Maddox Has His Last Day Of School In NYC

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

After a little over a month, Maddox, 5, had his last day at his $18,000-a-year Lycee Francais de New York in NYC yesterday. He walked out with a goodbye card as a souvenir as Angelina escorted him home.

This is at least the fourth school change for Maddox, who has also been a student in New Orleans, Prague, and L.A.

Ever since Maddox started classes on September 4th, his stay had caused a frenzy. Parents began crowding the school in the morning, taking pictures. The Lycee’s director of operations, Dan Cooke, even penned a letter on September 14th, urging them to respect the family’s privacy.

Now the family is heading to LA, as Angelina begins shooting the Clint Eastwood mystery The Changeling on Monday, while Brad Pitt will start production on the crime thriller State of Play on October 22nd.

Wow…that’s a lot of moving around for a kid!



  1. Nicki says

    oriana~He is at the hospital having $800 worth of tests done today. If everything turns out the way it is suppose to he will start radiation very soon. I have to pick him up in a couple of hours. It’s kind of a mess because the State Fair is going on right across the street. Traffic is a nightmare. It will be worth it if everything goes the right way. Talk to you later. Thanks for asking.

  2. sylvia kalambakal says

    Leave them alone the most impt thing is they are all together no matter what. Brad and Angie knows what they are doing for the best of their families.

  3. Dnice says

    I think the Jolie-Pitts have a beautiful family, but I get exhausted myself just viewing all of their jet-setting. To each his own in how they decide to raise their children, and in the long run I believe that the kids will turn out to be intelligent well rounded children—But I also think that just because you have the means to so something doesn’t mean that you should. I am a military brat and until i moved to Atlanta, I didn’t live anywhere beyond 4 years. Not that anything is wrong with that, I loved the travel, but I think a 2 month stretch at a time at a school isn’t fair to Maddox. And I don’t think being bombarded by flashes upon entry and exit everyday is fair either. I love Angelina, but at times I think she revels in the constant attention. She is a gemini and she has two sides to her. Although I believe she is a genuine in her national affiliations and to her family, I think she loves the fact that she and Brad are “The Couple” and that she was able to make a man leave his wife. They have done so much already, what’s wrong with settling for awhile?

  4. oriana says

    Nicki, I think Casey should be grateful to Brad from now on out for the recognition he is getting from his role in Jesse James. I know I would always be respectful and thankful for that opportunity. How is the doggie resting?

  5. Elsa says

    I agree w/ the poster who said once they break up it will not be that much to write about… and I’m sure they will. AJ does have wanderlust and I doubt she’s setting down with Brad for good. This is a woman who married her 1st husband with his name painted in blood on a T-shirt, married Billy Bob (nuff said) and then wore his blood around her neck, tounge kissed her brother on national TV… she’s a little freaky. I’m sure she is not going to do the modern June Cleaver thing forever.

  6. oriana says

    Nicki, I can imagine there are some loonies out there that write to him with threats. I also can see where Angelina would have a great deal of charisma and very charming. She has a strong personality and exudes sexuality. I can see where she would be an amazing person to be around. with inner strength shining thru. She is a much stronger person than he is, she is a leader, he is a follower. I thought Ann Curry was going to bow down and kiss her feet!

    She probably gets twice the love letters he gets, from men and women.

    I don’t recall him with tattoos before her but maybe he did have a lot of them, I am sure there were pictures of him shirtless before though that would have been noticeable. I definately think she had the influence over them doing that.

    I hope they stay safe and their bodyguards seem very protective, although some woman did get close to Brad recently, I don’t imagine he was too happy about that! No one is safe in this world today, not world leaders, stars or ordinary people, sorry state of affairs!

  7. oriana says

    winnie, I like Zahara the least of all the kids, but she would have died if Angie hadn’t brought her home with her, she may have given money, who’s to say it would have gone to help support her or help her medically?

    How many countries have not gotten or distributed the money that was donated to them? Too many corrupt officials, in overseas countries as well as the U.S.! Pax would not have been better off raised in an orphanage, he had friends yes, but the love of a FAMILY cannot be compared to that, and when he turned 18 or whatever, and let out on his own, what then?

    He will have an education and hopefully maintain his learning skills in his native language.

    That being said, I would like to see them in one place for a change and put down some roots, but I don’t ever see Angelina settling for that and Brad will do whatever she says.

