Britney To Receive One Overnight Visit A Week With Her Sons

Britney Spears

A week after her former husband Kevin Federline was granted custody of their children, Britney Spears has secured an increase in the amount of time she’s allowed to spend with sons Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James. The judge awarded her one monitored overnight visit a week.

A court spokesperson said that Britney, 25, spoke during the hearing in a “soft and respectful” voice. Before her appearance the judge had apparently tentatively rejected the request for overnight visitation rights. “I consider this a very positive sign for my client,” said Britney’s attorney. “I remain absolutely optimistic that she will eventually regain 50-50 custody.”

Showing her joy, Britney was all smiles as she stopped to refuel her Mercedes, which was decorated with Halloween pumpkins, while returning from the court.

So far it has not been agreed who the supervisor will be for the overnight visit, but the judge turned down the option of Britney’s mother Lynne, with whom the troubled singer was reconciled last weekend.

Both Britney and Kevin are due to appear at a further hearing on October 26th.



  1. Ahleigh says

    I think that its bull that she barley ever gets to see her boys…i mean seriously she had to go through the pain of birth ….even if everyone thinks shes a bad mom…no mom should EVER have her kids taken away and left with K-Fed.

  2. C says

    I am in my late teens and I know to put on underwear! Her age has nothing to do with that at all.

    I am not a Brit fan but I hope that she gets her act together for the sake of those children.

  3. Melissa says

    A lost cause is exactly what she is…she’ll never regain the stardom she once had. She’ll get fat and be on the surreal life in a few Gawd I can’t stand her.

  4. Tia :) says

    Britney Spears isnt THAT young…she’s a year younger than me! Im married with a baby, and sure in hell dont do half the stuff she does! She needs help! I suppose, in that way i feel bad for her…she’s a lost cause!

  5. oriana says

    Hi Nicki, hope you are having a nice weekend! I was amazed yet again another picture of trashy Britney! Those buttons weren’t popped off and missing, they were UNDONE is right!!!!! She is just plain low class and her mother knows better than anyone after the first or second time at the most, she would have known better! She needs to go into a Rehab for about 3 months and get extensive counseling and therapy.

  6. Nicki says

    16. dori – this has been seen MANY times. Even a 6 year old would learn after the second time. She needs help, and she doesn’t have an ounce of common sense. I don’t know if I can find it, will look tomorrow, but she actually calls the paps. One video of her and her lil sis, one of them had her Starbucks coffee ready for her and her sis. You can see him saying, seconds after B & JL got out of the car-“Britney, Here is your coffee.” WTF. And 3 of her buttons are undone on purpose. There are other pics in this to short red thing, at different places and all 3 buttons are still undone.

    She does it for attention, and I agree with kim–original kim, her poor sons will be horrified and mortified with thier moms actions and antics. It is sad.

    Hi oriana~sorry about grossing you out with those pics. It is a least the 3rd or 4th time she has flashed her privates to the world. I think she needs some serious medication, or just be locked up. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  7. oriana says

    I don’t see that her mother’s presence has that much of an influence or change in her behavior. At least she isn’t checking into a different expensive hotel every night.

    I think that sister of hers is a little smartass too that could use a lesson in some manners.

  8. oriana says

    dori, she is young but not THAT young. And even a 10 year old knows to put on underwear! Brit is from the South, she was raised from a two year old to act like she has some common sense, even little kids know this. She is flaunting herself and this his HOW MANY time she has been photographed this way? She is deliberately wanting the attention and she doesn’t have any respect or pride for herself. She is not innocent, as one of her songs said, she knows exactly what she is doing.

  9. dori says

    I am trying to be sympathetic because I see her as young and not experienced as a normal person her age Growing up as a star doesn’t give you the experince in life as most kids You’re probably right and I should just give up.
    I have daughters her age and I just feel protective I guess. She’s really not as mature as a regular who’s been to college … you know what I mean? Somehow she hasn’t learned basic things.

