Apple & Moses Martin In London

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s children, Apple, 3, and Moses, 19 months, were snapped out for a walk in London on Wednesday.

Apple got a piggy back ride from the family’s nanny. You can see her pretty girly-girl bedroom at the family’s Hamptons home here.

Moses got a shoulder ride from an older man….maybe his grandfather?

Gwyneth is currently eating her way across Spain with chef Mario Batali and New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman. Yum!



  1. says

    Chris is so cool. Love him! His family are very beautiful. His little Moses is as cute as his daddy. Apple looks just her mom! Gorgeous family. Leave them alone everybody!!

  2. danielle says

    hahahhahaha lol kimmy. apple IS weird…and i dnt think shes cross eyed..shes just weird. i love coldplay anyway

  3. denise says

    I beg to differ…no attack…everyone is entitled to their own opinions…I think Apple Martin is absolutely stunning and I can see the definite resemblences of her Dad, Chris and mom Gwen.

  4. says

    Вопрос к автору сайта, а вот у вас время у каждой статьи и в комментариях пишется… Это какое? Московское? Заранее спасибочки за ответ.

  5. DesertWoman says

    I’m wondering how many shot of vodka Gweneth threw down to get such a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome looking child.

  6. confused says

    apple is adorable. i’ve worked at a daycare center for years, and seen many children in my time, and she’s perfectly lovely. what kind of weirdos would even notice something like a sliiiiiiiiiightly lazy eye? you’d have to be really weird to pick a child apart like that. she looks like a young gwynneth paltrow, and who on here would be so daft as to say that gwynneth paltrow is scary looking?

  7. Natalie brown says

    I think some people on here are can be so cruel on how these children look both kids are absulutly gorgeous and how someone can say that apple’s face is unsymetrical is discusting, i think a lot of jealousy has a lot to do with these harsh uncalled for comments.

  8. Mint says

    Apple is such a lovely little girl! The expression in her eyes is Gwyneth’s, but I think she looks rather a lot like Chris. He has the biggest, bluest eyes you’ve ever seen, and she’s definitely got his mouth too.

    Moses is adorable! Such a cherub!

  9. Saddos says

    Hmm forgot how cruel children are.. Some of you guys must be rather young then i’d say..Well you sound worse than children and at least they have an excuse 😉 i.e don’t know any better

  10. poppy says

    they look like aliens. cute, blonde, mormon, cult aliens that have really normal vegan rock and roll hollywood parents. Mini me apple. she could be called crabapple or green apple. that poor, poor child with that silly awful name. what the hell was her mother thinking. clearly she forgot how cruel and abusive other kids can be. she will be called pie, sauce, tree, candy, the list goes on. moses will be called the burning bush, jesus, mohammed. i think they should just call their next child something like red car or airplane or hurricane or leather shoe or kitty litter or frequent flyer upgrade or budweiser. I GET IT. Steve Jobs paid her $10million to name her kid apple to ensure a wealthy future for her. NOW IT MAKES SENSE>

  11. Analise says

    Jillian | October 18th, 2007 at 1:21 am

    If I could choose anywhere in the world to live, it definitely wouldnt be the U.S. Not that there is anything wrong with the U.S but there are definitely places more ideal for raising a family.


  12. squeekysue says

    Alison, btw is Chris Martin’s mums name, Moses’ full name is Moses Bruce Anthony, Bruse after Bruce Paltrow, Gweneth’s dad and Anthony after Chris’ dad.

  13. dori says

    The kids are just adorable, I don’t know how some of you can say anything negative about their looks They are English you know and look English They are sweet as can be and probably very charming too.

  14. oriana says

    Chris and Gwyn are still together, he doesn’t like to be in the limelight, have his picture taken or do the Red Carpet thing at all. I don’t think he is good looking at all and really thought her and Brad made a good couple, now I see they wouldn’t not have had that much in common. I think Moses looks just like Chris too.

  15. onatear says

    Really adorable kids, and I’m not even big fan of their parents. Btw..Apple’s other middle name is Sauce.
    ………..just kidding…………………….

  16. Blair says

    Apple is stunning, I think….Look at her long, wavy hair-So pretty! And Moses is a cutie patootie as well! These pictures have made my day….It’s been a while since I’ve seen any of these 2!