  8. Winnie says

    Angelina Jolie has enough money several lifetimes, so does Brad Pitt…………With that in mind, why can’t they both stay at home for a few years, (like 10) for their children?

    Parenting, and couplehood for that matter also include sacrifice. But with this family, it’s all about AJ&BP especially Angelina, she does not sacrifice for those children.

    I used to think there might be something redeeming about AJ&BP, but I can find nothing. AJ is very good at ripping away orphans with some family from everything they know. In my opinion, she should have never brought Zee or Pax to the US, how about leaving them in their native cultures and supporting them financially? Like other stars have done.

  9. Nicki says

    oriana~here is part of the French interview with Brad about death threats and such. Be warned it it translated from French so it isn’t his exact words, just the way they translate into English.

    Here are the traslated parts of Brad’s French interview for anyone who hasn’t read them yet.

    French interview translated: The death and hate threats to him and his family.

    The interviewer mentions that while Brad is in Venice & Deauville to promote his film,TAOJJ , Angelina has been seen with him each night.

    Brad explains that she has not been too well since her mother died. It’s no secret that she is not close to her father, but she was very close with her mother.

    More talk about the film–Brad says he likes playing JJ because he was an icon

    The interviewer mentions that Brad is up for the best actor award at Venice film fest. Brad is pleased and says for the first time he is proud of his work, but that seeing tears in his parents eyes is his best reward. (Sweet)

    Asked about Casey Affleck: Brad says he’s Fab-u-lous. and that he recommended Casey to the director for that part.

    from being constantly in the light, aren’t you afraid, without going as far as murder, of this kind of emotional outbursts?

    “Yes indeed!I often receive letters that make me chill down the spine: threats against me, my wife or my children; ( chantages) suicide, and then, fortunately, there are more nice words;I get an average of between 1.000 and 2.000 love letters a day.fortunately, The threats are less.Our lives with Angie , naturally , arouse much envy, jealousy, and some fragile people out there lack values, live a deep interior drama.Every day I pray that nothing happen to my (family)”

    The reporter also says that it seems that Angelina has a lot of influence over him, and he answers:

    “Over whom she wouldn’t have? She’s a woman with an extraordinary charisma, that can express an extreme sweetness and, at the same time a great inner strength. But why do you ask me that?”

    There are some cute parts, the interviewer asks Brad if he’s going to blame Angelina for giving him the tattoo virus. Brad laughs and says no, that he had it before they met. But, he adds,

    “It is true that she is crazy about my new tattoo on my belly–the one that has intrigued everyone. I’m just going to say that people interested in numerology might be able to understand something.”

    The interviewer asks if it’s regarding Angelina.

    Brad replies: “Effectively, but don’t count on me to reveal our little intimate secrets.”

    credit to all at JustJared. TP, and all others.

  10. oriana says

    Why do they have to have work commitments that take them all over the world? All year long? Aren’t they rich enough to choose their films in the area they prefer? Lots of people film in L.A. or choose the films where they would be doing it during the summer when school is out? These kids live on airplanes! They have never had a normal life in one place for over two months at a time.

  11. Fly On The Wall says

    It’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. These parents have work commitments that take them all over the world. They can either leave the kids home with nannies and give them the “stability” of being in one place, or they can take the children with them and give them the “stability” of being with their family. At this point I don’t think any of us has the right answer, or even if there is one. The kids seem to be happy and healthy, and that is the bottom line.

  12. Melissa says

    Somebody should make a Chris Crocker video…”Leave Brangelina alone”. Oh well, once they separate there’ll be nothing to talk they should enjoy the spotlight while they can.

  13. Zbella says

    AJ has wanderlust – she cannot settle down. So if the kids are going to be with her, they are going to travel. Maddox is used to it. It may be harder for little Pax. Z & Shiloh are so young it is not an issue – yet. I don’t believe it’s a problem at this time but in the next year or 2, it could become a big issue.

  14. oriana says

    Yes, Jenna you are right about that.

    I thought they loved New Orleans and wanted to make that their home base?

  15. Elsa says

    They could settle down in CA… MANY other celebs do just tahat. ALternate movies, do something. Especially as the kids get older, it will be next to impossible to have them have any type of normalcy if they are here, there & everywhere.

