may sound disgusting to Americans because we aren’t used to it, but it’s actually common in other countries and very tasty.
    Besides, it’s not as gross to me as eating brains, sweetmeats, blood sausage, haggis etc..

  26. Jacquie says

    Hmmm bone marrow sounds like an intersting craving, sure can’t beat those I have heard that have craved dirt (I kid you not).

    But if she has gained 70lbs she must have needed some of it, in the pictures featured she looks quite fabulous IMO that is.

  27. megs says

    I am glad she is enjoying eating while pregnant…I much prefer she is craving huge breakfasts and random bone marrow on bread than cigarettes. I am sure she is going to be an awesome mama!

  28. Sandra says

    That is disgusting. Who cares if she gained 70lbs, it is her problem during and after birth. And the thought of craving bone marrow, well I was hungry for breakfast now I lost my appetite.

  29. onatear says

    Bone marrow is a cultural thing…it’s eaten in other countries in Europe and Central and South America, Great Britain,etc. I am worried that she hasn’t learned eating like that during pregnancy…I mean, those huge huge breakfasts…isn’t really healthy. Plus, the after delivery reality is pretty depressing. Let’s hope she finds it easy to take off. Where is the father of this baby? I don’t remember ever seeing a picture of her with him. Who is he?

  30. K says

    Yeah, seriously, how would you know you are craving that?!? 😛

    I gained over 60 lbs. with my first pregnancy, and I felt SOOO unhealthy! It was horrible afterwards, too. Losing it was the pits, and all my joints hurt… it was awful. I don’t care how skinny you are to start with, 70 lbs. isn’t healthy. I am now 3.5 months pregnant, and I’ve only gained 2 lbs. My goal this time is 20-25 lbs!!

    (Yuck, I still can’t get over eating bone marrow… but I’m a vegetarian, so even regular meat sounds gross to me!)

  31. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oh my goodness…that is gross. How can you even know that you’re craving bone marrow? And 70 lbs. is a lot to gain during pregnancy. I’m due in January and about 25 lbs. over my normal weight. Hopefully I’ll gain more in the next few months, but still.

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