Madonna Treats Her Daughter To A Mother-Daughter Spa Day For Her Birthday


Madonna was snapped taking her daughter, Lourdes, out to celebrate her 11th birthday on Sunday. They spent 6 hours getting pampered at One Spa in Santa Monica.




  1. Ewwwww says

    ewwwww her eyebrows are like yuck i wouldn’t like to be scrubbing that face– guess they don’t wax there

  2. yummy says

    Lourdes is beautiful and looks very much like Madonna when she was younger. And as for her clothing choice, she looks like every other 11 year old out there. (or at least those in my small hick town)

  3. oriana says

    Madonna’s eyebrows looked the same way when she was younger. I don’t think she is pretty at all and never has been! She has a nice figure though and I think she is very stylish now.

  4. JJ says

    lucky girl – Lourdes!…I love going to the spa!! Actually I’m overdo for my bi-annual facial…ah, the joys of being selfish and spending all my cash on myself…mind you I don’t have as much cashola as Madonut and daughter…but poor people deserve some self-pampering too!!

  5. diva says

    An 11 year old girl spending 6 hours in a spa…..OMG how BORING for her.

    She should be going to the movies or bowling or having a slumber party like most 11 year olds.

    Thank god i’m not rich & famous…..!

  6. squeeky sue says

    The jeans are fine its just what is in fashion at the moment in the uk, actually the style is on the way out here. So I should imagine they are just coming into fashion in the usa.

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