  16. Lilac says

    They should homeschool those kids. It would be better for them. There are many opportunities to socialize outside of “traditional school.”

  17. Grandma of 4 says

    Speaking strickly as a classroom teacher at the elementary level, I would like to say that even though Maddox goes to the same school in three different cities, that it would be nice if Angie and Brad could manage to settle somewhere for a more extended stay.

    This child obviously adjusts very well from him facial expressions coming and going but that just may not be the case with the younger children. Children attach themselves to their teachers and friends. I have had kids leave and then return. The unfortunate part is their previous friendships have changed, the relationship with teachers changes as well, and the academics, no matter how bright, do take time to get settled back in stride.

    I applaud these parents for sending these kids to school instead of choosing home schooling as I feel there is something missing from a child’s education when they are not learning in a classroom environment. The classroom offers more than academics…the social education is very important as well.

    Hopefully, this family can enjoy living in their California home for a while and allow all the children to participate in their schools for a while.

  18. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #53, I think that was Essie’s point. She was trying to say that it doesn’t make any difference whether you grow up in one small town or all over the place.

  19. oriana says

    He obviously snapped and had something psychological going on. It had to do with him and his mental problems, not from being in a small town.

  20. **S says

    # 16, essie? I don’t want to start a war with you, but you mentioned that 20 year old police officer from a small town that shot his friends. How can you compare insanity, temporary or not, with small town living and moving around alot? To me, doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or how many times you move around as a child, if you murder 6 people over a break up and a little name calling, there is a mental issue that needs to be dealt with.

  21. oriana says

    Deeds, I watched “Men in Trees” last night, I can’t stand Ann Heche but I love that show! I thought of you for I know Seattle can have some bad weather in the Winter time.

  22. oriana says

    Sandra, I am so glad you didn’t have Strep, it is so painful and can go thru the whole family. Hope you have a restful weekend!

  23. oriana says

    Deeds, I am surprised to hear that My Dear Girl!!!!! Seattle looks so beautiful to me, do they have nice restaurants up there? What is your favorite one you go too? My hubby loves seafood. The airfares from San Jose there can be some good prices when they have Specials, he is wanting to come up there, never been before. Have a nice Weekend!!!!!!!!

  24. 2teens3beans says

    Homeschooling can be very good depending on the child, one of my kids is homeschooled (my high schooler) and my middle schooler goes to public school. Believe me, my high schooler has plenty of friends and social activites.
    There are many options when it comes to education and going to the same school your whole life is just ONE of those options… not the ONLY option.
    Tutors, private, public, homeschool, boarding school, outward bound… I’m sure there are many more. I don’t think Maddox is going to suffer from switching schools at all. Kids need stability yes, but from one school? His stability comes from his mom, dad & siblings who will always be there.
    DMITZ – I clicked on your name. I absolutely LOVE those elephant topiarys at the entrance to the Lycee de LA! What a charming little school!

  25. Deeds says

    #21~Oriana I agree with you 100%. All week long rain has been perdicted. We had very little rain. Did you know that it rains more in NYC than Seattle. I got that tidbit of trivia from the weather channel.

  26. Debs says

    I know it doesn’t do to compare, but when I was a child I moved schools 11 times and it wasn’t very good for me! As much as my parents cared and always sent me to good schools, it was difficult. Hope he and his siblings fare better, though even I didn’t attend 4 schools by the time I was 5 years old.

    Take care all

  27. oriana says

    I do not understand why my reply to Sandra is under consideration! What the heck was wrong with that!!!!

    Sandra, I am so glad you don’t have strep, it can go thru the whole family as I am sure you know! I am very glad you are feeling better and have a good husband to help you out.

    I will be thinking of you this weekend, try to get more rest if possible. I am going to be reading and doing paperwork, lazy!

    Take Care and have a peaceful weekend!

  28. Sandra says

    Hi Guys!! Hope everyone is well!

