Kate Beckinsale & Family At Brentwood County Mart

Kate Beckinsale 

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale, 34, husband, and daughter, Lily, 8, were snapped at Brentwood County Mart on October 14th.


  1. Janessa says

    Coming from someone who cannot stand Beckinsale, I will say that she seems to be a great, hands-on Mom. She is always out-and-about with her daughter but not in the Denise-Richards-posing-for-the-cameras way and her daughter always looks like a happy girl. Kudos to her husband too, for being a seemingly great hands-on step-dad, too. Nice fam.

  2. 2teens3beans says

    Her giant purse is probably making her look smaller. I think she looks pretty good, arms & legs are not stick thin.

  3. megs says

    #1, I was thinking that same thought when I saw this photo, I wonder when she plans to have another child, or if they do? Good genes, if so!

  4. squeeky sue says

    If you google Judy Loe (Kate’s mam) you will see she is skinny too, I know she is thin and in the past has had aneroxia, but i don’t think she is ever going to be big. Kate’s dad who had to of been the best comic actor of his generation, wasn’t particularly big either.

  5. Lauren says

    Kate has a beautiful family. I wonder if she and her husband are planning on having children together. 🙂

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