Julia Roberts Talks About Her Son

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts opened up about what her four-month-old son Henry is like.

“He’s gorgeous, sweet — smiles and giggles!” Julia, 39, gushed to Us magazine at the 22nd American Cinematheque awards in Beverly Hills on October 12th. “A joy!”

When asked if she wants more children (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus turn 3 in November), she joked to reporters, “Aren’t I done yet, people? Come on!”

When asked what she likes most about her post-baby bod she replied, “My enormous breasts!”



  1. oriana says

    dori, I don’t think he was separated when he hooked up with Julia, and she went after him like a rocket! I think she flipped pretty fast. His Dad was very upset about it.

    Kris, she got pissed for the money she offered to Vera she thought she would jump at and Vera dragged her feet, Julia sported that shirt around more than once, getting her tacky little message across, I thought it was petty, to say the least, and that is why I have always said, she isn’t any better than J-Lo with Mark before his divorce, none of them are Angels! They think they can have what they want, and they usually do!

  2. Ruby Jackson says

    The shirt said “A Low Vera”… a play on the words aloe vera, but it had some sort of inside meaning and it was directed specifically at his wife.

  3. squeeky sue says

    I was under the impression, that vera (the ex wife) was pregnant or had just lost a baby when JR and her husband got to together, but… vera went on to loose her baby with danny.

  4. dori says

    I thought her was separated from his wfe when they were together. You ladies are jumping to a lot of conclusions.

  5. oriana says

    Sandra, did you see the t-shirt she wore with a Low Vera written on it? I do know that Vera was stalling on the divorce and Julia was wanting to hurry up and marry Danny, I thought that was pretty tacky of her to do that.

  6. Sandra says

    I don’t know about the cheating. Maybe he cheated maybe she cheated for all we know they could have been split but slowly going through a divorce when he hooked up with Julia. Vera has a son that was born in 2004. Daniel and Vera were divorced May of ’02, it doesn’t say he is the father of the child born in ’04. It would be pretty weird since he looks like he was in a “committed” relationship with Julia and married her in ’02.

    I like her a lot. I think she is a talented actress and a good mom! She keeps her cuties protected from the paps as much as she wants too. I hope we can see Henry soon though! She had her twins on my b-day; I thought that was pretty cool!! All I can say is THANK GOD she dumped Lyle!!! Ewwww

  7. oriana says

    Ruby is absolutely right! I agree with her! Julia hooked up with him while filming and knew he was a married man. She had zero regard for his wife and that is why Danny’s family didn’t warm up to her at first. And she did wear that t-shirt for the whole world to see when Vera was stalling on the divorce. She is no Angel and the people that talk about Angelina should know the truth about this Pretty Woman, I do like her acting, I think she is pretty and a good actress, but not much class about her at all.

    She is not wife of the year or mother of the year to me, she definately played a large role in the breaking up of a marriage.

  8. JJ says

    Julia…tell the world something they don’t already know!! All babies smile and giggle…they copy the expressions that their parents make when they stare at their mom or dad. Big woop!! All women’s breasts expand after pregnancy too. Hopefully her newest child will not look anything like the former two elves she’s given birth to.

  9. Ruby Jackson says

    Yes, he was married, and she took to wearing tees with messages for his wife on them when they were out in public together. I might be mistaken, but she might have been pregnant at the time (Vera, his wife) when he left her.


  10. Ruby Jackson says

    She keeps her private life private? How about when she was having an affair with a married man, and took to wearing T-shirts with snarky messages for Danny’s wife on them, knowing she’d be photographed by the paps?

    She’s a classless home-wrecker.

  11. dori says

    I love Julia too now here’s a woman who does NOT keep herself in the public eye and have the media around her constantly. The previews of her new movie with Tom Hanks look so good and she looks awesome in her bikini.I really respect the stars who keep their private lives private to me these are the true hollywood stars. Theres a mystery about them because they are NOT media whores. Makes me love them even more. Glad to hear just a tidbit now and then . Wish more of the stars today were more like her.

  12. Lauren says

    I love Julia Roberts. She seems like a really grounded mother. She looks beautiful in this picture. 😀

  13. Tia :) says

    Analise- the last time i looked, you didnt get an acting award for having your boobs sticking out…

  14. Karine says

    Analise has only Brangelina in mind. They can not do no wrong. So far we have no pics of Henry. People magazine did not call her this time.

  15. Joni says

    really like this down to earth “lady”..No one can be “stolen”..If things are right at home..JMO

  16. 2teens3beans says

    #4 ??? People aren’t awarded an Oscar for looks, where did that come from?
    I think Julia Roberts is great!

  17. Analise says

    Her normal breasts all padded and pushed up got her an Oscar. What will her baby breasts do for her? Ditz.

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