Jenny Frost Welcomes A Son

Jenny Frost

UPDATE: According to Jenny’s MySpace they have named their son Casper.

Former Atomic Kitten singer Jenny Frost, 29, has become a mother for the first time. Jenny, who replaced Kerry Katona in the girl band, and partner Dominic Thrupp have welcomed a son. Their son was born nearly two weeks later than the due date. Dominic said, “We haven’t picked a name yet. We’re just really pleased and excited. “Jen is knackered. I’m going to lavish her with champagne when she can drink again.”

Knackered? 🙂

Jenny had recently revealed she had been having problems with the pregnancy, telling OK! magazine: “The first few months I had terrible morning sickness, then after the five-month scan, the doctors told me my baby had a possible problem with his development, so a consultant had to monitor the baby to see if it developed into anything.”



  1. Dobe says

    I think she looks very pretty in this picture. Although, I do understand where some of your are coming from, with all of the ‘nakedness’ in these pregnancy photos lately.
    And no, Im not jealous of her, I dont think its porn, and she doesnt look trashy (before some of you gang up on me with these “ever-same” comments”)… I just dont understand why they all have to pose so sexy while pregnant.

  2. JJ says

    Devo! oh, oh, I meant Diva…Nope, I ain’t Irish Catholic…and as for me and mine and what happens in the boudoir…if you could only be a fly on the wall…(ahem)…I’d swat you with my Manolos….eeep!

  3. diva says

    JJ must be an irish catholic if she thinks this photo is porn…I also feel very sorry for her hubby(if she has one) as he probably gets nothing in the bedroom…lol

  4. Elaine says

    This isn’t a new picture – it was taken for a photo spread with OK UK edition several months ago. OK is about as far away from the sleazy topshelf mags as you can get in the UK! Anyway congrats to Jenny and her partner.

  5. JJ says

    Welcome to the blog Hetti!! Are you the reincarnate of Mother Teresa? I suppose you will forgive me for my sins since you are so above me and I am just a muppet (can I be Gonzo – by the way?) and with your self – righteous response calling out from in your Ivory Tower…Apparently you see it fit to chastise me, but for what? pray tell? speaking my mind…standing up for my opinion ? Well I’m sure one day you will receive angel wings or a halo or maybe even both…cause you are so darn angelic and don’t have a bad bone in your body…but me…I’m just a sad muppet…so very beneath you. Have a lovely day Mother Teresa!

  6. 2teens3beans says

    #22 Dori, well said. My sentiments exactly!
    I think the picture is cute, nothing wrong with it.
    Not all Americans are prudish…. do all Brit’s have bad teeth? Stereotyping is never a good thing.

  7. JJ says

    Is that the best answer you can up with #32????

    Jealous? Of whom? this chick? I hardly think so!
    I might be jealous of Catherine Zeta Jones…she is so stunning and classy and an elegant woman at that – who despite her two pregnancies always looked radiant and stylish but never, ever trashy and she certainly never exposed her swollen gut to the paparazzi or for some magazine layout!!

    The only reason you – my dear – would defend this woman or other women who pose in similar ways is that you are probably following in their footsteps and copying them!!

    And FYI – I had to leave a slurry of messages as my one message was flagged as awaiting moderation so I had to chop it up and post it into smaller sections!!!

    So – in future try not to be so judgmental about others because then you are not much different than everyone else leaving comments on this blog – chikita!

  8. Rach says

    Like I said earlier some people are so jealous, its kind of sad really that people have to invent things to make themselves feel better. JJ you really have it bad to feel the need to leave all those comments, seriously if you think that innocent picture (which was a shoot for a british magazine) is sleezy you really have a problem.

  9. JJ says

    When did this trend of photographing pregnant celebrities become so fashionable!? Or even photographs of celebrities flashing their beaver?! or celebrities filming themselves with their partner?!I think it stinks to way the media has to make everything so sleazy.

  10. JJ says

    When did this trend of photographing pregnant celebrities become so fashionable!? Or even photographs of celebrities flashing their muff! or celebrities making tapes?!I think it stinks to way the media has to make everything so trashy.

  11. JJ says

    Think back to the 1960s or 1970s – not one celebrity was ever photographed showing their pregnant stomach – not one!! I’m not talking about people that hung out at Woodstock and shook tambourines and pranced around in the buff…I’m talking celebrities!!

  12. JJ says

    Really, people – is it necessary to see her stretched skin? what is that all about? What’s next ? pictures of celebrities with their baby’s head coming out of the hole? Yeah, we know where babies come out from we don’t need to have it plastered all over the place.

  13. JJ says

    I’m not from the USA but I still do not approve of photos where woman have to advertise their pregnancy by showing a bare stomach. She would have looked just as pregnant with her blouse buttoned up.

  14. jeni says

    Well what sort of porn do you watch???? (The mind boggles)

    Pregnant, Beautiful and proud……
    Show your bump with pride is what i say!!!

    Congrats to jenny & Dom.

  15. Zo-zo says

    I have to agree with how ignorant some of you yanks are, if you dont know who someone is look them up on Wikipedia, it wont take 5 mins.

  16. dori says

    This pic seems tastefully done , I don’t see it as oversexed at all. And I’m AMERICAN…so stop stereotyping it shows limited intelligence

  17. dori says

    I thought it was Christina Aguillera for a minute They look alike ! Congrats to her! Now who is she????

  18. Emma says

    Congratulations on the baby Jen,does the picture really matter i can remember Demi Moore’s naked pose and Brits so how can people say the above picture is playboy.Leave her alone.

  19. Cathi says

    Wow, she is a beautiful girl. I just wish she would button her top. Am I offended? No. I would just prefer not to see it, that’s all.