    Hey Oriana I went and looked up your note. You are so sweet, Thanks! I had really bad Tonsillitis. I had fevers from Saturday until Wed of 102.4. My whole body hurt up and down my spine. I couldn’t even be up long enough to take care of my son! Lucky for me my hubby came home early on Monday and dropped me off at the doctor’s office for my lovely 4 hour wait! I tested negative for strep and mono. I went home and straight to bed. I woke up at 2:30 am (Tuesday morning) with tonsils so swollen I could feel them cutting off my airway. I told my husband and then fell back asleep. Around 4am I woke up to take some Tylenol. I couldn’t get one pill down they were getting stuck and then I started throwing up so off to the ER we went! Anyways 2 IV’s later, Steroid shot in my butt and pain meds I came home to sleep it off! Wed I took my last 2 steroid pills and finally the tonsils went down in size!! Now I am sitting here feeling a lot better, my voice is back and I hope to god I never get that again! It is really weird I have never had tonsil problems or strep my entire life and then bam! So Thank you for your well wishes!

    How are you doing???? Hopefully not ill! Any plans for the weekend?? We have a busy weekend planned. My son has soccer tomorrow AM (last game of the season) and then we are off to find my mom a place to live! Then Sunday I promised a friend I would baby-sit their little girl for the day! Well have a great night and weekend!!

  29. Cindy says

    First of all… while Maddox may have been getting along with some kids at that school, if he was only there for a month, how could he have really made friends? I don’t think he would really be missing anyone from there. I also have to wonder what kind of school experience that would have been for him, given the way the parents were acting… I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids were also acting weird after hearing their parents talk…. probably being told to “make friends” with him, and ‘be nice”. IMO, he’s better off leaving there, and good for B&A for recongnizing that.
    Secondly, if ANY child is going to suffer from being pulled away from friends at school, it would be the kids who have been there for 1-3 years, as a previous poster said is the average time a fmilitary amily is stationed. I’m not saying all kids suffer, so no one freak out, just saying that it would be a heck of a lot harder for a child to leave after 1-3 years than it would be after 1 month.

  30. oriana says

    Anna, I agree, and he just “looks” smart to me, I think he could adapt and adjust to just about any situation and make friends easily, he seems to have that kind of disposition, now Pax, I think he may have a harder time adjusting, he seems more insecure and withdrawn somewhat, but he is so cute to me also.

  31. says

    I should have read the other comments first. It’s neat that the curriculum is the same in each school. That removes some of the educational stability concerns. And I agree that what children need most for stability is a stable home life and environment, and loving, involved, caring parents, which is what from all appearances the Jolie-Pitt kids have. They’ll be fine and they are having so many adventures even at such young ages!

  32. oriana says

    Sandra, I wrote you a note hon on the Alexis Stewart thread.

    Nicki, I forgot to mention, Angie looks so radiant and truely happy to me, in all her pictures lately, she looks really happy. Brad still looks scruffy and like a bum but she is looking mighty fine!

  33. says

    I think it’s neat that they’re making an effort to get him around other children, that he’s not just living an isolated ivory tower life. Yet at the same time it kind of seems like a private tutor would make his education a little more stable. Whatever the case, I’m sure he’ll turn out to be a smart kid. 🙂

  34. oriana says

    I do think they will have security for years to come. I hadn’t heard about any death threats but there are so many crazies out there! I can’t imagine anyone that would hate Brad or dislike him enough to want to harm him or the family but again, the world is full of nuts and getting nuttier by the day! It is downright pitiful too!

  35. Nicki says

    oriana~ I agree with you. But they aren’t teens now, so I guess I’m saying, and not to you personally, but to all who complain, lets just wait and see what happens.
    But you have to also realize these children will probably have to have some type of security always, especially after one of Brads last interviews, not getting into specifics, but mentioning death threats and such. I wish them the best and to always be safe.

  36. oriana says

    Deeds and Sandra, bad weather coming your way if it hasn’t hit already! Rainy and cold here today, dreary too, so can only imagine what your weather is going to be like this weekend, and with poor Sandra sick as a dog too! Stay warm girls!

  37. oriana says

    Nicki, nice picture, everyone looks happy. I think though that these kids are more like friendly acquaintances than the friends that you form on soccer, football, baseball teams, ones you fellowship with on a routine basis. Now it isn’t so bad, they are young and it is like a game sometimes and play time, but when they become teenagers, I think it would benefit them to have one permanent home base, someplace they can identify as home instead of a different hotel most of the time. Like when a child goes away to college and comes home for Spring break, holidays, summer, some place they actually think of as Home.

    I especially think teenagers need that, but with celebs they have the means to have the closeness and fun of traveling in the jets and exotic, exciting countries and maintain friendships that we normally would not.

