Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber & Presley Out Shopping

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford, 41, was snapped with Presley and Rande during a shopping excursion. Presley, 8, and Rande look downright scared and Cindy looks deeply concerned! 🙂

And Cindy with Presley and Kaia, 6!

Cindy Crawford


  1. Lily says

    I don’t understand people that keep criticizing Presley’s hair. It must be fun to pass judgement on a little boy isn’t it?

    Stop stating the obvious — its a stunningly beautiful boy, deal with it. I thought adults were suppose to act like grown up.

    Why does society do this? Can you guys open up your minds? Are we going to bring back the middle ages and their religious rules too?

  2. Dee says

    Do children rule today? Why isn’t Cindy and her husband acting like parents and get their son’s hair cut? I mean for goodness sake, at leastcut it 4 inches!! He’s so beautiful with the long hair, is that what they want for their son?

  3. Maria says

    Yes, it is strange how important that is to some people! Girls may have short hair, wear boys´clothes and behave “boyish”! But with boys, it´s different! It must be that we (society) regard everything feminine or things/interests belonging to girls/women inferior to the “masculine” world.
    A girl behaving like a boy (“tomboy”!), is a popular girl among people – she´s fun etc.! But a boy taking a girl´s position is a sissy and are looked down on! Sad, isn´t it?
    Anyway, a boy in my son´s class is a “girl” like that! My son plays with him a lot, because he like this boy (we can call him “John”), he´s more interested in none typical boys´ activities, like soccer and other sports!
    John actually has very girly features and with his beautiful, blond and very curly hair (down to his butt!), he´s always taken for a girl! But he seems to like that and don´t bother at all! His family think it is okay as long he is happy and don´t get teased about it. Of course, he was at first, but seems to have an enormous strength and power to withstand that! This resulted in no one in the class, being opposed to it today! The girls in school are thrilled – none of them has that kind of hair and they take every opportunity to brush and comb his hair!
    At a party recently, the girls dressed him up totally as little princess with a laced, pink dress! There was no way, you could see that this really was a boy! It was stunning – how sweet he was and so happy!
    But of course, I´m a little bit concerned and worried what will happen in the future with this “girlboy” , because, as I wrote earlier – society doesn´t take it easy with boys like this! I know that our school is also concerned and want to have talks with John´s parents. The one being the least worried seems to be John.
    Yesterday, he came home to our house dressed in a long, pink girl´s coat and underneath a pleated skirt! Actually, my son was a little bit confused – perhaps it was to much for him!
    He now asks me a lot of questions about John and why he prefers to be a “girl”. Not easy to explain to little boy of 11, not to anyone for that matter!
    What do you think would be best for this boy in the future? I guess forbidding him to wear those clothes would make him unhappy and would make him have guilty feelings.

  4. kimmy says

    Well, Michelle, I don’t remember saying that I dislike his hair, that is unless you can point that out in my statement- you know, since you’re so quick to criticize.

  5. Michelle says

    Well, kimmy, what criticisms will you weigh against the parental rolers who chose to let their boys have long hair and their girls have short hair? Presley’s been long for ages…could it be that Cindy and Rande chose it, and when Presley was actually old enough to have an opinion, he kept it? Oh the horror! These durned Hollywood bohemians! Again, I point out Presley’s friend in the previous batch of pix had his hair nearly as long. You folks are just pedants who need to get past your hangups and find something important to rail against.

  6. kimmy says

    Yummy- really? I thought there was a parent role and a child role. What do children really know about fashion?

  7. Granny says

    Being a young person in the late 60’s and the 70’s it still suprises me to hear people say a boy’s hair is too long. That is what our parents used to tell our boys, that and that the girls cut their hair too short.

    Hair, clean and tended, is just fine at any length, male or female in my opinion. But it definitely can look better or worse on different people.

  8. dori says

    he’s really cute and so is the daughter but look at mom she is so beautiful. I still like his hair better than ryder’s

  9. yummy says

    Can you people not come up with an original comment? Presley is gorgeous with or without long hair. And he clearly looks like a little boy in these pics. It is good to let your children express themselves with their fashion.

    And I agree with you Daisy about the kids having a “model” like look about them. I guess being beautiful just comes natural for them with supermodel genes.

  10. daisy says

    These are two beautiful childre. Except they have this maturity about their look. They look like teenage models, weird for young children. But boy are they pretty kids (yes, I know blondie is a boy)

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