  10. oriana says

    dori, the paps are dogs, they really are! They will do whatever to get those shots, but she knows their tricks by now. She is the one that should be more responsible, she has zero manners and she doesn’t give a shit!

    You know yourself, we can always trip getting out of a car or even slipping on a sidewalk, people bump into us, mishaps can happen, she knows this, and she isn’t 15 years old, she is a grown woman with two kids, don’t feel sorry for her, she could prepare herself better to avoid these kind of things!

  11. lucy says

    ok dori you cant blame britney for this she is the ONE who choose to not wear underware wear a short dress come on this girl have no Common Sense this is not the first time this happen to her sheesh

  12. dori says

    Nicki I went to that link and what concerns me is not what she’s doing but the fact that the photographers keep taking pictures UP HER DRESS. You can’t blame her for the filthy photogs and their warped sense of what to atke a picture of. It looks like her shirt is opened because a button popped open as well. I wouldn’t judge her as much I would judge the photographers.. she should sue them.

  13. 2teens3beans says

    Why why why does she not wear underwear?
    I mean, to each his own but Britney; if you MUST go commando pull your damn dress down while getting in & out of vehicles!!!

  14. oriana says

    She is playing this poor pitiful me routine with the paps, they are not her bodyguards, they are there to use her and take advantage of her, she can’t be that stupid!

  15. kim--original kim says

    I have zero sympathy for her…she does all of this on purpose and for attention. Her sons are going to be horrified in the years down the road when they see all of these photos of her.
    She is addicted to the attention and the cameras… mental problems/drug problems/whatever combination thereof… I’m really getting quite sick of her.

  16. oriana says

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? It IS disgusting to see these kind of pictures! And it wasn’t necessary to unbutton that dress! Pitiful!

  17. oriana says

    I have no faith in Judges or their decisions, the police officers lay their lives on the line to bring criminals to court, attorneys present the evidence and the Judges will let people off the hook, even murderers, and pedophiles to do their crimes again. I am not saying Brit is a criminal but the little Rebecca from Sunnybrooke Farm act doesn’t cut the mustard with me.

    I saw her on TV, I’m scared, I’m scared, in her squeaky Minnie Mouse voice, if she is that damn scared then stay at home sometimes! She acts bipolar more and more to me and the fact her mother is there doesn’t seem to have made any changes in her behavior.

  18. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Well if the judge gave her one night a week then I’m sure that means he or she thinks she is making an improvement in her life. I’m not a fan of her at all but I sincerely hope she finds peace and grounding soon and starts to rebuild her life (especially her relationship with her sons). She certainly looks happy there!

  19. letibe says

    I believe she has biopolar, I seen a show on Oprah and what they described was just the same as britney’s behavior. That explains all the shopping and passing on the drug test.

  20. Lauren says

    I’m glad to hear Britney is attempting to spend more time with her boys and that she reconciled with her mother. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing positive news about Britney instead of the negative news. 🙂

  21. Sandra says

    Good to see she made it to court and that she has a small victory. I was really glad to read this last week about her reuniting with her sister and mother, hopefully that will get her back on the straightened path! Just keep passing the drug tests!! Good Luck!

  22. dori says

    maybe this time off was a good thing and maybe part time custody is what she needed. Lets all get divorced and share custody of our kids …. it’s like being a grandparent …. when the kids get obnoxious send em off to daddy.
    No seriously…. the girl hasn’t had a chance to breathe she can’t go anywhere without being swarmed by photogs and this is all GOOD for the release of her new album.

  23. essie says

    I believe Brit has actually passed two or three random drug tests in the past couple of weeks. That’s a positive sign.

  24. Adele says

    She should consider giving up taking drugs b 4 she thinks of having 50/50 custody of her kids.

    If n e normal mother did the things Britney did, they wouldn’t see their kids for a very long time!!

    Britney is an example of a bad mother!! Her bosy should have been taken off her sooner.

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