  38. Nicki says

    oriana~I agree about schools now adays, most don’t seem safe. Home Schooling isn’t a bad thing, most times probably a very good thing. But everyone is saying what about friends, blah, blah, blah. Brad and Angies kids have friends. Marianne Pearls son Daniel, they spent time with them when they vacationed in France for those couple of weeks. Here is a nice pic of Pax and Maddox spending time in NY with the doctor who helped arrange Zaharas adoption and also helped save her life while she spent a week, at least, in a NY hospital after Angie brought her home.

    Just this past weekend.

  39. oriana says

    Nicki, home schooling is a good thing if the school they attend are unsafe and in bad neighborhoods, but now all schools are unsafe to a certain extent. I know the stars can afford the best tutors, I always thought tutors were to help in weak subjects, not to replace the teachers. It isn’t that way any more. I remember some of the best time at school was the ballgames, interacting with my friends in Study Hall and knowing I did well on the tests, gym class was fun also. I think with home schooling, kids miss out on that, on the camaraderie and their receptive and personal skills. Things are sure different now!

  40. oriana says

    My take on it is the same for all of them, I didn’t know about Will and Jada, surprised to hear that, I thought they would be in one place for sure. Mel Gibson, doesn’t surprise me, Tom leaving his oldest two in Scientology camp isn’t a shock either although I would have thought they would be left with Tom’s mother and sisters. They are older and need to be focused.

    I do absolutely agree, the same scrutiny and thoughts on Brad and Angie should be the same for all of them. I think maybe an exception for Suri since she is so young, and I do think it is good Tom isn’t uprooting the two older kids to follow him all over the world.

    I just think it is a good family oriented environment to have one home base and have a structured secure upbringing, they have that with each other and I guess the kids will have one another for friends.

  41. Nicki says

    oriana, LOL, I saw a pic a while back of the Federline white Mercedes, with the license plate:lol:. I could spend a week in Fresno and not hit all the stores and resturants I wanted to. Wow now even more, I’d need almost 3 weeks. Glad you had a great time.

    Just skimming the posts, but:
    I wonder why no one is worried about Will Smiths kids. They travel with him and Jada and are home schooled, so they have NO friends in school. Also the middle cutie is now doing his second movie.
    Dustin Hoffman traveled with his family and kids(4 or 5) all through thier childhood. Where are the shocking headlines about how damaged they are? OH there aren’t any. Stability is with your family where ever they happen to be. Stability is having your bedtime story read and being tucked into bed EVERYNIGHT by your parents.
    Mel Gibson is another who traveled all over with his family while shooting movies. His 7 kids seem to have turned out well, even though he has a few problems.
    Then you have Tom and Katie over in Germany while he shoots his latest movie, and they bring the baby, but leave Bella and Conner in Scientology camp for the summer. (Nicole said they were at the camp.) Yet no one is worried about them being away from thier dad and step-mom for months on end. Oh yeah they are home schooled also, except for the parent attended ball games, who are thier friends?

    Just asking? Why one way is the right way and the other isn’t?

  42. oriana says


    You would love Fresno now! Tons of new shopping centers, more restaurants there than in San Jose, I love it down there!!!!! I really wish my job was there, and Fresno State is a good university too.

    My friend who lives there is a Probation Officer, she is all over the place, saw Kevin Fed’s mother at Sierra Vista Mall out in Clovis driving a White Mercedes with Federline on it, Brit’s money has paid for a lot with that family, you know she feels like a big shot driving that around!

  43. says

    I agree it’s not about the fact that the kind of school he’s going to is consistent; it’s the fact that he is literally incapable of making and keeping friendships with kids outside of his own family network. I know Angelina has said many times how important to her it is that her kids see the world and experience different cultures, but sometimes (MOST times) kids really need to have fun, and to just be kids. Kids who go to public school have the same curriculum across the board, that doesn’t mean you can just uproot them to another public school without any trouble…why not just have a tutor so he can be home-schooled so it’s not such an interruption? Oh right…I’m thinking about “child stars” who have no choice but to have a tutor because THEY have commitments. Poor Maddox has to deal with this because of his PARENTS’ commitments….somehow doesn’t seem fair….