  17. kim--original kim says

    She’s very cute but in need of a haircut! If she uses her initials, then she’ll be “ABAM”! lol!

  18. kimmy says

    #26- this is a blog and judging is what we do. It’s called having an opinion- just like you have yours and I personally think it’s wrong. See how that works?

  19. Melissa says

    Awww I think Apple is so adorable. Sometimes pictures can be unflattering, especially caught in awkward moments. So enough about the “lazy eye” and the “unsymmetrical face”…The people on here can be so judgemental. Their just kids, like your own. You wouldn’t want someone to be criticizing your kids like you’re doing.

  20. Nicki says

    oriana~ Thanks. I knew she had grandmas name but also another too. It’s only cold at night here. Gets right back up to 80-85 during the day. I’m looking forward to winter, but fall is my favorite. (not raking leaves though,lol).

    Might be back on tonight. Maybe catch you then. Take care.

  21. megs says

    Are their parents still together? Not that I am a huge fan of the couple, but rarely see photos of Gwyneth and Chris together of late. And recall rumors awhile back. I wonder if they will have more kids if they are, didn’t they want a huge brood?

    I loved Blythe Danner in Meet the Parents, makes me smile just thinking of her, how neat to be the grandchildren of such a cool grammie!

  22. Pika says

    Kimmy, I have to say that I was thinking along the lines of
    “Addams Family”. I know– wicked, wicked me.

  23. **S says

    Apple is adorable and looks just like her mom. I haven’t seen pictures of her or her little bro in a very long time. Nice to see how cute and happy they both are.

  24. 2teens3beans says

    She is still very young so there may still be hope for outgrowing the lazy eye. If not, she can have surgery down the line. Both of the kids look cute to me.
    I think if Apple is embarrased by her name as she gets older she could use one of her middle names. Blythe is beautiful, after her grandmother. Alison is also very pretty. Who knows, she may not be embarrased by it at all though… there are just so many unusual and/or made-up names these days she certainly wont be the only person with one.

  25. Um... says

    Yeah, her face is cute…but unsymmetrical. I think it’s the lazy eye that’s throwing it off. It’s like if you cover each side of her face with your hand and look at the sides separately, she’s a beautiful kid, but when you take in the whole picture…

    Haha, her face looks a little “off”

  26. Jillian says

    If I could choose anywhere in the world to live, it definitely wouldnt be the U.S. Not that there is anything wrong with the U.S but there are definitely places more ideal for raising a family.

  27. lulu says

    Well….I guess from the comments on here, all of you must be parent’s of GERBER babies =). I think her kids are pretty….besides, theyre kids…THEY ARE KIDS!! Jeez people you dont always have to be so harsh.

  28. oriana says

    Apple Blythe Alison Martin is her full name Nicki!!!!

    Cold tonight and dreary! I think we will have an early Winter!

    Hope you are staying warm!

  29. Nicki says

    Maybe when Apple gets older she can use her initials? Anyone know her middle name? (Please don’t say oatmeal, or pie, lol) Her hair is so long and looks very healthly. Moses looks very cute, I like his hat.
    Hi oriana. Hope everything is well with you and yours. Great here.

  30. oriana says

    Moses is getting cuter all the time. I love her long hair, I have noticed her eye like that in the corner a lot but thought she would grow out of it, looks like she isn’t? Hope it isn’t anything serious!

  31. Emma says

    There both beautiful children, I love the name apple for a little girl, but when she becomes an adult how embarassing.

  32. Andrea says

    Now we have some normal kids to talk about…. unlike corn syrup/ barley water fed babies…

    Cute pictures– except Apple looks like she has a bit of lazy eye.

  33. Kelsie says

    ^ well thats your opinon.I personally disagree. Its just her eye, i think shes cross eyed, i have a friend at church who is like that, and OMG her hair is SO long!!!and Moses is SO big!!AW!!!!

  34. sammi says

    i think she’s a beautiful little girl she looks like her mom but wayy prettier thanks to chris martin and that little boy is too precious, they are both going to grow up to be some heartbrakers!

  35. kimmy says

    I’m sorry guys- I know I’m going to get attacked for this, but that is the scariest little girl I’ve ever seen. She looks like one of those evil little girls in “Children of the Corn,” or “Saw.” She is very eerie…. but like all kids, she’s probably very precious.

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