Kimora Lee Simmons & Her Daughters At The Pumpkin Patch

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons was snapped with her two daughters, Ming, 7, and Aoki, 5, at a West Hollywood pumpkin patch Tuesday as her boyfriend, Djimon Hounsou, looked on.



  1. Ramesh Kulasingam says

    I Really admire Kimora very much.She has done well very well for herself.Kimora,wat ever the rumours they say about u, i will never believe it cause i know u wont do those stupid things.Keep up the good work.

  2. Danielle says

    i hate when peaple try to down peaple i watch her show and i think she is a good person and i respect her im a single parent with 4 kids and my mom that i take care and she is a true women and mother and youll need to back off

  3. fablife95 says


  4. Jennifer says

    Well i really dont think you can judge the girls on their personality because most act like that anyway…..and personally i dont think there is anything wrong wih Kimora….she is just holding strong to what she has worked so hard for

  5. oriana says

    These two girls are so spoiled they have no idea what the real world is like, and prob never will! I watched the show where Kimora had a Fashion show for them, very obvious two spoiled brats, another Paris and Nicki Hilton in the making!

  6. N says

    My comment was that you hate models….basically their profession since you made the no-value comment. I never said you hated her personally. I didnt think that you and Kimora were buddies. You took it there!
    Also huh was not sarcasm… If it is to you, ok. ONCE AGAIN….I wasn’t calling you hugh….was saying “huh”. Just drop the g it was a typo.

  7. N says

    Nope you didnt ruffle any feathers over here…. I dont know you so you will never get under my skin! You commented to me and I am replying back…. Kind of like a conversation or debate, I would presume. The only difference is we are typing it out on the net instead of face to face.

  8. oriana says

    #28, hopefully there will be one or more times you may see things as I do! Ha! Thank you for not blasting me! I think she needs to set some limits and basic common sense for these girls to follow. When I see her telling her employees, grown men and women, You know Mommy loves you, it makes me gag!!! This woman really has herself on a high pedestal!!!!

  9. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Someone mentioned earlier that the younger daughter needs a whooping. I disagree. Aoki is better behaved than Ming. And neither of them deserve a whooping.

  10. syd408 says

    Kimora has the most beautiful kids in America but her duaghter Ming Lee Simmons is getting fat. She still cute.

  11. onatear says

    Oriana….FOR THE FIRST TIME, I completely agree with you. yayyayy. The Girl is beyond full of herself. Her kids are treated as if they are her buddies. She doesn’t respect their being little kids….I WATCH the show. ! If you watch it, you know, that nothing goes anywhere without HER approval, and SHE likes being a B…………tch.

  12. Jessie says

    Wait. She’s not with Russell? I thought she was married to him. Well those are his kids, right?

  13. Van says

    #24 – All children should be spoiled? That is the dumbest thing i have heard this month. Spoiled children turn out to be the Kimoras, Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans of this world. Just what we need! All children should be extremely loved and treated so special but NOT spolied!

  14. essie says

    I still say Kimora is over the top for her show and as PR for her clothing line. If you follow fashion even a little bit you will hear people who say she’s the sweetest person ever and her children are great. She is still friends and partner with her husband Russell Simmons, so there is no rancor there. So her children are spoiled, so what? In my opinion, all children should be spoiled. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Anyway, I see no reason to dislike the woman, especially if you don’t really know anything about her.

  15. abarnes says

    I love Kimora. Her kids are indeed spoiled but aren’t MOST American rich kids! I think that Kimora is funny and loud, but she is very smart and knows how to run a business. I am sure that this show is only a small piece of what goes on in her life. I am sure that she does charity work and gives back to the community, but the way the networks are, they don’t want to focus on those positives. They feel that is too boring so they want to do things that keep our attention and keep us watching.

  16. ariesqueen says

    i respect kimora as a business woman.She runs her company well and must be doing something right cuz she’s making millions!!! her attitude could use some adjusting and her kids-although beautiful could use an ocasional a– whooping-especially the younger one.her show is funny at times but i think she’s trying a little to hard to be cute

  17. Janessa says

    To #18/N, whose feathers I have most certainly ruffled.

    First off, seeing as I had no idea this woman WAS a model (?), I most certainly was not making derogatory comments towards models. My comments were directed soley at this woman and this woman alone. So rest assured that my love for models in general knows no bounds.