  44. oriana says

    Each kid is different, they like different things, but I think on a whole, kids need stability. I am sure it is exciting to him NOW, and he is smart, what about the child that isn’t so sharp with his studies or adapting to different and new places every few weeks or months, they will need a stable home eventually. That is why I admire Kate Blanchett so much, she said her son was starting school soon and she needed to settle down, with Brad and Angie they may never settle down, I see Brad wanting to put down roots but not her, and for them it may work out just fine, the kids will be raised up used to it by the time they start school and have tutors, high school is a lot more harder and difficult than younger kids, Angie even said herself she had problems adjusting and making friends in high school and that was when she was the most unhappy, cutting herself, doing drugs and sleeping around. That is why I was surprised she said awhile back she had only been with four or five men. Maybe she didn’t even say that, that could have been another lie of the paps, and there have been plenty of those.

    The part about her high school, I heard her say that herself during interviews.

  45. vilma says

    who are you to judge them Each individual is different and what made you think of what you feel about it is the same as what they feel.They love to travel I mean even Maddox.And remember he is only 5 yrs. old.Going to school for him right now is like a play.

  46. zazara says

    They are very self absorbed, self obsessed parents – she probably hands him straight over to the Nanny when the paps are out of view. Just because you do not neglect your children does not make you a good parent.

  47. oriana says

    Jenna, yes I did say that, and I thought that would be one solution, but I think if they wanted to take him and wait in the car, have the bodyguard escort him, wouldn’t be so bad would it? I actually think the lady that suggested that had a good idea.

    Essie, I think you just want to be argumentative! Do you really think his friends from Prague are popping over to the US to visit with him and play soccer? That is dumb! He may have the same studies, the same agenda, the same menu, but not the same friends, the same teachers, etc. that a kid enjoys. You can’t see their is a difference? Well maybe you can’t! You don’t seem to be playing with a full deck a lot of the time to me anyway.

    I myself am a product of a military childhood, and it doesn’t hurt some kids, some it does, and they don’t get transferred every other month. I think it is good to see new locations in the world but I think children need a stable environment, I am old fashioned and the world is changing, that being said, I do think the most important thing though 200% is a family united, and this family definately is!

  48. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Janet – you really think that children need routine more than they need both of their parents around?

  49. dori says

    You can’t compare this to the army and I’m tired of hearing that excuse In the army you are stationed 1-3 years at a location These kids move every month. They are going to grow up with the inability to make social connections. Children need stability(even moving 1-3 years is more stability than this) Why can’t this couple let their kids stay in one place whilke they work In hollywood kids have been kept in one place for years It’s this new generation of media whores who feel the need to drag their kids everywhere they go and constantly uproot them is totally selfish to me. What are they trying to prove anyway?

  50. Elsa says

    It is ABSOLOUTELY ABSURD for anyone on this board to assume we KNOW what type of parents Brad, Angie or any other parent is… ABSURD. Don’t care if you say they are the greatest thing since sliced bread or Mommie Dearest reincarnated… no one KNOWS. We know what the perception is and remember, beleive half of what you see, none of what you read… so we do not KNOW. The most ANY of us can say is what they SEEM like.

    I was the one that said I thought it is absurd to be subjecting your kids to the Paps daily – and I stand by that. I don’t think of it in a “send your Nanny because you can not be bothered” way. I mean it in think of the what is best for YOUR children and the OTHER children in the school and don’t make a huge specticle every day. I am sure the Lycee NY parents are THRILLED to death this is done. I know I would be.

    Is it too much moving for a kid? IMO, yeah, probably. In fact, IMO, definately. HOWEVER, that said….. if Maddox had NOT been adopted by Angelina and left to live in Cambodian orphanage…well, his life would have been a heck of lot worse than it is now. It’s all how you look at it.

    Other celeb couples (Reese & Ryan did this, I beleive) alternate movies so one parent will always be with the kids. That’s a good idea…heaven knows they can afford to do that. Didn’t Angie say she wanted to take time off to be a “mom” recently?

  51. essie says

    That 20 year old police officer in that small town in (Oregon?) who walked into a party and murdered 6 of his friends from his childhood had lived in the same small town and went to school with the same group of kids all of his life. Having the “stability” of never moving from his hometown and his friends didn’t seem to help him.

    Same with the 14 year old who shot up that school in Cleveland the other day. Everybody was “surprised” because he came from a “normal” family. He was still unhappy enough to try to blow away everybody there.

