Heath Ledger & Matilda In NYC

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was snapped taking a walk with daughter Matilda in NYC’s SoHo on Thursday.



  1. jennifer says

    I think both Heath and Michelle are no fans of socks. I’ve just seen new photos of Michelle and Matilda. Michelle has shoes on and a !scarf, Matilda a jumper, jeans and !flip flops, with no socks! LOL!

  2. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ Gretel, this is a public forum where people are free to discuss lack of socks if they so choose, whether you think it’s ridiculous or not.

  3. gretel says

    Okay, this is ridiculous that you are all talking about this. And it’s even more ridiculous that you are critiquing someone else’s parenting skills based on one picture you happened to see. Lucky for all of you, I live in NYC and just happened to see Heath and Matilda on this same street either just before or just after the picture was taken. And believe me, it was not cold. It was rainy on and off, but it was so humid that I was sweating in my lightweight rain jacket. I’m pretty sure Matilda will not suffer too greatly from this one incident.

  4. 2teens3beans says

    #18, I know the point you are trying to make but you still have it wrong…. if your core body temperature drops it does not cause a cold (as you say), but you could be more susceptible to catching one. Extremeties are usually always colder than the core body, it’s a normal situation. Keep your head covered and your jacket on, it’s the vital organs that you need to protect… heart, lungs, brain.
    That said, people need to use common sense. If she was trudging around in the snow she better have some proper footwear on, and socks.

  5. helen says

    2 teens i disagree, cold feet sink the body temperature and can cause a cold, a sore throat etc.. If you don’t believe me ask your doctor.

  6. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ Helen, that is an “old wives tale”. The only thing that will make someone sick is catching a virus or bacteria from inhalation or direct contact. Not wearing socks, raincoat, hat etc…. will not get you sick.
    Infants need hats though, to keep their body heat stable.

  7. helen says

    Kendell, i don’t know if you have kids or not, but when it’s cold outside and the kid has no socks on it can get ill. Socks are important when it’s cold. Do some research!

  8. kendell says

    helen who cares if matilda not wearing any socks she got on a coat long pants and shoes i think the shoes is keeping her feet warm

  9. diana says

    If there was a “health reason”, God forbid, they could still make another one, even if they don’t love (even can’t stand) each other, if that’s the only way to save Matilda.
    OMG, now i sound as weird as Sassy! Why are we talking about this?

  10. Sassy says

    I think they just were togther for the sake of Matilda…
    They should of had another child together before they split, the only reason being, so just in case any health reasons come up with Matilda, she has a sibling.

  11. helen says

    I noticed Matilda has no socks on. I don’t think it’s warm enough in N.Y. for a little child to go outside without socks.
    That being said, Heath looks good and Matilda looks cute and a lot like her mom here!

  12. patti says

    I think Matilda looks more like Michelle on this picture.
    The reason she probably appears smaller ,is because Heath is holding her here. When she’s with petite Michelle, she looks bigger in comparison.

  13. Lauren says

    Matilda is the spitting image of her daddy! She’s a cutie. #2, I agree with you. Both Heath and Michelle seem happier now. 😀

  14. Blair says

    Why does this kid appear smaller and smaller each time a new picture of her is published? She looks to getting younger each time I see her rather, than older….Are these photos recent?

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