    Secondly, umm, I know you weren’t calling me Hugh. That’s what you call being sarcastic. Sar-cas-tic. As in sar-cas-m. But thanks pointing out the glaringly obvious. :O

    Thirdly, you are either related to this woman or I said something that hit a nerve with you personally. Otherwise, why would you be so emotionally charged over this? Why would you be taking this personally? Because this isn’t about you. Or is it?

  18. Daisy Boo says

    Kimora’s baby phat range is hideous, I had a bag bought for me by my best friend’s mum…it was awful. Kimora sure does design ugly products.

  19. Daisy Boo says

    Kimora’s Mommy- I hate to admit it but i own a baby phat bag, i had it bought for me by my best friend’s mum and it’s absolutely hideous, Kimora sure does design some ugly things! !

  20. N says

    Janessa WTF are you talking about…. this is your comment …. ” she does nothing of value and has absolutely no redeeming qualities ”
    Her career is a model and a fashion designer…. The tv show showcases that if you feel that she is not doing anything of value then you have to obviously be referring to her career because thats all you know about. So, you “IMPLIED” that MODELS do nothing of value. You also said “she has absolutely no redeeming qualities” she must have great business sense at least to be a fashion designer mogul and a famous model since her teenage years. Also, wasn’t calling you hugh….was saying huh. Just drop the g it was a typo.

  21. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I’ve seen her show….I have other things I’d rather watch. My oldest daughter and I have some Baby Phat clothing pieces.

  22. Janessa says

    To #4

    Yeah, that’s it. My opinion of her is “because I hate models.” WTF?

    Oh, and don’t call me Hugh.

  23. Grandma of 4 says

    I love watching Kimora! She is hilarious! Her facial expressions are just so far over the top they make me laugh! There is no way her business could continue to prosper and grow, pretty much all over the world, without being run by a highly disciplined leader and staff! Most of the negative comments here are taking this show WAY TOO seriously! I truly feel most of it is “tongue in cheek” ENTERTAINMENT! Get a grip people!

    As for her daughters, they definitely ARE a little too precocious but here again, that may be being encouraged because this is a TV SHOW! It is obvious Kimora loves those little girls and makes an effort to keep them “close at hand”! NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!

    Give this gal and her kids a break! I just enjoy her completely “out there” personality! Mindless fluff for TV viewing and makes me laugh! Have a little fun with her!

  24. oriana says

    I think she is exactly how she is portrayed on her show! She is spoiled and money hungry, and her kids will be just like her! They are very pretty but little brats already!!!!!

  25. C says

    I like Kimora! She knows what she wants and she is going to make sure that she gets it.

    I use to think that she was just using Russel’s money but she seems to make plenty of her own. She doesn’t need him.

    I have no doubt in my mind that she treats her staff the way that she did on the show. I am sure that some things were exaggerated but she expects them to be on a certain level and if they aren’t there then she lets them know.

    Sometimes the kids can seem to be brats but what child doesn’t act like that at times? I do worry about how they will view themselves when they get older though. It seems like Kimora worries way to much about her looks and I am sure that the girls pick up on that.

  26. Baby says

    She disgusts me, all she cares about is money and the way she looks. Not that ive met her but it seems like she is one of the most self absorbed people on this earth. And those poor girls are going to turn out just like her. Why giver her, her own show? The last thing she needs is more confidence!

  27. essie says

    I actually liked watching her show. It was hilarious and over the top. There is no way Kimora could really be like she was shown in that series. There’s no way anybody would work for her or be around her if she was really like that.

    I’ve heard Kimora is a nice lady and her kids are good, well mannered kids. I don’t know and really don’t care but that show was da bomb!!! Gave me a good laugh on Sunday afternoons!!

  28. Tiffany says

    I watched her show a couple of times and both times was bothered by how unappreciative this woman was about money and the things she has. She is very arrogant and all of her negative traits are rubbing off on her girls.
    What a shame that she has to be so pompous all the time.
    I dont think she is a nice lady at all and her kids are brats.

  29. Lauren says

    Her daughters are cute. Can’t stand Kimora though. She’s famous for spending all of Russell’s money.

  30. Janessa says

    “have you all seen her show??”

    Ugh, god no. The little I have seen of this woman is enough to know that she does nothing of value and has absolutely no redeeming qualities so I would rather have a piano dropped on me than watch a tv show that showcases her vapid life.

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