    Just a couple of examples of what “stability” does for a kid!!! And don’t tell me we don’t know what was going on in the lives of these people because, guess what, NONE OF US KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON WITH MADDOX AND HIS FAMILY EITHER!!!

    So, my advice is that people should stop with the judgment on this family because you have no idea. I have a feeling they will all turn out to be happy, confident, caring people, but I could be wrong and so could you.

  52. Tia :) says

    you know, My father was in the Army..and I turned out just fine. Home is wherever your family is 🙂

    Maddox is a cutie!

  53. Deeds says

    I don’t think AJs kids will want for anything material. The love you get from your family is different from the love you get from your friends.

  54. joy says

    man i feel bad for him poor kid makes friends then has to leave im sure he keeps in touch with some but still thats got to be hard for a 6 year old

  55. Lesley says

    I feel very sorry for their children. They have everything and yet they don’t have the basic things of childhood, the chance to make lasting friends in the comfort of a loved and familiar place. They can’t go out with their family for a fun day at the park or the zoo without being mobbed by photographers. Maybe eventually they’ll have to hire private tutors for them, so they can be educated wherever the family is.

  56. Janet says

    I’m sorry, but If these two are SO committed to their children, they should settle down in one place now that the kids are reaching school age. It’s nice that they all want to be together but my guess is that they’re each more concerned about not allowing the other the space to “wander” than they are about allowing these kids to have a somewhat normal childhood. All that travelling around has got to be exhausting and disruptive to small children who need more routine than just having both their celebrity parents (who are constantly being followed around) with them 24-7.

  57. essie says

    How do you know Maddox doesn’t continue to see the friends he makes in each school? It seems to me, from the photos I’ve seen, that Maddox has friends or at least other kids he plays with, along with his siblings and cousins.

    I think as long as kids have their parents to love them then they will have stability. I have two nephews and a niece who have lived all over the world (from Zaire to the Caribbean) never staying in one place longer than a few months or a year or two because their parents preferred having the kids with then rather than in America with Granny. These kids are in their 30s now and speak 4 languages and still fly off to see friends in other countries all the time. They are smart, confident and outgoing. I have a feeling Maddox and his siblings will be the same way.

    Maddox already looks pretty mature and confident to me, at least from the photos I’ve seen of him, which is the only way I can judge.

  58. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana – “With both of them starting a new film, who will hold his hand when he goes to the new school?”. Weren’t you one of the ones saying they SHOULDN’T be taking their own son to school because of the paps? I might be wrong though, forgive me if I am please!

    If its the same school he’ll be going to in LA I’m sure he’ll be fine. Its their job to make movies so they have to move around for it – nobody criticises army parents for moving their families around all the time and all the “army brats” I know turned out just fine.

    I really think that Maddox along with Pax, Zahara and Shiloh are some of the luckiest kids in the world. Brad and Angelina seem like great parents and Angelina with all her humanitarian work must be a great influence for the kids to have as a mother.

  59. says

    It’s the point of moving Essie. It’s too much. Children need stability. He will never be able to make long term friends. I’m almost 28 years old and I still have some of the same childhood friends.

  60. Lauren says

    Wow, that is a lot of moving around for a kid. Everytime, he gets settled into one school and a consistent routine, they uproot their kids. How disheartening. 🙁

  61. essie says

    Maddox will go to the Lycee in Los Angeles. It is the same school he attended in Prague, New Orleans and New York. They have the exact same curriculum in each school so Maddox won’t miss anything.

  62. oriana says

    With both of them starting a new film, who will hold his hand when he goes to the new school?

    I do think it is way too much moving around for a kid. Sandra is absolutely right. I know military kids move around a lot but not every other month.

    And Zbella, yes, people did ask where was Shiloh when she wasn’t seen, but only because she wasn’t seen Anywhere, for a long time, so there was a difference.

  63. Sandra says

    Wow that is too much moving around for a young kid. What will he ever learn if he cannot even complete a grade at one school?!! To think I don’t want my son missing 1 day of school, here he is school hopping from month to month! Sad ;o(

  64. Myriam says

    Changing school so much, and never stay ,to have regular friends can not be good for a child. Children loves routine. Sadly for Brangelina’s children they will never have that.

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