Marla Maples & Daughter

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Marla Maples, 43, was snapped with daughter Tiffany Trump, 14, at the 2007 World Magic Awards. Tiffany is one of Donald Trump’s daughters.


  1. felecia carson bush says

    i have always thought of donald trump and his children with Ivana as being very attractive individuals. i think marla maples continues to be
    a very pretty woman. my question is ? who does tiffany trump favor?

  2. Meagan's Mom says

    OMG how are any of you mothers…

    She is absolutely beautiful and the braces will come off soon and she will be even more beautiful.
    I applaud Marla for making sure her daughter is dressed age appropriate and classy. I wish you both much happiness you deserve it..

    What a proud mother.

  3. oriana says

    Yes, that is true, she was named after the jewelry store! That was Marla’s mentality. I think she was a sweet person but not very bright! I also agree with dori, Tiff is big boned and she takes after Donald. She may even work in one of his companies one day, I doubt if a CEO like her older sister, but doing something for him, he likes a family affair and that is a nice thing.

    Eunice, I did look at the website and it is very nice indeed.

  4. Janessa says

    I remember when she was born they said they named her after Tiffany, the jewellery store. Between that and having the Dump Truck as a Dad, well, .. all the best to her.

  5. dori says

    She is built large boned like her dad and Marla is small boned I don’t think she is large and Marla is too small Their builds are just totally different.
    My comment about the braces and teeth was directed at everyone who was making comments about it. Not at anyone in particular.

  6. Candy Candy says

    I really don’t CARE about her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. oriana says

    #13, ajjdjdjd, what the Hell is that! Were you having a seizure when you chose that name or drunk?

    Yes, I am a very envious person, envious I am not a better Cook like some on here, envious I can’t eat and stay slim instead of gaining weight with every bite, envious I can’t travel the world over like some on here, but not envious I am not stupid like some on here!!!

  8. oriana says

    She has a big head, and the hairstyle only makes it look bigger. I am glad she doesn’t look like the Olson twins, big head and little bodies. They look weird to me! And have no style at all, they look like Bag ladies most of the time!

  9. squeeky sue says

    See, I was real polite to you then Dori, do you think you could try and be polite to me also.!!!

  10. squeeky sue says

    Number 28
    I think Tiffany is a very pretty young girl and her dress is a good length for her age, not to short.
    I stand corrected i new her teath were yellow, I can see how that happened, some people just hav e yellow teeth. I thought her braces were too. You corrected me they are clear not yellow. I apologise.

  11. carleigh says

    She’s an attractive young girl..but in the top picture why does she seem so much larger than her mother? I don’t know if it’ the pose, hair or what, but Marla Maples looks way to skinny.

  12. dori says

    You silly woman those are clear braces with rubberbands and they look yellow My kids had those too. I was thinking about her today and wondering how old her daughter was. Thanks for the pic!

  13. oriana says

    HI Tia, sorry to hear you and your daughter are feeling poorly! It is bad enough when you are feeling sick but to deal with a sick child is even more tiring! Just drink lots of liquids and get some rest. I have my heat on and I am still cold today! Get your flu shots!

  14. Tiffany says

    Ain’t nothing like breaking down a 14 year olds self-esteem….Jeez….dont you guys have anything better to do than belittle a young girl?

  15. Lauren says

    Tiffany is going to be gorgeous when she gets older. FYI: When you have braces, your teeth get all discolored. That’s what happened with me. 🙂

  16. yummy says

    No one has mentioned that even though she has on dark colored stockings, her dress is incredibly short for 14 years old. That is barely going to cover her cheeks in the back. She better not bend over.

  17. Nosoupforyou says

    I agree about the Chelsea Clinton thing. She was very awkward at 14 and now is a lovely young woman.

    Tiffany will be fine.

  18. Tia :) says

    #14- if you dont like it ignore it!

    Oriana- 5 kids eh? wow! I think she looks like her mom

    How have you been? My daughter and I are both fighting off a cold. The weather has finally got cooler!

  19. Melissa R says

    I had my braces taken off 10 months ago. It is a well known fact that your teeth get kind of like gingivitus when you have braces on. You can not keep them as clean as just your normal teeth. Also, teens love those funky colored bands…green, orange, hot pink. I always stuck to grey or a “smoke” color…it hardly showed. You are right #8, she has a ton of money to whiten her teeth later!!!!

  20. oriana says

    Tia, he has five kids now!!!

    And Marla is as dumb as they come! I saw her on several interviews and she is ignorant and silly, he certainly didn’t go for her for her brains!

  21. Mellynn says

    I think she’s kind of pretty. Remember Chelsea Clinton when she was fourteen? She grew out of it and is quite pretty. Tiffany’s hair is KILLER…pretty eyes, too. I don’t know many girls who are “pretty” at fourteen; it’s an awkward age.

  22. 2teens3beans says

    She’s only 14 people!!! She will whiten her teeth when the braces come off. She looks like a normal 14 yo to me… which is a good thing, considering she’s a Trump.

  23. Kelsey says

    Geesh, I wonder how Donald keeps track of all of his kids…I feel like I am constantly finding out about a child of his!

  24. squeeky sue says

    An awful thing to say but, I so do not like the colour of Tiffany’s braces, they make her teath look mouldy.

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