Naomi Watts Loves Motherhood & Supportive Undergarments!

Naomi Watts

New mom Naomi Watts, 39, admits that juggling work and motherhood can be tough, but looking trim and fit after having a baby is quite simple!

Naomi, who gave birth to son Alexander Pete less than three months ago, showed off a trim and toned physique on Monday night while hosting a Calvin Klein event in London

Her secret? “I’ve got a lot of solid undergarments,” she giggled to People magazine as she looked down at her figure-hugging black Calvin Klein sheath dress.

And of course a fabulous designer dress helps as well. “Good classic lines can also help cheer up an out of shape body,” she said with a nod to her co-host, Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa.

The actress, who is in London to promote her film Eastern Promises, which will open the London Film Festival on Wednesday, attended the event without partner Liev Schreiber. Last week the family spent time in Lithuania, where Liev is filming his latest movie, Defiance.

Mixing a career with family life, she told People magazine is ultimately “hard work.” However, when asked about how she likes motherhood, she beamed with delight and simply said: “Love it, love it!”

I remember Gwyneth sharing the same secret to looking toned….I think she was a fan of the Spanx line of slimming undergarments.



  1. poppy montgomery says

    ANOTHER celebrity in the “see how much weight I can lose after delivering my baby load” race. She is obviously a medal contender. What can I expect. We are talking about Hwood where a size 6 is a plus size. Never mind that the normal American woman is a whopping size 14. She is also good friends with Nicole who is a 5 foot ten inch size zero or two. Well, nic is that famous Aussie Hermaphrodite. Check it out people. THe Aussie Hermaphrodite.

  2. 2teens3beans says

    Considering how hugely her stomach was stretched out I think she looks amazing. I can understand how she would need support for a while.

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