  20. daisy says

    Let’s see, enjoying the beach in a bathing suit, pregnant vs posing like this picture ………..

    Is there a wee bit of a difference, I think so.

    Look, I am not horrified by her picture. Let’s not get extreme. All I am saying is that I find it tastless to try and convey the sexy girl thing while you are pregnant.

    And my husband looking at pregnant ladies in that sort of way? Well, personally, I haven’t seen any walking around in my NY metro area. And as far as him coming into Babyrazzi?

    He has a bit more of a life than the rest of us, I guess. He is out working.

    Shall I duck?


  21. yummy says

    Hmm…all this coming from the same people who think it’s perfectly fine for a woman to expose her breasts in public as long as she is breast feeding. For the same reason women should not be ashamed of breast feeding, they should not be ashamed to show their beautiful swollen bellies.

    What about Nicole Ritchie? Should she not be in a bikini on the beach because she is pregnant and may appear too sexy?

    And if you all think this is sexy or purveys porn than you obviously have not been exposed to the real deal. It’s not like she’s posing naked on some pregger fetish porn site. This is a tasteful photoshoot. If you are jealous of your men looking at this pic then your relationship is probably doomed.

  22. daisy says

    #5, you can tell that you people are american, your ignorance is showing

    Ah, and SqueekySow … is your ‘ignorance’ not apparent from this little, yet dare i say, vastly inaccurate statement?

    Forge on

  23. daisy says

    This pic is sexed up – who are you kidding? Her stance, the way she has her shirt … it’s seductive. Unlike the more artsy images of pregnant women who are naked sitting on a chair so all you see is their sides and bellys – I happen to think that is pretty and appreciate the beautiful pregnant form.

    But pictures like this? These young women are just making a statement that they are pregnant and still sexy. And personally I don’t think you should be conveying pregnant and sexy to the world at the same time. There is a baby in there. I dunno, when I look at pregnant women I think of sweet baby clothes, blankets, you know – all those maternal joyful feelings come alive. Save the ‘aren’t i a sexy babe’ for after your baby is born ffs.

    I think this just looks cheap.

  24. Zbella says

    I think this photo is totally fine and cute. She does not look oversexed or inappropriate to me. I had too many stretch marks for this sort of attire, but good for her to show her baby joy.

  25. Adele says

    Jenny Frost is fab!! She is a member of a girl band called Atomic Kitten. She is so down 2 earth!! U certainly can’t call that pose trashy!! That is how people dress over here in the UK IN THE SUMMER!!!! I also can’t see any of her boobs?? I have seen loads of pictures worse than that by pregnant women who aren’t British.

    Knackered is a slang term for “tired, exhausted”.

  26. squeeky sue says

    #5, you can tell that you people are american, your ignorance is showing, this lady has no boobs to fall out of her top. oh and by the way she is a member of a European Girl band. If you don’t know who someone is wiki them like we brits do when we are subjected to the likes of the –skank– Denise Richards. I mean who has heard of Denise Richards outside of the US,

  27. Rach says

    JJ you sound a bit jealous to me. She certainly does not look like a porn star at all, she’s actually a very nice normal girl. Congratulations to her and her partner.

  28. kaleah says

    there is nothing wrong with this picture jenney is bearly showing off her belly britney spears jordan price milia jov are wrost then jenny if you seen the one with jordan she was nude on a swing and anthor one she was also nude on her husband lap and britney spears was nude too

  29. JJ says

    #7 – I am very very real. Since when should a “new” mom flash her bare stomach to everyone on the street? I don’t care to see this girls swollen stomach. It’s as if she is saying to the world – “look at me – I have a baby in there – but my ass is still small and flat – bet you can’t do that, huh?” This picture was not intended for female is blatantly meant for middle age men to see – men whose wives do not look like that while pregnant or even afterwards. Clearly you are under 30 years old and think that it’s “cool” to show everyone a impregnated stomach…you know what? It’s been done to the maximum…show me some discreetness and tactfulness…and I’ll be happy to stare. A woman that covers up can be beautiful too. You don’t have to bare it all to look attractive and young. You end up looking cheap and trashy…just like our pal Britney S.
    Show it off to your family doctor or OB-GY and of course your partner/boyfriend…nobody else cares about seeing it. And that is the “real” truth.

  30. monica says

    are you kidding me #6? get over it! they are new moms not new grandmaws! i think she looks great. as long as your body is pretty and you dont have a million stretch marks on your belly i believe its ok to show it off, she is proud! even though i dont know who she is, she looks nothing like a porn star, or like she is posing in playboy! get real

  31. JJ says

    I totally agree with you #5!!!
    Why does this woman have to resemble a porn star? Is she posing for Playboy magazine? There was a time when I would see a pregnant woman and she would look like every other woman – except that she was pregnant. She was content, happy, glowing, dressed nice and stylish for her changing body and she looked beautiful. Nowadays when I see a young pregnant woman (celebrities are notably going this route) and she looks like a porn star. Her stomach is bared for all to see and her swollen breast are practically popping out of her blouse…and she just looks cheap and trashy. Yes of course there are exceptions – just like everything in life…but I don’t need to point fingers and name people – I’m sure you all out there have vivid images in your minds about who these pregnant porn star wannabes are…the beauty and mystique of pregnancy is gone and in it’s place is utter trash.

  32. daisy says

    Geez, why do all these pretty young Mother’s-to-be all feel the need to sex up their images (or keep the images sexy) while being pregnant? I just don’t get it.

  33. Zbella says

    I totally understand. I was as sick as a dog with my pregnancies and it’s so hard. All worth it in the end. Congrats to the happy family.

    I assume knackered means exhausted?

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