Gwen & Kingston In Stockholm

Gwen Stefani

Gwen and Kingston were snapped heading out for a stroll in Stockholm, Sweden on Thursday. Gwen looks impeccable as usual, but that golden stroller is a bit much! 🙂



  1. Tiffany says

    Gwen is constantly traveling all over the world. Instead of dragging a stroller through baggage claim I am sure it is just easier for her to get a new one. Who cares anyway….she works her butt off for the money she makes so who are we to say how she spends it. Shes allowed to by 50 strollers a day if she wants. Its her millions!!!

  2. georgia says

    why is the golden stroller a bit much? its not made of gold you know, its just a unique color for a stroller. plus it matches Gwen’s personality, i think its adorable, good for her.

  3. ME says

    #10 Sassy,I have a good education and i`m well off(well i`d say a normal/average income),thank you very much!!!!!!!!
    I was just saying how much money they have,if i had their millions/billions i still wouldn`t chnage a stroller everyday.
    They so over do it sometimes.

  4. dori says

    Carleigh Nice to see you posting again Seems all the kids have gone back to school and this blog is nice again.
    Kingston I sreally sweet and Gwen looks great Have you guys seen her ad on TV?

  5. says

    the sroller is so cute am 8 mounths preg and i havent got one and i love this one so does any know how i can get one like that

  6. Twy says

    Gwen with anything other than a Gold Stroller, wouldn’t be Gwen!!!
    She is my FAV Celeb Mom, and I love Kingston and his stylish clothes!

  7. Sassy says

    #9 stop hating – get off your butt and makes something of yours, I am a single Mom and I am very successful, even without a college education…and no one really needs a stroller that cost no more than $100, but if you can afford, hey do it….

  8. ME says

    Ugh she keeps changing the strollers once a day..she makes me sick..they all make me sick with their millions.
    I could hardly afford a $500 Graco stroller.

  9. carleigh says

    He’s like a little King sitting on his little golden throne..he’s just getting cuter and cuter…she’s a great mom.

  10. Nicki says

    I like his skull sweater. I read somewhere his stroller was only one of 10 made. It costs close to $900.00. P. Diddy bought those for his twins I guess or the other baby that was born before his twin girls. Who can keep up.

    Kingston as cute as he is, in the last few pics of his touring with Gwen, he looks tired. As always cute, but if you look at other sites, he has bags under his eyes.
    I’m sure he is loved to death, and happy to be with his Mom. She seems like a great Mom.

  11. JJ says

    I think Kingston resembles Donald Trump with the overcomb??? What is it with that hideous pompadour that kid is sporting. He looks idiotic!!

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