Tom Brady Insanity!

Tom Brady

New father Tom Brady is the new face of Stetson cologne.

“I am excited to be the Stetson man,” Tom said. “Stetson do a great job of reflecting the guy who’s unafraid to tackle the unknown, get involved and be his own person—that’s how I live my life, and I think that’s how men who wear Stetson approach theirs.”


Oh lordy….that pic is CRAZY! He reminds me of Rocky when Rocky was trying to do an ad for soap dressed up as Tarzan in a cage.

The last face of Stetson was the super handsome Matthew McConaughey. There is just no comparison!

Matthew McConaughey


  1. says

    He looks like a good Stetson man. I mean, seems to fit his look. Love this cologne but pre prefered stock, as far as cheap colognes go.

  2. Meagan's Mom says

    Remind me again why this picture and this article is here….
    Write something about Brady when he actually is with his child. Until then he doesnt deserve any space on this site.

  3. Meagan's Mom says are right!!!

    But you for got a few things

    1. Play Football
    2. Do a photoshoot
    3. Hang with Giselle
    4. Do anything he can think of
    5. See his son.

    I am from New England and I am a huge fan of the Patriots and Brady’s talents as a player…but as a man not so much a fan. The women that defend his behavior make me sick that was in a THREE YEAR relationship people…This baby was the result of a THREE YEAR relationship not the result of a man trapped by a woman after a one night stand… And no one here knows for sure if and when Bridget knew that Brady was cheating on her or about to leave. She loved him 100% and got burned…

  4. Miapocca says

    Choice for Brady..

    1: Do a photshot

    2: Hang with Giselle

    3: See his baby

    Hmmm…I guess brady went for 1..he really is good at this absent dad thing..he deservs an award for all the baby daddies out there….

  5. anon says

    Why lay low when he can make this much cash off of the controversey? Honor and integrity aren’t all that profitable.

    Team Moynahan.

  6. Just me says

    Based on looks, I think Brady is hotter. I’m sort of getting sick of seeing MM doing push ups on his picnic table.
    Ever since Brady has been dating Gisels, he’s modeling all over the place …. GQ, Stetson. Seems like he’s more popular for the baby drama than football. Seems like he’d want to lay low for a while after all that!!

  7. julie says

    why is tom brady an a hole? they were BROKEN up when she found out she was pregnanat and now SHE is the one keeping HIM from the baby…..HELLO!!! I hate men as much as the next girl at times but I honestly dont think he that bad….plus it doesnt help he is hot!!!

  8. Tia :) says

    ok..i must be blind…because Matthew McConaughey, is 100 times better looking than a******* Brady.

    Matthew can come over to my house anyday 😉

  9. Amy says

    you’re right, there is NO comparison! Tom Brady is way hotter than what’s his name! Tom Brady is a whole new level of hottness!!!!!

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