1. Melinda says

    Wow! Brook is most likely a great mother…What else can I say at 1:51 in the morning! Seriously!

  2. sammi says

    i think the older one looks just like her father but still cute, but grier is going to be a stunner she looks alot like brooke but neither are as stunning as brooke was when she was a little girl and still is but nonetheless they are cute kids.

  3. sara says

    Thanks Tempany!!! All this time I thought it was Grr-eye-r….I know it sounds bad, but I’ll just have to remember it ryhmes with: rear! ugh!

  4. tempany says

    Sara – It’s Gr-ear. I wanted our daughter to have Grier as her middle name but my husband really hated it! We settled on Gwen in the end for her middle name!

  5. sara says

    Please someone…how to you pronouce that name: Grier?
    Is it Grrr-I-ear? or Grrr-ear-r? I have no idea and it’s really bugging me!

  6. squeeky sue says

    Brooke has class, her kids are always dressed in an unassuming fashion quite classic, the look well cared for and have a mother whose main priorty is their well being, she always seems like such a caring mother, unlike that skank Denise Richards!

  7. Andrea says

    I like how she matches their clothes. But time to do away with the white spring dresses! It’s October!

  8. dori says

    The big girl looks very happy and confident and the little one oh my god like a little doll and look at her… staring someone down. LOL LOLThese girls are very self confident ..I just love it!

  9. Lauren says

    Brooke’s girls are precious. Rowan is going to be a knockout when she gets older. Grier looks more like Brooke’s husband, still cute. 😀

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